They Tried to Bury Me but Didn’t Realize I Was a Zombie..

zombro I saw someone post a meme saying something like they tried to bury them but didn’t realize they were a seed. I have issues with that analogy because it means that person had to start all over from the very beginning and slowly regenerated all the way back up - I cannot relate to that analogy. When I look back at my life where I had to bring it back to the cats who thought they was going bury me, I was not a seed but came back as a zombie on their ass. zomdude When I came back as a zombie, I just focused completely on going after those who thought they were going to roll on me soooo easy and they were just going to live a normal happy life as if I was not going to come back after them. Like a zombie, I rose up from the ground they thought they buried me at and instead of muttering “brains” like a typical zombie, I was muttering “motherf*ckers” hellbent on coming back after my adversaries. Also, as a zombie, I observed women in general found me more intriguing and appeared to be turned on watching me in full zombie mode coming after those who first came after me. In nature, most animals make a logical decision to flee or fight a situation by evaluating their strength or if they are outnumbered or can hold an environmental advantage such as ability to burrow or climb a tree. Humans are expected to behave in the same manner but in a more civilized manner where people think they can come at you and expect you to choose the logical decision to flee instead of fight and feel they are victorious if they can successfully bury you. sharky But there are other animals like a great white shark or a pit bull that will not make any flee or fight decision and will go into a one-way vicious mode locking it powerful jaws on anything in its path and thrash it around. This is where human trying to apply human rationale go wrong messing with the wrong species expecting it to make a flee or flight decision when that species will just unleash a level of viciousness unimagined and brutal as their response to flee or fight. Over and over, you hear about humans sticking their hand out trying to feed a bear or take a photo of a wild lion or wild gorilla – that’s the same ignorant mentality of people expecting someone else to bow down or cater to their bias or their rules and assuming other people will do nothing but comply. But zombies are not around to rationalize anything and no longer relate to the logic of the humans that tried to buried it. In human relations terms, if we are going to come back after people who tried to bury us, we need to come back as zombies not seeds. And we need to step to those that buried us as reanimated zombies and let’s talk about how to release your inner zombie as you seek vengeance. herejohnny The key to coming back as a zombie on your adversaries is to realize why people are scared of zombies - zombies don’t care about the rules of engagement or disengagement or rationale. The only thing the zombies are interested in is coming after the humans that tried to bury them. Here are some tips and advice on how to carry yourself like a zombie when coming back after those who tried to bury you. Squad Up with Other Zombies. There are plenty of other zombies out there who also on the same mission to deal with those who buried them. Squad up with them and roam in numbers to effectively hunt down those that thought they could bury you and those among your zombie squad. Don’t Fear What You Don’t Care. The people who tried to bury you want you to see things their way or tried to force you to live the world according to their rationale. They also want you to fear them and be scared to challenge their beliefs or whatever they are trying to control over you. You do not care what they think or feel or own and by not caring, you don’t have anything to fear and do not even respond to any of their logic. You just come back at them as a zombie with one goal, deal with them for trying to bury you. Consume Their Brains. When you finally reach your adversaries, don’t talk to them, rationalize with them why they are wrong or right because zombies don’t do that. All zombies do is come after their flesh and brains. What you can do is just be dismissal of your adversary rationale and platform and marginalize them the same way they thought they can marginalize you. Best example is Donald Trump just name calling and putting down those in the GOP primary and how he developed a zombie squad that attack others for entering the zombie pit. Overall, the strategy to deal with those who tried to bury you is to think like a human and act like a zombie. Create a strategy of chaos, disorder and disruption and deconstruction and execute in the manner of a zombie that is not listening to any rules of engagement or the rationale of those who thought they were going to bury you. Move and coordinate with other zombies to collectively consume the brains of humans who thought they can bury you but didn’t realize you all were zombies.

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  1. This clown right here(look at the first page, about a female and ass shots)and ones like him. He has the words black, economic, and development in the title but nothing there is beneficial. When i first came here, i was ignorant as fudge.(read my first comment from a year or two ago). I wanted to come at cats like this head, but didnt have the skills. Now i do ( Shout out to Atlantic technical School= Margate Florida). Graduating june 7. i’m coming Zoombie style on these ninjas. Html, css, javascript, php sql, i got em baby. Went to homeboys site an left a comment he called me an agent. I got em, In the words of spice 1 i’m going to “Welcome him to the ghetto”.Clown …I have truly been saved by this life saving information u put out.
    U got riders out chea. The blockchain info and the trusted service provider im jumping off as international hustles.Always thinking globally. Most of the course were 2 weeks or 10 hours, which baffled me, because it took me a almost a year to learn shit. Thats from pollutents that sink in over the years(bullshit,bullsh**t, and moreBUllsh**). Apologies for the spelling errors i’m in class. Coding gives u confidence to do what you think yu can do. no wonder you was clowning all through the video, this is gravy to you, Shout out to DREAM AND HUSTLE. F the other side

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