Black Enterprise Garbage Write-up on Sharing Economy Is Another Reason Why No Black Person Should Ever Read That Black Enterprise Crap Ever Again

stillmad Earl Graves and Black Enterprise has always been a joke and garbage and a sham when it comes to black entrepreneurship. Many of you African-Americans have your ignorant happy feelings about Black Enterprise magazine but trust me, when you actually give a damn about empowering African-Americans and put in real work instead of just feel some way and run your mouth..when you get to actually being about it...then you will clearly see how full of crap Black Enterprise has always been. As a black man in this business/tech world, Black Enterprise is a magazine I wouldn’t use to wipe my dog ass with after it took a shit in the park. oldarticle 3 years ago (36 months ago), I wrote an article on new economic models for the hood and the article is titled “Black Enterprise Mad Because They Cannot Break Down Hood-Based Circular Economics for Brothas and Sistas” and I explained both circular economics and the renewable economy – this was in May, 2013. I went into real-world use cases on how the black communities can leverage these models such as a pop-up store in the hood, shared transportation, furniture rental model and clothing rental and resale shops. All of these models are fully implemented nowadays and successful – that article was read worldwide and adopted and people write me all the time. I mean, you black folks going to be in a shock when you finally have to accept how many people around the world read this blog, really. ourhistory Think about something - have you ever seen an article written up in Black Enterprise on our historical black merchant class and historical entrepreneurship in our black communities? Look at the image above of a commercial strip in Palm Beach, Florida that black people created back in 1937. Keep in mind our people was in Chicago, New York, Baltimore and everywhere - did you read anything about any of this in any Black Enterprise? Catfish farmers, pecan growers, soul kitchen, medical centers, private schools as business and their knowledge back then as black entrepreneurs we can use today? Because I have growing up in Chicago, personally met, been taught and listened with delight of the stories of these black entrepreneurial pioneers and they are the ones that drive me and they had amazing stories to tell you and me about starting a black business we could use to this day. Did Black Enterprise talk about them or capture their stories? I'm a kid and old school cats tell me they came back from Korea and Vietnam to start a liquor store or barbershop, I was around during that time/era.. freddy Actually, all you saw with Black Enterprise was some metrosexual bullshit - nothing but a top 100 list of Black Enterprise hand pickings of Boule ass folks who worked at white-corporations and treated them like they elite or special? Profiles of smiling ass black folks where some of them were scam artists who now convicted and/or sitting in jail for fraud against the black community. Black Enterprise ain’t never gave a damn about the real black community and I went through their whole archived collection at the Atlanta Public Library downtown, so don’t come here fucking lying about them. Black Enterprise was about corporate advertising dollars from American Express with Kenny the CEO and Ford Motors like real successful brothas and sistas have the desire to own and drive a fucking Lincoln somewhere. be_bs So 3 years later after Dream and Hustle already laid out to the black community the circular and renewable economy, Black Enterprise publish this bullshit article in May, 2016 titled “Want to Get Rich? Start an Uber or AirBnB-Like Company” and I want you to think about this title as we move forward because I’m going to explain very clearly why you should never read Black Enterprise or support this bullshit as a black person ever in your life. I want you to read this section here that Black Enterprise wrote in their stupid ass article: The Various Types of Sharing-Economy Companies Researchers break down sharing-economy companies into several different categories: - Transport: Includes services such as Uber and Lyft - Goods: Includes sites such as eBay and Etsy - Services: Includes companies such as TaskRabbit and Amazon Mechanical Turk - Space: Includes companies such as PivotDesk and AirBnb - Music and Video: Includes platforms such as Netflix and Spotify - Money: Includes sites for lending and crowdfunding such as Kickstarter and Crowdcube Did you realize anything? Yes, not one of these firms are a sharing-economy company, not one. Uber and Lyft are gig economy not sharing economy and the word ride-sharing is not even used against them because the word is more towards carpooling. eBay and Etsy don’t even belong and show you how stupid this article is. TaskRabbit and Amazon Mechanical Turks are SaaS and not sharing economy. Neither is AirBnb which is subleasing SaaS – you got deposits and all that other stuff