Preparing Sistas for The Upcoming Release of

fookycoming is our flagship product from Swagg-Scientific and as indicated before, it will be the biggest release of the year, period. is a massively disruptive foundational game-changer and even cause me to lose sleep at night thinking about the awesomeness and potential that is basically mind-blowing at best. I will publish the exclusive and world premiere rollout of for the sistas in an “super-article” that will be very expansive. In this article, I want to prepare the sistas how to get ready for because nothing will be the same after announcement. Right now, you can go and browse and play with it but that is the prototype concept that was presented to the Global Urban Collective. I actually previewed the structure of the upcoming article to the Global Urban Collective and they can probably tell you the upcoming article is going to be something and maybe a little too much to digest in one sitting. One of my favorite EDM artists is Madeon, so much that I don’t think I can chill with any bae that don’t have the feels for Madeon. If you see any videos of me in any hackathons (they out there), I’m the brotha wearing a Madeon hat. Well, Madeon came out with an awesome video series off his debut “Adventure” album that is also the most played album right now in my collection. So to help you sistas understand what to expect, I would like to share some of the Adventure videos from Madeon to be ready for what I’m about to unleash. Determine Who Side You On In the video above, you see a beautiful future city and that is what is designed to power – creating a smart cities and future cities around the world. We are what you call a super-platform which is a new concept and the only comparison you can make to is Ethereum. You sistas are going to be able to quickly launch both technology and traditional urban-based businesses using APIs. Here is the beautiful thing and the potential – is not only going to enable sistas to create urban solutions, but it is going to allow sistas to up and move and relocate anywhere in the world and start her business because the entire world has urban markets that can use If you want to build a sharing economy or blockchain-based solution, you can run off to London or Taipei and create your urban solution using the platform that is based on the cloud and we have a stand-alone version coming that can be used in an enterprise setting. Pay Them No Mind When we reveal, you sistas are immediately going to see a lot of pseudo-experts babbling acting like I'm amateur hour because of the classic cliché statement “they never heard of me before” as if I’m supposed to announce and validate myself to these simpletons. Let me ask you sistas to use common sense for a minute about the tech game – how many real hackers/tech experts go around trying to get their name out there for everybody to love or notice them? You ever notice we got so many cats pretending to be tech experts and got opinions but cannot pull open a computer in front of you and freestyle? So please, pay these people no mind about what they got to say about when they start trying to figure out how to hate. I’m a well-known respected expert globally in the tech scene among my peers. I didn’t say well-known among tech media with cheap content writers, I said among global experts in the tech scene where it really matters. If these cats don’t know who I am, they simply ain’t elite or this level I’m at. I worked with a lot of super cats and know who they are and they know me. When you see the lightweights and other cats try to come at this, I want you sistas to sit back and watch how cats going to be stunted when they find out who I really am – a lone wolf expert that they refer to as a black swan, actually that’s what I been labeled by certain people around the world, Black Swan, just an FYI. I tell you this to say that has a revolutionary blockchain system that I will reveal to you sistas and a revolutionary ID system that I reveal to you sista and other new and disruptive technology and technique within that you sistas will be the first to have privy to the information. These other cats are just in the peanut gallery spectating and going to have something to say because they can’t do it like me, pay them no mind – I will be talking directly to the sistas in the upcoming article. Ignore the Nonsense
“I am here for you, open up your eyes and don’t slip away” – Mark Foster
We are at a critical juncture in global affairs as we are seeing the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution worldwide and social issues and unrest spreading globally. We are approaching uncertain times where there is going to be great pain for some and great opportunities for others. As a man, me and my crew is here for you sistas and I’m here to support you as my sista. is one of those great opportunities against the uncertain landscape and I will be working with the sistas to make sure we going to make it and get ours in this world. When I’m talking the world, we are talking Tokyo, Milan, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Toronto, New York and hundreds of more cities that moving to smart cities and giving you sistas a way to leverage opportunities. I am planning active workshops and informational here in Atlanta and also will have incentives to help sistas become women technology entrepreneurs. Look out for the “super article” coming that will be the first in-depth discussion of the service outside of the Global Urban Collective and in the meantime, I hope you sistas make a choice of what side you going to be on and hopefully that is on the path to a prosperity of purpose.

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