How Sistas Can Find the Right Man Who Will Handle His During the Post-Obama Era

notready The Post-Obama Era is actually scarier than people want to admit. It does not matter who turns out to be President we are in an era of globalists, artificial intelligence, big data and robots that will take pencil pusher jobs and even number cruncher and project coordinator type work. We got some tough and talented kids coming up who parents were refugees or from an emerging economic nation that is now part of TPP. We are not even talking about the effects of the gig and sharing economy and everybody who cannot do STEM will basically be driving Uber or cleaning up AirBnB rental units. These are things bigger than some liberal on the radio or TV trying to tell you guys to vote Democrat – your vote ain’t going to save you from this Revolution. But the biggest and devastating fallout will be when social entitlements are cuts and mandatory insurance, they going to keep ObamaCare, they are not getting rid of it because it forces poor people to pay for insurance, exactly what they want. We already spoke about hyper-gentrification where you won’t have a neighborhood or community but short term rental hipsters working the gig economy living month-to-month. Around the world, there will be Socialist Revolutions with dictators rising back to power in some countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia and Africa and Middle East but here in America, life is going to be miserable for cats who ain’t ahead of the curve and that’s the reality. See, the problem is the world is becoming too urban, too efficient and too many people with too little good jobs. Now as a sista, you going to have to figure out how you going to maintain yours throughout the Post-Obama Era. With your eyes wide open, you sistas should know right now if the brothas out here is actually capable of handling his in the Post-Obama Era. Now, I remember those swirling chicks tried to come at me months ago saying I was not pretty even though most of them look terrible. I told those swirling chicks that I don’t have to be pretty and what they don’t understand is real men are not pretty, they are handsome. And handsome is not about looks – handsome means a man who can handle something, that’s what handsome mean. It’s a lot of pretty brothas but it is not a lot of handsome brothas and you sistas want a handsome brotha in the Post-Obama Era. A lot of these guys talking a lot on the InterWeb but you sistas can easily tell they really don’t got nothing going on. The world is too real for a real man to be on the Internet running off at the mouth. And things are about to get pretty ugly soon so let’s talk about how you sistas can find a handsome that you can rely on during the Post-Obama Era. He Has to Show You On a Napkin What He Can Do. He cannot tell you what he does, tell him to show you and give him a napkin and a pen and draw it out. A real man who got his stuff together can quickly diagram out his profession and hustle and explain it to you. You as a sista need to know about the money and hustle and empire and power and make sure you got a man who put all of that on a napkin in front of you, if he cannot, then pass on that basic brotha. Ask Him to Meet You at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. That is your instant giveaway if he got a brain or he is a poser and a joke. At Starbucks, see if he knows how to sit down and bring the right material to show you things like a yoga laptop that transform in a tablet. Or he brings some coloring books and coloring pencils so you both can color and chill in Starbucks with some wine (at select Starbucks). At Barnes and Noble, let him take you to the type of books he read and have him explain the book or what it is talking about – you will quickly tell if he is a basic brotha or handsome at that point. Quickly Ask Him What He Watch and Who He Follow on Social Media. If he hesitant to answer or pause, he is trying to avoid telling you he is following f-boy material and stuff like PUA and anti-women videos and social media stuff. For example, I follow a lot of 4K video of urban cities filmed around the world, EuroNews on YouTube, Vice, Bancroft, Ultra, Spinnin Records and Ministry of Sound and Manga Entertainment and I didn’t need to research what I said. On Netflix, I watch a lot of foreign movies and Netflix Originals. So you can tell I do not have time to watch Game of Thrones and never saw an episode because I got real work to do and only watch on-demand when I got time and when I’m on the go. That’s what you are trying to extract from the answer what these brothas are doing when they consume media. Ask Him What He Thinks About Dream and Hustle. This will be the quickest way to tell if you dealing with a handsome man. If the brotha start talking about he don’t like or agree and throwing opinion around, you should be able to tell this is a weak brotha focused on emotions. Now if the guy tells you that he took the content and looking at starting business with the information provided, then you see you dealing with a resourceful brotha who is only interested in handling something, not having an opinion about something. Ask Him How Would He Make Money If He Lost His Job or Business. This is the most important question you can ask a man and how he answer will make or break him. If he had STEM skills his answer would be he would move to a new market or country and create a portfolio. He may talk about moving to London, New York or he always wanted to move to Hong Kong for a year. Now if he basic, he will talk about selling quarter water and stuff like that or hustling painter jobs. You want a man that can make global moves if he has to and that’s the reality of the world we live in, those other cats are going to be fighting for work in the Post-Obama Era just like cats were doing back in the Great Depression. The key to finding the right man for the Post-Obama Era is finding a handsome man, which is a man that can handle something. A real man ready for the Post-Obama Era is into STEM because they want those skills to be ahead of the curve. A real man in the Post-Obama Era is ready to pack up and move and work anywhere to send a check home to his family to be taken care of. And a real man is truly dedicated to loving his woman and making sure she knows she is everything to him and without her love, he is lost. Times are going to get tough in the Post-Obama Era and I hope you sistas find you a good man and a real man, a handsome man and don’t settle for anything less.