with AirBnB. Netflix and Spotify are streaming services, not sharing economy and there is nothing to “share”. Kickstarter and Crowdcube is called crowdsouring and not sharing. So in essence, this Black Enterprise article don’t know what the fuck it is talking about. But actually, you African-Americans need to understand something, Black Enterprise purposely presented this article to you African-Americans this way for a reason. keepitreal Let me explain what I already realized years ago with Black Enterprise and kept trying to tell you brothas and sistas over and over – Black Enterprise don’t give a damn about you or the black community, they just want corporate advertisement dollars selling a blackface. See, if you read my previous article on Dream and Hustle, you would have realized the sharing economy is an economic empowerment model where you share economic assets as a collective versus the current make-take-dispose economic consumption model. And by now, you should realize Black Enterprise purposely avoiding talking to you black people about an economic empowerment model because they don’t want to see black economic empowerment actually happen. solarshare Let me say it again – sharing economy is when a collective shares an asset – it is that simple of a definition. For example, sharing a solar power plant in the hood and taking away 12v batteries that can power homes on a block, sharing energy. Another example is creating a private membership club to share a workshop to build furniture or a shared kitchen to create food for a food truck operation or special order cupcakes – see, that is economic empowerment models. Now, look at the Black Enterprise article again and yeah, I see you just noticed – Black Enterprise did not list one example of sharing economic models where black people collectively come together to share an asset together. I told you Black Enterprise was full of shit, didn’t I? Now, look at the Black Enterprise title once again - “Want to Get Rich? Start an Uber or AirBnB-Like Company” – do you realize what Black Enterprise is doing here? Black Enterprise is promoting the image of one black person being rich versus black people working as a collective to share assets which is also called group economics. Black Enterprise is an anti-black propaganda operation that goes out of it way to talk about individual black folks being rich or whatever and do not talk about blacks working in a collective or towards group economics. Everybody who loves black people and our black community, we can argue and disagree but we all agree on one thing – collective and group economics is the only proven practice and pattern to black empowerment. Black Enterprise is not here for you African-Americans or your best interest, they are a full of shit magazine operation taking money from corporate advertisers and selling the image they will not discuss “pro-black” stuff in exchange. You know the funny part about this, right? Most of these corporations probably don’t even care about the “pro-black” stuff today - Black Enterprise is making up that “avoid pro-blackness” mandate on their own and I doubt Ford or American Express is mandating that made-up “avoid pro-black” stuff. So at this point and reading all of the details, no black person should give a fuck about Black Enterprise because Black Enterprise have proven over and over they don’t give a fuck about black people. Dream and Hustle is about our people and I have no problem saying fuck Black Enterprise and fuck Earl Graves and fuck everybody involved with that bullshit. The sharing economy is collective group economics – and Black Enterprise been on an agenda to not wanting to see black people create group economics and self-empowerment, plain and simple.

One thought on “Black Enterprise Garbage Write-up on Sharing Economy Is Another Reason Why No Black Person Should Ever Read That Black Enterprise Crap Ever Again

  1. I do not know the motivation or rhyme or reason behind Black Enterprise obvious agenda to suppress true black entrepreneurship and black economic empowerment but its fucking evil even if it is ineffectual.

    The sharing economy worldwide is being embraced and people are giving credit to the group economics model preached by African-Americans.

    Something is very perverse and weird for Black Enterprise to avoid the true definition of the sharing economy and target their message to our people taking out the group economic element and push some wanna get rich angle.

    I would like to know the mindset at Black Enterprise and the rationale that black people should not get good/true black empowerment content. Our data and other content sites like this are strong and you guys do want real business information that pertains to the black community.

    You guys deserve a honest answer from Black Enterprise why they been pushing this fluff bullshit to the black community all these decades when we needed real information to uplift and empower ourselves.

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