They Don’t Open Their Mouth On Your Work, But Fixing Their Mouth on Your Gains

People close to you act like they have a problem giving you praise when you putting in work but they be the first one to run their mouth when everybody else start praising you. Dream and Hustle been around for 10 years and you see over and over the very same black people I tried to put in work for, withhold praise at large and pretend Dream and Hustle do not exist or insignificant. Every last one of you can tell this from our comment section and also how black people talk around this blog in their little comment board section somewhere on the Interweb. At the end of the day, people withholding praise from you should never correlate into you withholding yourself from glory – you go and get it. No one can make you believe in yourself more than you and no one is going to put in the work necessary for you more than yourself. So as long as you keep doing what you doing and don’t give up, you will see progress, see glory and it will be praised by the greater good of people out there who will celebrate you. And one thing I learned in life is to always go where you are celebrated. In the African-American community, our own black people do not help uplift our best and brightest during their come-up but always fixing their mouth on successful black people gains once that black person made it. These are the same black people blabbing about why most of us African-Americans forget where we come from after we get big. No, those African-Americans don’t forget where they come from, they know exactly how apathetic the black community treated them while they were trying to make moves – trust me, they ain’t forgot about the black community, they remember the details of their come-up period fully well when they saw how their own people treated them. And I’m going to let cats know right here and right now – I will fully remember how the black dudes acted when they came to Dream and Hustle the past 10 years and the petty and funky crap these grown adult black dudes acted in response to information put out here at Dream and Hustle that could have been used by them but they started talking like some petty sissies with like/dislike attitude problems. Black adult males have been the biggest disappointment in my life and to be honest – I cannot even look most brothas in the eye because heavy things are going down in 2016 and these brothas are not stepping up, just acting like some damn punks. My father and my uncles and my military family raised me too hard to respect a punk failing to carry himself as a grown black man. On the other hand, I’m going to remember all the real people out there who supported what I was trying to do here. I was not sitting up here on some Black Enterprise magazine crap with my arms crossed smiling wanting cats to admire me – me and my crew were doing real research and putting information for cats to self-empower themselves. I respect the brothas who are learning to code and learn technology for themselves to have a backup plan to take care of their family and themselves. Also, I appreciate sistas coming to this blog to pull information that she can use to not only better herself but to educate other sistas to do for self and go and get hers in this world. People worldwide are taking notice to us and it's been escalating the past several days. Not only am I’m being closely followed, but Global Urban Collective and Swagg-Scientific and our product Fooky is being followed closely worldwide as we make progress. I know what’s going on at the ground floor and things are going to pop off big and gigantic. You don’t be experts at the blockchain, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, future retailing and way more stuff I'm not mentioning and don’t think the entire world is not noticing. So when things pop off big and it will, cats better not come around fixing their mouth on any of my gains or what I’m about. Don't say a damn thing about what I'm going to do for black people when cats been ignoring what I been doing with Dream and Hustle writing article after article for 10 years and being ignored by the black community at large over and over. The majority of African-Americans been withholding praise from Dream and Hustle and me because they didn’t want to see me prevail. Trying to withhold praise from me is futile when I receive praise from God who provided me with purpose in the first place. In addition, the whole damn world knows me and what I'm about - only black folks working their heads up to think I'm not that important. So the only people I’m looking after is those who were down with me and trust me, I will not forget where I come from…I fully remember exactly where I come from and how cats treated me during the come-up. fishbone

7 thoughts on “They Don’t Open Their Mouth On Your Work, But Fixing Their Mouth on Your Gains

  1. Needed to be said. I discovered this site a couple months ago and said to myself”I wanna interview this dude”. But I held back from asking because I thought that might not be your thing. I figured you’d rather stay in print instead of being heard. Well, this post is now making me reconsider. I’d like to interview you on my podcast. I like different views on different things. I think your view is unique and more people need to hear it. If you don’t want to do it, no worries. Still a fan. If so, lemme know. I’d love to introduce you to my audience.

    1. I will do it but not right now (like this month) as I’m active on a mission. I will follow up with you.

  2. Ed, I want to thank you for the inspiration you have given me over these last few years. You gave out a lot of game on this blog and I know that it sucks when you do not feel appreciated. Trust me, young brothers are reading your blog and are taking in the information.

    Your article on the Water stand that you opened in Downtown Atlanta gave me valuable information on owning a business. I liked how you explained what worked for you and what didn’t work. Also I really like the articles about what is going on in Asia. China, Japan, and Korea markets are a major focus for me now.

    I am currently working with my business partner on opening up our Clothing Boutique next month. Everything is almost finished and I am very excited.

    Thank you for all of your work, trust bro, it is most appreciated

  3. Hey bro, let me make this quite clear. You gots love and respect from this brotha. I admit, i haven’t publicly posted one prop for D&H outside of this comment section and that’s specifically because i don’t want the opinions, hate and competition before I’m fully ripe to do me. Also, i know you get yours anyway. Just last week somebody gave me their unrequested opinion on IT and how it wasn’t a good field. I didn’t even respond, i just sat. If i mentioned D&H these lames would just hate…I like to move in silence. Please don’t take it as disrespect or unappreciation.

    1. That’s weak as fuck…sorry..this is the definition of apathetic. What you say to me directly means nothing..what you say when I’m not in the room is your true position and you just told me exactly your true position when I’m not around…

      Afraid of negative backlash as the reason not to mention positive? Exactly how the oppressed operate in their world, huh? You wrote your post in detail and may not even realize what you expressed.

      That perspective you have ain’t going to get you anywhere..especially as a black man in this world..always stand up for what’s positive and what’s right and what you believe in…because what you just wrote is not a reflection of me, it’s a reflection of you whether you are among friends or foes…I ask that you reflect on what you just wrote and hope you never expressed or believe in this viewpoint you just posted from this moment on.

  4. I’m closing the comment section because I’m really not asking for commentary..just stating how it is.

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