Only Dumb Cats Think This is an Accomplishment When These Kids F*cked Over Other Kids Trying to Get Into College.

bscrap You know, I’m getting tired of dumbass people keep passing these kind of stories around about some teenager getting accepted to 100 or 200 universities and not realizing this is a f*cked up and selfish act, not an accomplishment. In fact, these kids wouldn’t be hired in the real world and would be blacklisted if they pull some shit like what they done with these universities. This article does not need a lot of paragraphs and I want people to use common sense. I’m a technology expert and I can apply for 100 jobs right now and probably get 80 interviews and 50 job offers. This is not made up numbers on my part, I had more than 50 job offers at one time and get 7+ calls a day while I’m at work asking me to quit my current job and work for other cats back in the day. Now, here is the thing – I’m only one person and if I playing around with 50 job offers then there are 49 other job offers that are not going to other qualified candidates who are wondering why they are not getting a call back and they need a job to pay their bills. These students who apply to all of these schools are taking away the same opportunity from other students also trying to apply to the same schools. A lot of students do not get into the school they want because the admissions is tied up by other students like these selfish ass n00bs that people on social media want to celebrate talking about they been accepted to 100 or 200 schools and then the whole scholarship allocation is diverted and held up. This is a flawed system and these kids who are applying to all these damn schools are f*cking it up for other students so they can act like they special getting accepted to all of these schools and you guys are out here celebrating this bullshit. There is nothing here about these kids that was accomplished or to brag about – please, tell me exactly what the f*ck is so special about being accepted to 60 universities. The corporate world would not hire them or headhunters would have nothing to do with them because it is like they are gaming the system. No headhunter want to f*ck up their relationship with a corporation with a job candidate who have 25 offers all over town then reject the hiring corporation job offer - that makes the headhunter look bad. But worse, that same corporation had another candidate who wanted to work there, been out of work for weeks and did not get the job and had to settle for something else because one idiot messed it up having 25 job offers. You don’t even see this crap in sports as they have a draft system so teams can have a fair shot at getting the right talent instead of one talent playing the field with all of the teams just to choose one. Stop instantly celebrating bullshit like this and realize the only thing they accomplished is they f*cked over 59 other students. The best way to solve this is using the blockchain where universities work together on a ledger to know what student applied where and use like a mock draft to accept one student to one school, just like how doctors are assigned residency to hospitals after Med School. See, once again if cats actually was making moves, they would know this story is bullshit and you can instantly tell an unaccomplished idiot because they think this story is something special when this is nothing but a selfish f*ckover of other students.

5 thoughts on “Only Dumb Cats Think This is an Accomplishment When These Kids F*cked Over Other Kids Trying to Get Into College.

  1. Considering f*cking over others is the LLC way, they should do well as a fortune 500 CEO.

  2. I figured it was a matter of time before someone spoke up on this. I never concerned myself with this type of individual (to brag about all the universities accepted to) because par my experience, they were always these self-centered, unloved kids who always felt insecure thus needing to brag. They brag about how much scholarship money they got for school (1 million) but from 500,000 schools (equaling $2 a school). Okay maybe that was extreme but you get my point. Many of us are suffering from low self-esteem and it shows, constantly. Our need to be fulfilled is eclipsing our vision and blinding us to real, achievable success goals that await. Why the hell else would someone sit (probably with a insecure ass parent) and fill out 60 damn (or even thirty) tedious ass college applications? Why? It shouldn’t even be that many in your consideration.

  3. Oh my jesus, what has this world come to, bless their poor little hearts, what they did was just utterly dumb, all for social media recognition and just for bragging rights and likes, SMH! They really did bottleneck the whole system, what a waste of time and energy! I remember during my college orientation, our speaker stated “Look to your left and look to your right because one or all of you may not graduate” meanwhile they bragging about that they got accepted, but will they have to degree to show for it, is the question! What a waste of affirmative action, some child that would most likely have been the first to attend college in their family like myself really did miss out on an opportunity for these worthless opportunists!

  4. I’ve seen this story and others like it posted on social media over the years but I never thought of it this way. I fully agree this is incredibly selfish and shortsighted of them and their parents.
    I’m not sure of the details here, but I know that nowadays you can apply for multiple schools with a single online application. So I’m assuming that’s what they did. Also, there are people paid to find scholarship money for you. So that’s another tactic that they likely employed to gum up the system.

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