Why Our African-American Graduating Class of 2016 Not Prepared for Global Economy Squad Hiring.

Portrait of male student standing on campus with friends in background Squad hiring is not a new practice but is becoming more and more commonplace at regular corporations in order to accommodate dynamic teams using Agile and LEAN in the global workforce. Squad hiring is when an employer does not go out and look for one job candidate but hire the whole damn squad to work on a specific venture or solution. The best example of squad hiring is so-called small business acquisitions of a small company that is routine in the tech industry. The small business company may do something like a nifty feature that support Microsoft Office and Microsoft comes in and buy the company and those employees who are actually a squad are now Microsoft employees and working on the project full-time at Microsoft as a squad. Or sign the whole Wu-Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics or Leaders of the New School with Dinco, Busta and Charlie Brown. Another good example of squad hiring is outsourcing especially in India. What makes Indian tech workers and engineers great is their ability to cluster and collaborate on knowledge so everybody in the room have an understanding. Even if one of them is an idiot, the squad and collaborative efforts bring them all up to speed in an impressive dynamic. If you ever worked with Indian resources out of India you will not be talking to one person, you are actually talking to a squad. Brazilian grads are coming on the scene as squads and they have a beautiful dynamic I have not seen in other global squad groups in corporate settings. squadwin Today, you should see more examples of squad acquisition such as hackathon contests and business pitch contests where a large company is really interested in the team talent and team dynamic at play competing at these hackathons and pitch contests putting out some great stuff and offer the whole squad their own office space to make something happen together. Business Team Professional Occupation Workplace Concept The business rationale of squad hiring make sense if you think about it. Squads Come Pre-Assembled. There is no need to hire a 10 individual talents at $100,000/year where half of them are full of crap and don’t get along well with each other and having to pay out commissions to recruiters and headhunters and interview all 10 members individually which takes time and energy. With a squad, you offer the 10 squad members $80,0000/year and they will be compelled to accept because they all will be in together and you give them their own space but you saved so much damn money and time hiring that 10 talent team. Minoriteam Squads Already Pre-Fabbed with the Diversity Narrative. In the minoriteam squad setup, it is usually a white male that assembles the stereotypical minority make-up of the black woman and Asian woman that prefer dating white men, the non-threating timid black nerdy male or dark-skinned Indian male who don’t speak to the other black or Indian workers, a few white women who don’t assert herself nor network with the women executives and the rest are just weird white male hipster with a few having beards. Corporate America is loving this type of minoriteam squad to claim they are committed to diversity. Go to Silicon Valley when you get a chance around lunchtime and get a laugh when you see this kind of minoriteam squad eating together at the trendy sandwich shop – look like a damn TV cast of “diversity characters” and stuff. Squads Have Productive and Zoned Collective Value. Squads have a good collective dynamic where they can work together on a specific skill and deliver a result together. When hiring a group of talented resources, each of those cats want to have ego problems and collide with each other acting like one is better than the other and things get petty instead of productive. By having a squad that works together and look forward to seeing each other in the morning, hang out with lunch together, eat at the Indian restaurant together and go bowling together without being forced to do these things by management. So as you see, squad hiring make business sense and saves a lot of time and money and deliver a dynamic and diversified team that will likely have low turnover. Also in my experience, even if a member of a squad leaves and join another firm, LinkedIn allow them to network in that new firm creating more connections. So overall, squads are going to be the preferred way to hiring because corporations want solutions and results and a team that can be productive together. your work husband Now, let’s look at us African-Americans in the current corporate workplace because we cannot squad worth a damn and go around the job thinking we better than each other. You go to any large corporation and you don’t see African-Americans working as squads, they just a goddamn clique acting like they better than some other clique, straight petty stuff. Black people just judging each other and some of them trying to peep the kind of car the other black worker is driving. A brotha ask a sista out for lunch or a sista seen with a brotha out for lunch during business work hours, cats are whispering about they are a work husband and work wife or stuff like that. These are the same black folks complaining no one black at the job is getting promoted, keep that in mind. And funnier, black folks want to talk about their side hustles to other black workers instead of squad up on the job and create innovation and synergy. But here