Kuttaz is Fooky.com First Urban Technology Solution for Inner City Barbers

kuttaz Kuttaz will launch as the first-application on the Fooky.com platform demonstrating how urban entrepreneurs can quickly deliver inner city technology solutions. Kuttaz provide cloud-based services for urban barbers as well as sharing economy solutions. Kuttaz will launch first in our pilot city of Atlanta, Georgia USA and will spread to other markets when Fooky.com open up shop in those markets. In this article, I want to go over with you this upcoming application to show you how we developed Kuttaz by performing a problem/solution analysis with real barbers and barbershop owners in Atlanta to hopefully deliver an urban technology solution. A couple of things before I get started. The image above of the 3 brothas in the barbershop – that was a 2009 Dream and Hustle article on how to use Sims 2 to create black-orientated images for web businesses without using actual models, I dug it out of my old school Dream and Hustle archives. Another thing is the Global Urban Collective Facebook group (which is closed, no new members) have been aware of Kuttaz for several months and there are other efforts to create a barbershop solution in the group and we provide information sharing. But there is one more thing I know you are slowly realizing and some cats have to comes to grip with. Fooky.com is developing the framework and ground game to make Atlanta the true hub for urban technology entrepreneurs and this is going to cause a new age and era on delivering solutions and startups that not only solve urban issues here in America but worldwide. You should not be naïve to realize Kuttaz can quickly port to new markets being a cloud-based solution to Hong Kong or London or South Africa. This is an example of where I explained you can start businesses anywhere you want and expand worldwide with Fooky.com – the world is yours. The global Afro-Tech has taken ownership and control of uplifting our people in the 21st century and you will be simply left behind if you want to believe otherwise. Current Challenges with Urban Barbershops londonshop I was allowed to shadow a few barbers and shops and look at the overall industry and this is my observation and experiences as a customer of barbers and what I see barbers and barbershops go through. Time Management Is a Big Problem. There is no central management on time between barbers, shops and clients. For a barber, time is the ultimate commodity that should not be wasted. A task of cutting hair takes time and when a shop owner shows up late or when a barber cuts 4 heads instead of cutting 8 that day or when a client shows up late or unexpected, time is impacted which results in money being impacted. Queue Management Causes Beef. This is where a stranger walk in and barbers want to fight over who get the next unscheduled customer that comes through the door. There are beef and grudges where the barber closer to the door yells out at the stranger asking the client to sit next to him when there are open barbers in the back who could have instantly serviced the client. Some barbershops have a receptionist that goes around and check but this is not optimal and it also puts the client as just a number and is a put-off. No Customer Relationship Management. A lot of barbers have a substandard way of knowing their customers such as their cell phone address book putting out their personal number where they get calls and interruptions all the time on questions about showing up. Others are using social media like Instagram and Snapchat but this is a problem – barbers be posting up those pro-black memes turning off their customers for having political viewpoints and radicalized race-based thoughts or even worse, I see a few who post butt model pics making women and young male clients uncomfortable. Hustler at The Door. Black barbershops are historically known for people showing up randomly with a hustle or some talk or whatever. Selling bootleg DVDs, socks and counterfeit Polo gear or some politician that want votes and pass out flyers. The problem is legitimate barbershop-related inquiries such as the barber support that fixes clippers on call or can provide emergency supply or towels or foam have to navigate between the hustlers to offer their services to barbers who already tired of being solicited while servicing a client. Inefficient Chair Utilization. As indicated earlier, time is a commodity of the barber business and because of the weekly barbershop chair rental system, there are times when there is slow business during mid-week and a barber trying to make up the loss revenue opportunity on the weekends. In addition, there are times during mid-week where the barber clients live on one side of town and not traveling to the barber location and the barber hoping new clients walk through the door. In another example, a new barbershop opens up and cannot commit barbers to weekly rentals or have extra chairs not being utilized at all. Part-time barbers who may attend school also are shut out of the weekly barber chair rental system. There were other so many challenges such as a client not knowing the barber specialty and time it will take but one more thing is establishing a modern social environment. While Kuttaz does not address this issue, the barbershop should be a place that specialize in a certain style or look and we discussed this science of horizontal sectoring. This means if a bunch of hair stylist specializes in hair braiding, all of them will be more profitable situated in one shop for male hair braiding instead of spread out throughout the city. Also barbershops can create and establish virtual marketplaces and social relaxation areas and most places I’ve seen always got generic sitting chairs, crappy furniture and aesthetics that are not welcoming or attractive. With that said, let’s talk about how Kuttaz was designed to