All Quiet on the West Side Front as We Reach the Six-Month Mark of 2016

quiet At the beginning of 2016 and as part of the Afro-Tech movement, I said what I was going to do, put in the work and carrying it out. We said screw Al Sharpton, we doing Agile and we are seeing more and more groups moving away from the jokesters doing that social justice warrior crap of being micro-offended all the time towards a methodology of iterative development of solutions and defining user stories to fulfill. We also said screw Powernomics, we are going to Cryptonomics using virtual currency and the blockchain and this is actually the biggest demanded topic of the year so far on this blog and around my circle – everybody wants to know about the blockchain. The social selling/virtual currency blog entry I wrote is being viewed around the world and now being pursued like the new Gold Rush. What I noticed in the black community growing up out the West Side of Chicago and entering the “mainstream” and “middle class black world” that most of you readers are about (hood cats don't read, they listen and watch), I observe among you middle class proletariat African-Americans is there is a lot of “taunting” about black people actually making something happen. And let me make sure we have an understanding here – you cats ain’t hood as you portray yourself on this damn internet, I grew up in the LeClaire Courts Housing Projects and the West Side of Chicago but here is one thing about me that destroys all you fake clowns – I was raised by the real hood to love my people. I don’t portray where I’m from as cats banging and killing like these other cats wanting you to respect them and that street persona - I mostly portrayed where I’m from as merchant class, community people and those who find a way to make a way through adversity – that’s how you know I'm a real cat from the hood versus these fronting cats who talk about how affiliated and dirty they are knowing they would get put down in a matter seconds if they were in that real streets they fronting hard on this Internet about. So let’s sum this up one more time if you did not figure out the last two paragraphs. I was born and grew up in the LeClaire Courts Housing projects on 44th and Cicero and the West Side around 5th and Pulaski and I’m the one here programming blockchain and implementing Agile methodology for the global Afro-Tech and got more stuff on deck. Meanwhile, the working and middle class and so-called “Boule” or upper-class blacks are engaged in “image construction” a topic I will publish later this week as essential learning. You cats can enter any damn discussion section or comment board but real world, you ain’t even close to this brotha from the West Side in any capacity - if you would it would be material, cats be commenting and "image construction" too much. Also you guys should observe these talking cats go waaay out their way to see how to avoid me instead of operate on the same wavelength to do for our people, our community and our future. And now that I delivered what I stated at the beginning of 2016, it’s all quiet on this West Side from the frontin cats. Things are going to go down and it’s going to be bad – even I’m not really prepared for it and I’m telling you straight up – all this crap African-American black people pride themselves on such as having fiat money (that’s the US Dollar or bank account), consuming status brand luxury goods owning a car or home, this whole paradigm of materialistic “disposable income” mentality stuff is going to collapse hard on African-American people as soon as President Obama leaves office. This has little to do with politics as this is bigger than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This has everything to do with the Fourth Industrial Revolution of robots, automation and artificial intelligence and cryptonomics. I already have plans to consider London, Singapore or Tokyo or possibly Toronto and this is the same thing Wall Street cats did back in 2008 market collapse, ran to Hong Kong and Singapore while America went into a massive economic recession period. You brothas and sistas still in Chicago looking at your own people shoot and kill each other every day on the news at night. The concept of trade and transaction is going to be via “proof of work” via technology to earn resources to conduct transactions. Notice we are moving away from the term “money” because it going to be about “transactions” and value. The IRS do not "need" money, you can give the IRS “value” like your jewelry or car or airplane or business or "wage garnishment" (free work) and the IRS will translate it into their US Dollar fiat currency – see, what I’m saying right now is stuff you African-Americans probably cannot even understand and why this is going to be a bad fallout for our people. You cats still talking about material stuff like whips and clothes and kicks and counting "net worth" of cats when we moving to sharing resources, robots and value hidden behind encryption schemes that has to be “unlocked” via proof-of-work to get value. Again..damn..see I know most African-Americans cannot even understand what I just said and this is why it’s not looking good for our people. Jobs are going away - you