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    1. Nah only you live in global system of white supremacy… that why chicks need to check the kind of guys she messing and brotha need to check who they following..

      A man that answer only to his God and only allow God to judge him know who this world belong to. You need to find your way Miguel and grow up…you lost and yelling .. its kinda too late and that ship sailed for anybody to care about that rhetoric..sounds to me you are caught up following Tariq Nasheed and stuff instead of finding your own place as a man in this world – let’s be frank.

      In fact is you are too young to be saying and believing what you wrote..

    2. Miguel – About your notion of “Global System Of White Supremacy” and the article’s subject matter: “The Post-Obama America” – DID YOU use the meme of “Racism Without Racist” and think about “White Imperialism In Nations Of Color Without Being Recorded In The 2016 Edition Of The Africana Studies Text”?

      US Drone Strike In Somalia Kills 150 “Terrorists” , However The Bombing Of Africa Did Not Register Into Various ‘Spokenword Cafes In America”

    1. Miguel

      Hit dogs holla and you been hollering a lot lately. Better than you? You had to actually believe something to even say this.

  1. When you try to explain how you are better than other men, and noted educated, it helps if your actually sound educated. Seriously, do you speak so poorly on purpose in order to try to sound legit?

    1. Try to sound educated?

      That’s your words not mine..

      Funny how I’m telling the sistas something and your response directed at me. In communication warfare and blue ocean strategy, you have to target the sistas. But you failed to do this…why?

      Because it is likely you know you have no credibility with the sistas..that the stuff you guys don’t be realizing when you start creating that alias and post comments on a comment section…

      I don’t argue with the opposing side and their lawyers I motion the judge and convince the jury. You might want to learn this technique if you going to pretend to be educated..

    2. What makes you uneducated us that you don’t realize that the judge is bought and paid for and the jury has been brainwashed by years of media lies. So while you fool yourself into thinking you can get a fair hearing in this court, smart men simply stay out of court.

      And let me help you out with your ignorant language skills. Instead of saying, “You guys don’t be realizing,” say it like somebody who actually absorbed something in English class. Say it using correct English…The international businessman’s English…”You guys don’t realize.” Say it like that and you might be taken seriously.

    3. Rusty LH do you tell Chinese and Indian and Mexicans how to speak proper English? Because they still making moves barely speakibg English so your pathetic leaning on the English stuff like that something that matters…

      You ain’t never out of court and here we go…running off at the mouth pretending to be smart….cats be in court filing motions and crafting legal precedents against a group of people everyday from corporate lawyers and secret judges and goverment departments that can sign directives as judge and jury on laws and guilt…you always in court whether you realize it or not…

      Really, who you trying to convince over here? Women will read this and see a dude like you posting bullshit in the comment section and you hollering…real men have nothing to argue about here…and you doing a good job convincing her there are cats caught up in bullshit while we approach the Post-Obama Era…

      Everybody can tell you trying to make us care what you actually think…and nobody cares, trust me…

  2. One of the biggest challenge we are going to have to overcome is learn how to screen out bullshit when real shit is going down. We got a lot of “dead weight” brothas on the InterWeb typing stuff instead of handling stuff.