provide a solution approach. Kuttaz Solution Approach logo In case people thinking I’m talking fantasy or phantomware, Kuttaz already been developed and tested by a few barbers in Atlanta already and just waiting for the Fooky.com platform to be ready. Yep, we are miles ahead on these cats out there that want to try to hate, doubt and criticize, ain't we? But anyway, we are leveraging the Fooky.com platform that I described in the long article I written earlier about Fooky.com. availibility As you see in the screenshot above, we are leverage Fooky.com time block engine where once again, time is the most important commodity of the barbershop business. You see in the screenshot that we are allowing barbers to create a schedule to be able to show their availability and non-availability. But let’s not jump ahead of ourselves and I want to break down the Fooky.com platform solution so you can see how this works out. The first thing we done was create the people and entities as defined in Fooky.com which are the barbers, the client, the barbershop and barbershop support services. Barber. This is the person address that performs the service. A barber can manage their availability, list their services and upload a portfolio to market themselves to their existing clients and potential clients. Kuttaz is a barber-orientated solution so barbers do not have to depend on the shop for reservation services or client management services and free barbers up to operate as an independent agent. Keep in mind that barbers provide services where the services can be listed in Fooky.com, remember we discussed assets and services owned by people and entities? Client. These are cats who want to get their hair done and they can make reservation requests with their favorite barbers and even book ahead of schedule looking at availability. Clients have to be registered on Fooky.com with an address and as a person so barbers can know who they dealing with, especially over the Internet. Barbershop. This is the shop owner and they would register as a business entity on Fooky.com to be assigned an address. The barbershop as an entity have assets which are the chairs so the chairs will be listed as assets of the barbershop in Fooky.com and that allows the barbershop to offer sharing economy solutions such as renting out the chairs at the micro-transaction level such as by the half-day or one-day rentals. Also, barbershops will have intelligent-connected service that allow Fooky.com clients to “check-in” and automatically enter a queue and a bot can detect if a client favorite barber has a chair assignment, assign the barber that client or mark the client as present for a scheduled appointment. Support Services. These are the service-orientated providers for barbershops that can perform tasks such as provide beauty supplies, repair clippers or even rent out clippers and other tools. These providers can provide the location area they serve using Fooky.com geospatial location services, list their assets such as clippers and tools to rent or have a service such as drop off barber tools at end of day and return them clean in the morning. franklin Think of open world game development – you create the characters, create the equipment and create the service/moves performed and create the world/environment. That is the same line of thinking you have to keep in mind architecting Fooky.com solutions so you can see the unlimited possibilities of urban solutions out there you can create. For example, even if I created Kuttaz, you can use MochaStar (delayed to July 2016 to apply blockchain license verification) stock image service to create and license images of the latest haircuts and style and provide it on posters with a QR code below to allow a passerby to scan a hairstyle and book an appointment with a barber to get their hair styled. We have not even talked hair salons for sistas, we just talking brothas. Or distributed micro-malls that can display used collector kicks for sale/trade in a barbershop. And remember, you can take this solution to South London right now if you want as South London is going through a black hair market explosion right now with plenty of opportunities there. You can swaggerjack what I’m doing on the low and take this model to new cities in China and make mogul moves just in Tokyo or Shanghai alone in those cities. You see how Japan is with those funky hairstyles and stuff. This is the kind of urban mogul empires we brothas and sistas can create from our hood and take worldwide – the world is yours. Stop sitting around reading nonsense on the Internet and go make moves! schedule Let me explain this image above to quickly address a solution I missed - notice the shop name next to the time. If a barber rents a chair closer to their clients across town for 4 hours on Thursday, it will show the new shop. This allow barbers to be flexible and have "pop-up" sessions at different barbershops around Atlanta to be where the customers at, not have customers drive in crazy ATL traffic to see them. In addition, this helps barbershops to have try-before-you-commit sessions with barbers so if a part-time barber rent a chair for 8 hours a week and people like him, the barbershop might want to offer them a gig - barbershop owners actually were excited about filling up empty chairs on demand during our early demos. I hope this article show you an example of how Fooky.com is designed as a platform to make things happen not only in our hoods but urban communities around the world. Kuttaz will only be available in the Atlanta market for now as Fooky.com will only be in the Atlanta market and once we start moving Fooky.com around the world in new markets, we will make Kuttaz available in those markets. But for you digital urban entrepreneurs, this is one out of hundreds or thousands of urban solutions we can start in our hoods and take worldwide – let’s go and get it!