Their Squad Defend Their Stupid Ish While My Squad 100% Ready and Lit

welit As you rise to power, one thing you notice quickly is people do not believe in right and wrong, what is fair or unfair and what makes sense or doesn’t make sense. What you discover is the majority people believe whatever they want to believe because it makes them comfortable or give them a sense of control. When you challenge the status quo and you are awesome, you will see people will work hard to fight your awesomeness simply because they became too comfortable in status quo beliefs. Over and over, you will see cats bring their so-called squad over here to defend their stupid ish they talking about or being about after we call them out. They come to the comment section over here and my favorite ones are the ones who try to “qualify” themselves as if they special or somebody we all supposed to admire. They make me laugh and the reason why is because the ones that be trying to act like they all that, they are the ones that back at their basecamp rallying up their squad with the BS and came here to see if they can come at this. Let’s keep one thing in mind – their squad come over here to defend their stupid ish. It is not about right or wrong, what is fair or unfair or what make sense or doesn’t make sense, it is about their squad fighting and defending what is comfortable to them even if it is fronting or playing along with a lie. Notice my squad don’t go out and defend anything we got going on here and the reason why is obvious – my squad are STEM cats and their squad is non-STEM losers. See, my squad don’t hold onto any belief, concepts or thoughts because we believe in science and know science can always prove a theory wrong. And my squad respect other fellow scientists to come in and prove a theory wrong and that is the nature of science and how smart cats operate in this world. Dumb squads be trying to defend whatever lie they holding onto and be acting like they are offended and upset and want to challenge. Think about the people around you when you are right about something. Did they ever say “hey you right!!” or did they try to close ranks on their squad and act like their numbers outranked what you correctly figured out? And cats who leading these kind of dumb squads are just as dumb as their squad so when you see a squad full of idiots, they are being led by an idiot who is good at squad manipulation because that is the only way that squad leader can lead is through manipulation. I lead my squad through skills and my squad is worldwide and we making moves worldwide. You do notice these dumb squads be trying hard to ignore the real stuff my squad putting out? It's not like they can hold a candle to my squad; their squad just want to defend the silly ish and that’s how their squad rolls. You will never see my squad come out to show out for anybody because we too busy doing squad goals. Cats worldwide respect my squad and know we about it real world. Their dumb squad go to the arena sitting in the upper deck seats to watch the game while my squad on the court playing the game to win. Their squad can keep trying to defend the stupid ish but my squad is skilled, having fun, enjoying this and we lit and just getting started.

One thought on “Their Squad Defend Their Stupid Ish While My Squad 100% Ready and Lit

  1. Hi again, Ed! I went on ahead and totally re-vamped my undergrad course to not only include a major in math but essentially a 2nd major in Comp. Sci thanks to your advice! I’m starting my new course load this summer!!

    One quick question– if in the future I want to join Atlanta’s development team in using my STEM skills to aid in the research of Atlanta’s development and growth efforts– how best could i get in contact with them to see what type of STEM candidate is favorable in their eyes in terms of skills, experience, research areas, and how to qualify?

    I’m finding more and more that just being a SM (Science and Mathematics– can’t speak for Engineers or Tech guys) college student with no computer science skills and no research experience is almost as bad as not having a degree at all. Science bachelor’s is pretty much only good for med school, and the Master’s at most MAY qualify someone for a measly minimum wage lab monkey job. It’s even worse for mathematicians– the only real hope they have is for a spot in academia– and that’s damn near at the PHD level. Though some luck out and work for the NSA.

    Anyways thanks again for the advice about Comp. Sci being damn near mandatory for a student today, and i hope to hear back from you about Atlanta!


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