have to extract value via “proof of work” and have STEM knowledge to automate the production of value. So let me just wrap up because I want to basically say what is the next moves for the second half of 2016. We got to fight for our people in 2016 as this is a critical year. Right now, there are three kind of moves being made by African-American people. The first kind is African-Americans who are pretending change will not happen and continue to do the daily thing until it goes to total collapse and they fighting for necessities like they doing in Venezuela and other countries right now. The second kind of African-Americans are those who know what’s going down but instead of do the right thing, they revert to total f*ckery by acting more stupid and ignorant in denial of what’s coming down – these people already gave up and most of you African-Americans are following these people. I want to talk about these second kind of people because most of them are celebrities who are taking gullible African-American money telling our people any kind of feel-good crap on black radio and black TV – these celebrities got their fiat money; they don’t care about African-American people and we got too many African-Americans following and worshipping these celebrities and their material status instead of these African-Americans worrying about their own personal situation right now, real talk. The video above is our African sista who working on a blockchain solution for organ transplant list that is fair and goes to those actually in the waiting line and how she working with the young generation how to code and deliver blockchain-based solutions to Botswana - she is featured on Vice at Meanwhile in America, we got token sellouts looking for VC money and a write-up in Techcrunch and cornballs talking about crowdfunding for a "black-orientated" social media site in 2016 while our African family working on the blockchain to create black solutions. So with that said - we have that third group of people and that is the Afro-Tech who are the technocracy and STEM cats. No, you cats who are “activists” or run your damn mouth or a social justice warrior or a whiny victim or a preacher or motivator or got a “good job” or whatever the hell you call yourself, you are not even close in the league I just described. The Afro-Tech cats are going to have to fight an uphill battle leveraging technology and new economic modeling concepts such as sharing economy and cryptonomics to even keep their head above water. It’s going to require collaboration and having an open mind and do what it takes to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Guys, I’m the expert in this ish – I’m not the kooky clown with conspiracy theories and I know the ramifications and impacts and just giving yall a warning. I’m not trying to scare cats into doomsday scenario because this is not a quick doomsday scenario. Everybody worldwide is catching hell but here in America, African-Americans went through massive hell during President Garfield, President Eisenhower, President Reagan and President George W Bush and we predicting it will be worse than all of them presidencies after President Obama leaves office and the gates are left open for any hooligan to pass through and deal with any African-Americans who are left behind. The majority of you black folks lost your damn mind and forgot as a history we African-American migrate and re-learn towards better opportunities as a people. You got to re-learn how to work technology the same way low-tech cotton picking ancestors moved up North from the South at the early 1900s to learn how to work hi-tech punch cards and power generators like my mother and father did during that period. You going to have to make moves and re-learn technology just like our early 1900 African-American ancestors who parents were slaves. That dollar or paper currency in your hand – look at it, it is just a piece of paper you give in exchange for value. That transactional component and the definition of “value” is going to be sharply redefined in the next coming years and the US government is going to embrace it, not fight it because it is more open and transparent. Things are going to change hard and fast, my friend. The fronting cats have nothing to say right now during this time, things are manifesting too real right now. I’m strongly advising you brothas and sistas better realize we at the six-month mark of 2016 and you better start seriously taking inventory of do you have your stuff together for 2017 to roll around. Do not be distracted by jiving brothas and sistas around you and put yourself in a zone to learn technology, produce value and have only the basic assets that are not a burden on your flexibility to adapt to change.

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  1. All Truth. I’m on an accelerated mission to learn/teach based on everything I’ve read on Dream and Hustle.
    Thank you my man- I more ways than you know, but will definitely hear about.

  2. Automation has been an opportunity and a threat to Black folks for a long time. Your article has me going to get some coding skills and rereading Who Needs the Negro? by Sidney Wilhelm.

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