You Don’t Have to Like Her, But Love Her Because She Still Your Goddamn Sista

thetruth In a previous article about some brothas and their so-called movement bumping gums about they doing Brazil and stuff, I noticed something in the comment section. I was reading a lot of statements by brothas that was basically weird and stupid. I saw cats using a lot of buzzwords like Matrix like they hang around other guys making up these words together instead of dudes just going out and find a good woman on his own accord. But another one that caught my attention was a few of those guys were trying to call me a woman – I’m not offended by that and felt that was the most stupid thing a brotha can say. I don’t feel bothered being called a “woman” because I have respect for my sistas and women. The way these brothas called me or another guy a woman or “her” indicates these black guys view women in a degrading manner yet these guys are talking about how they cannot get a woman and have to “go to Brazil” to get some action or whatever. I don’t know, was I supposed to be offended being called a woman? But what is revealing is the guys who said that, these are guys who have a level of hatred of women in general. If any of you brothas see another dude try to call another dude a woman, check his punk ass – a woman is not an insult, she is our sista and we have to remember that. At the end of the day, no matter how any of you scorned ass black dudes feel about black women, she is still our sista and we are going to need our sistas on any global moves we have to make. You brotha can bump your gums on the Internet all you want and tell up some good stories about how much traveling you do like you so special and ish – as if no one else out here can travel, right? At the end of the day, I grew up in the hood with my sistas and I love my sistas because that’s all I know in this world who I really can rely on when shit goes down – I can trust her more than any of you brothas running your mouth. I ran a check on every one of those brothas bumping their gums on that thread and they are all basic as hell or just simple. Most of them are in school and as we indicated years ago on Dream and Hustle, a lot of this hatred propaganda towards black women by these black dudes is happening on these college campuses, mostly at majority black schools like HBCUs notably Clark-Atlanta and Howard. Here is the thing – I noticed the cats complaining the most about the American sistas ain’t got too much to show and tell. They want a sista to like him for his charming personality or some shit like that and dude just mad seeing her only dealing with brothas who driving whips and can take a sista to the NBA game or see Katt Williams perform on stage and stuff. In the real world and in societies all over the world, you have to have your shit together as your own man before stepping to a woman. You guys want to pull that mack lessons bullshit you read somewhere or some PUA shit when the real world and God’s Law mandated you need to be a real self-sustaining man that can provide for your wife and your children and able to contribute to your tribe. And you trying to bullshit the natural order of things wanting to just sex up and knock up a chick and then get mad you cannot pay the child support or she keeping you from your kids because you too stupid or too broke to fight for shared custody in court. Look, don’t be acting like this is a one-sided issue when brothas was doing all that “I don’t love those hoes” shit back in the day and dudes parading around butt models and video vixens and hit it from the back culture against our black women painting them with a broad brush – don’t say we brothas didn’t do that shit because we did – all those goddamn butt model magazine crap and chasing after chicks with fake butt implants and stuff. So we brothas ain’t innocent in all of this and got our share of blame for creating a negative degrading misogynistic culture against our sistas. Second, only a punk ass dude would start whining about what sistas did when he as a man should be able to craft and change the world and environment around him because that is the power we men have as our primal nature. From everything I see about the brothas whining about black women, they cannot hold down the business as a man, plain and simple. And the brothas who can hold it down, including me – I do not have these sistas problem you other brothas are yapping about. I run into just as many stupid ass sistas as the next brotha but I know how to filter out bad data and fish (daddy taught me how to fish and bait and be patience) for the good quality sistas. I even talk over on this blog about my Chinese bae who I’m now going to class to learn Mandarin for so we can talk because she barely understands my ghetto slang and fast talking dialect. Chinese brothas telling me don’t learn Mandarin because they all want to learn English and I’m wasting my time. Anyway, I’m basically saying I talk about my Chinese bae and still get to date sistas over and over and have a good time together. You brothas need to step your damn game up – you got to have it where you spending $70 at Outback and she can order whatever the fuck she want. You got to have the skills to buy a 2003 Mercedes G-Class for $25k and replace the front lights and grill to look like the $150k 2015 G63 version and repaint it matte and put new wheels and interior on it. You got to get use to Caribbean cruises and taking her on those excursions with her girlfriends about. You got to deal with another dude kids and present yourself as a real man that digging their momma. And you got to have hustle like AirBnB an apartment in the hood next to mass transit and downtown and stack the paper up together like Bonnie and Clyde. You brothas ain’t got your shit together to roll with a sista like that and that’s the real problem – not her, and you brothas need to man up and admit it. I’m in the tech scene and when I started going for myself, it just wasn’t sistas around – just fine ass Asian and Indian and Latina chicks mostly. But after Scandal came out and these sistas celebrating that bullshit and sold out Michelle Obama, I publicly written off dating any sistas and I blogged about that here and got backlash but I stood my ground and don’t regret it one bit. Even though I'm back to dating the sistas on a limited basis (I screen out sistas for liking Scandal), I don’t hate my sista because like I said, I still love her because our sistas is all we brothas got and vice versa. You don’t have to like her but she is still your sista, brotha.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Like Her, But Love Her Because She Still Your Goddamn Sista

  1. Great post, Ed!

    Can I get your two cents on what you feel about the medical profession today?
    It appears many of the job opportunities for doctors are going obsolete as many positions that doctors once filled are now being replaced by the nurses and increased automation/digitization of machines/computers.

    This is a great time for women (especially black women) as many of them lead the female population percentage wise in holding nursing positions. Many nurses– with the upgrading of skills will be able to lead and direct whole medical laboratory teams in the Pathology departments as well as in administering surgery anaesthesia making the role of the Anesthesiologist obsolete and getting paid big bucks for it!

    But for brothers and sisters still considering to be doctors instead of nurses should they look elsewhere as their future may hang in the balance or should they just ignore it and perservere anyways?

    1. Doctors and specialists are here to stay – people do not stop getting sick. What is changing is the support staff and information handling and this still go back to STEM.

      One profession many people sleep on is the sales of drugs and medical equipment worldwide on behalf of firms like Pzier or J&J. That profession just on commission and markets like Asia opening up is lucrative.

  2. Ed,
    I’m new to your blog but I have read all of your topics as far back as I can. Now the post that you submitted the other day about the “Brazilian Sistas” and the comments made was way outta this world. I have to say that I was amused, disappointed but not shocked at some of the comments that these so called well renowned brothas made. Now first of all, I don’t lose any sleep when it comes to any man who wants to date outside his race. Cause if you’re a lame to me, then you’ll be a lame to them, point blank period. What is happening Ed, is that in the dating pool a lot a black women are being compared and sized up against what I consider the “the black ghetto hoodrat”, in my profession I work for Medicaid and I deal with these women all day and they DO NOT represent me. You know why, these women come from poor backgrounds and have been exploited, used and abused and really don’t know any better these same type of women are all over the world. So to make my point and moving forward these types of women come in all races, not just African American women. The US media needs to stop perpetrating these stereotypes because it really is giving a bad image to what black women stand for and I’m getting sick and tired of it because you brothas are going around telling other women that is what black women represent and that is not true. But guess what do these fools even know what America thinks of the black man, last time I checked not highly so these guys are no better that us whatsoever. So to go to another county and act like you are so prominent and well off is a joke because at the end of the day all you doing is running game and telling tall tales and when they take their asses back to the US, these woman basically laugh at them because they look at these fools as a meal ticket. So if the law of attraction brings you ignorant women, stop being bitter brats and just change up the energy you radiate because at the end of the day we are all women. But Ed I have one question for you my brotha, what the heck is a “simp”? 

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