is the best observation and I see this over and over as a peep game at every corporation – stay at work after 6pm – watch the black folks scurry on home as individuals leaving the 9-5 and then watch all the Indian cats still there at the office as a squad talking among each other and if there is a minoriteam squad or pre-assembled acquisition squad, watch they are also still there showing each other how to code or how to perform a task or talk about the work or looking at the post-it notes on the Agile board. Yet the same African-American workers spending their time judging each other, not working together and leaving the "9-5" are the same black people complaining about not getting raises or promotions. Now for the African-Americans graduating class of 2016, these African-American students have no clue that squad hiring even exist and been conditioned to have their own independent profile where they dream of themselves smiling with all their teeth showing on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine. You got black media promoting that independent black person success story bullcrap you should notice black media like the Grio and other crap like that Root do not promote squad building because they afraid of their own black people coming together. And most of you African-Americans reading this article are supporting that Grio and Root crap and you are the problem too. Go to any college campus and you see African-Americans are not global team building like I did with the 3rd Strategic Institute - instead you just see African-Americans acting hipster and preppy. Or these African-American students acting weirdo or radicalized with stupid worthless thoughts swirling in their head as if their only income was that student loan check. And the smart African-Americans are not creating squads, they lamenting on blogs about how they are so smart and lonely as a black student on the college campus wanting someone to read their stupid crybaby crap and care. African-American graduating students be at the college job fair with their lame resume filled with student work and internships hoping someone will hire them as an individual instead of having a full squad that will be hired as a squad and have their own space. I see that every year with those Morehouse cats downtown Atlanta at the big hotel all dressed up looking impressive but they ain’t a squad so they ain’t impressive. So when these African-Americans students sitting there smiling at their graduation ceremony listening to Oprah or Kevin Hart talking to them, the real question is are these Class of 2016 African-American graduates just walking across that stage as an individual or are they going into the workforce as a squad ready for the world like Oh Shelia and Digital Display? squadup You African-American graduating class of 2016 better get your damn act together and squad up. Screw all that stank attitude stuff our African-American people been about towards each other on the college campus and in the corporate workforce because that ain’t going to last anymore. Right now, everybody else squad is lit while your squad ain’t sh*t and you Afro-American students better recognize this fact. I did not say “clique up” - I said squad up. The core problem is what I stated years about about HBCUs and why they are bullcrap because they are not establishing “innovation centers” for HBCU students to come together and innovate and incubate squads and teams that can run talent together. Squad hiring has been the norm worldwide because the business value it adds – when they outsource an American job, they are taking it from an entitled American job worker to be handled by an entire squad in India or the Philippines to handle. You college students better assemble your minoriteam together, you guys start doing hackathon and hipster solutions together as a squad while in college and build the dynamic and synergy and you get out there and show your stuff. Businesses worldwide are going to hire squads and if they hire individuals, they will be super talent lone wolves like me. No one gives a damn about an individual job candidate coming out of college nowadays, they want squads and you better get in where you fit in and be ready for how things are moving or be left out. Furthermore, your generation is going to have to do worldwide so you all going to have to squad up and move to China, Singapore, London, Paris, Accra, Dubai together just like Sri Lankan and Indian youth did and we going to have to squad up and group buy together just like other groups. So at the end of the day, you guys going to have to squad, so get use to this fact and reality. I’m telling you African-American students one more time because obviously you are reading an article from a real cat out here, not some garbage freelance writer of a magazine or some jive character running their mouth on YouTube – this world economy and jobs are moving to squads, not individual job candidates. And smart colleges already got their students establishing squads and you African-American students better get into this squad mentality and get your squad goals setup as soon as you can which is seconds after you finish reading this article.

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  1. it is usually a white male that assembles the stereotypical minority make-up of the black woman and Asian woman that prefer dating white men, the non-threating timid black nerdy male or dark-skinned Indian male who don’t speak to the other black or Indian workers,

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