    There is no way any man in May of 2016 should be blabbing rhetoric…real men got to handle the next 4 years out knowing global policies are going through a dramatic shift…

  3. I come to this sight to feel enlightened and empowered but I am sooooo mad at myself for even reading the comments posted by these two CLOWNS! First, this one’s for “Miguel”, you sir, the reason why racial profiling on airbnb exists is because of idiots like this, Your links didn’t even connect with the topic that was addressed on the blog and from a females point of you might be one of those kats he’s telling us to peep out for when it comes to trying to create a personal foundation between a man and a woman. Now moving forward to“Rusty LH” you sound like a straight up Bish A$$ Niqqa! Living in Atlanta I have grown to appreciate that “moniker” because lawd knows there are tons of them running around in the male form. I was a little perturbed that a male like yourself would actually take the time to come this site and try to check somebody on their educational level and technique on how they articulate their point. I know that Ed knows his ish and that’s why I make it my point when I’m online to check out all of his articles on how to accomplish career transition methods. As a female I am amazed at the pettiness that I see posted on this site sometimes because both you guys just missed the point and now I see why he ain’t for the brothas no more.

  4. Hey ed,
    As someone who is just starting to dabble in computer science what would you recommend I dedicate most of my time to studying? I graduate in a year and I am a GIS major but reading your blog has made me realize that I am in need of a higher level of computer/ programming inteligence. I am very interested in that drone program in Africa that you posted a few months ago and they told me that they are in need of routing mapping and coding skills. Also your blockchain ideas for the community I think are revolutionary. CS seems so broad to me I just want to know the optimal place to start and which direction to go so im not wasting my time and I can be competitive and have a leg up in these markets.

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work!!!

    1. What database systems you worked on in your GIS study? I would recommend first learning database systems and CRUD operations and more advanced functions. From the data perspective you will be able build anything off data..

    2. C3…Ed gave you great advice. I graduated with a degree in Geography and have experience with GIS as well. What I can say in addition to the coding and database skills, look in to developing multiple data visualization skills too and emerging tech like VR and AR so you can do your thing outside of ESRI. Think about your “craft” and mastering all facets not only the degree. Congrats in advance.

    3. Yea right now im just studying ESRI ,which is a mapping database system, and a few basic html programs. I have finals this weekend but as soon as im done I plan to spend my summer delving into this and I’ll ask questions along the way because I know they’re a lot of smart people that read this blog who would be able to guide me and give me a diferent perspective on things.
      Thanks for the advice guys!

  5. So that one person represents all black black people on air bnb. And second white supermacy is the reason racial profiling exists. Sounds like you are deflecting from the problem which is white supermacy

  6. Cleve to keep it real i dont what my next move should be i my goal is to save up to 15000 this year im almost there but im lost and dont know what to do once reach my goal with my m

  7. …..she told me we should start seeing other men… LOL please brothas if you dont know the answer no problem just ask be ready to receive and learn . trying to act as if you have the answer just not very smart at all

  8. My mind was blown just now, after reading D&H for YEARS, that Ed is in fact a female. Doesn’t take away from the importance of some of her points but wow, I just never put two and two together.

    1. Rob,

      I’m not personally offended being called a female. I have respect for my sistas as any real man should and she is not a slur. She is my partner and I need her in this world just as much as she needs me. You looking kinda stupid right now among us real men if you don’t realize it – calling other guys ‘females’ – what, you trying to make other guys laugh? What’s your real sexual orientation if you trying to make other guys laugh and stuff, calling other guys ‘female”? You like making other d*cks laugh?

      As a real man, I’m woman-orientated as she is who I’m here to provide for and create a family with and continue on my legacy. So once again – I’m not offended being called a female and don’t know where you got that line of nonsense from. If anything, I would have to question the guy like you that think calling someone a female is offensive – you the one that would be looked at/questioned if you used this rhetoric in the real-world.

  9. Hey ED! Just found your blog, I’m amazed and very inspired. Based on what I’ve skimmed through u have a change of opinion on a few things? Anyways love the tech knowledge you have.

    Currently I’m changing my own niche going into early ed here in Cali. I would love to incorporate tech due to reasons you’ve mentioned and what I see the where the world’s going.

    If you can point me in the direction for a newbie web sites, etc. I’m going to fully go through this site see what I can pick up.

    Personally I’ve never been into pretty men eww. Unfortunately, ALOT of our people are going to be swept away in the post Obama era.

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