Orlando Club Shooter: Radicalized Jack-Booted Police Thug Wannabee or a Radical Islamist?

morelikeapig The Orlando club shooter Omar Mateen strongly resembles George Zimmerman more than a radicalized agent cell of ISIL. Think about it with your own brain – this is the same Orlando area and this is the same cop-wannabe security guard mentality and character. Look at his wife, look at daddy and his prominent role like George Zimmerman daddy role and the similarities data points show more of a wannabee radicalized pseudo-LEO characer we got out here with hatred and legal justification to harass and kill blacks and gays –we believe the radicalized Islam part was external data manipulation making wifey suspect but this shooter has too much in-your-face evidence of a wannabe LEO/cop mentality we seeing similar to how George Zimmerman carried himself – he actually look like George Zimmerman if you think about it. Me and my crew let a little time went by and allowed people to believe whatever bullshit the media and FBI and politicians told you guys out there about the Orlando shooting and it’s time to have a real conversation on what happened which has little or nothing to do with radical Islam or gun laws. What is going on is what I held back on publishing for a few years and is the rise of the data-driven wolves that are performing these mass shootings and that is what going on here – the Stand Alone Complex. And the term “assault weapon” is outdated – the real keyword is “tactical” and you will learn after reading this article that modern mass shooters are more influenced with recent growth of jack-booted “tactical” police militarization and little to do with radical Islam. sanbernshooters Now, let’s go back to this San Bernardino story for a minute and follow me for a minute – now this right here was some radicalized stuff but here is the thing – it wasn’t the guy who was the real source of radicalization, all this shooting and violence went down was 100% the chick machinations and that whole scenario fell underneath the FBI radar. He was an American dude that decided to find him an overseas chick and got him a true piece of work that radicalized him up really good. Donald Trump is actually right to say ban all Muslims based on the San Bernardino incident because this was a total intelligence failure to let a chick like this slip through as if the feds were only looking at dudes coming from Middle East instead of realizing chicks can come in and mess with a dude head a lot faster and more efficient. Actually, I find Omar Mateen “wife” suspect as fuck if you really want to be honest and I would think the feds would be real smart to be digging heavy into that chick background based on the pattern we saw with the San Bernardino married couple dynamic. We may be looking at chicks under the radar coming in and data manipulating American Arab men with “motherland” radicalization and this happens throughout history with other groups as well. The media got yall looking at radicalized dudes and not realizing the chicks be the ones running their mouth and passionate about ideology as well – I dated a few chicks that talked too damn much about shit going on this world or her religion instead of just wanting to smoke and fuck. I will get to this point later but what I’m trying to tell you is it is a scenario where women are the ones “filling a dude head’ with radicalized data. Because honestly, most dudes ain’t giving a shit what another dude thinks and very few will roll with another cat unless they super deep, but a wife/chick giving up pussy while putting out radicalized propaganda – that is an effective way to data manipulate a dude. But I’m not saying she is guilty or innocent, she is just as suspect as George Zimmerman wife where she was out there standing by George Zimmerman after what he did. copwannabee Now, do Omar Mateen look like an ISIS/Islamic State sympathizer to any of you? Where are the pictures, just one picture of Omar Mateen with a beard which is part of ISIL mandate? You see the San Bernardino dude in the picture above – he had to rock that beard. Where are the overseas communication or trips to Turkey? What I see on pictures of Omar Mateen is a guy more infatuated with the “cop culture” than radicalized Islam. And what American media is doing right now is trying hard to paint a good picture of cops and deny the radicalization of cops where these cops look for ways to legally justify killing someone on the streets and also have the sense of impunity that the police union, the district attorney, the elected judge and mostly-white jury will let cops off the hook. I mean think about it – what ISIL sympathizer you know wears NYPD shit? Especially after 9/11 and NYPD spying on New York mosques and profiling Muslims and the rest of the hatred towards Islam going on in New York City the past decade? Come on now… policemiliterization Notice the black guy way in the back of the line not trying to get shot and notice the big black dude in the middle not even holding a weapon..then look at those guys in the front of the line with the Eotechs and helmet gear like they playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare... If we look at the modern mass shooter, you will see over and over they were more influenced and infatuated with police militarization and the “tactical gear” movement which is also a fashion and lifestyle. To think this is just an “assault weapon” matter is extremely short-sighted and not even touching the true core of the issue – this has everything to do with tactical gear retailers that been popping up everywhere like smoke shops at hole-in-a-wall rural strip malls and tactical gun magazines sold at grocery stores and this is a subculture of SWAT wannabees and carry the same mentality of unchecked power against the general population. biggestmasshooter The largest mass shooting in the world was carried out by Anders Breivik and as you see, he has full tactical gear or “bling” – that is the slang they use. Also he has a .223 Mini-14 which is basically your average hunting deer rifle so the whole “AR-15” assault weapon talk/debate going on in America means nothing – you can bling out any rifle with tactical accessories as what he with this Mini-14 where 77 people died. Anders Breivik clearly stated it was his holographic scope helped him rack up the body count very effectively. tactgear If you look at James Holmes who did the Colorado movie theatre shooting – he had on full tactical gear (diagram on left in picture above) that resembles what American “tactical” police wear and he purchased the gear from over the Internet. If you look at what the Virginia tech shooter wore, he had on “tactical gear” also and so the talk about banning AR-15s means nothing - anyone with tactical gear can hold thousands of rounds and improvised explosives and weapon “bling” like optical scopes and lasers can make anyone an expert marksman. This is not the NRA or "gun culture" this is "tactical" culture perpetuated by fascination with jack-booted thugs. Omar Mateen had little to do with radical Islam and had mostly everything to do with radicalized police thugs we got running around this country that are militarized, legally killing blacks, harassing gay people – see, gay people ain’t speaking up about how these hyper-macho cop dudes harass them and we got gay people believing the media crap this was about radical Islam when this was more of a George Zimmerman wannabee cop with strong hatred towards minorities and homosexuals like these rouge cops out there. However, I’m not writing off the radical Islam angle until we learn more about Omar Mateen wife here and also Omar Mateen daddy. elliot We are going to bring up the real issue about these modern mass shooters and the core threat/problem here using a textbox example – Elliott Rodger. The reason we bring up Elliott Rodger is to make you perfectly understand what is really happening with these mass shootings. Elliott Rodger targeted in his mass shooting “attractive women” he claims do not want a good guy. In the real word, Elliott Rodger would have unlimited attractive women throwing herself at him with his Hollywood family and black BMW 3-series and Jersey boy looks. He is definitely not ugly and not unattractive to women. What we do know was Elliott Rodger was heavy into the Internet and conversations on the Internet and he started believing into what was displayed on his computer screen and he had strong opinions on what he saw displayed on a computer screen about pick up artists or PUA to formulate strong opinions. Elliot Rodger developed radical rhetoric about women and have not even tried to date women in real world. In the real world, he could have banged dozens of chicks but he was instead looking at a computer screen consuming data that manipulated his mind and thinking and belief system that had nothing to do with his reality. We also believe those anti-depression drugs warped his mind and made him vulnerable to data manipulation also to believe what he read on the computer screen. shipshotgun Then we had two incidents on something called ELF (Extremely low Frequency) by black dudes which one was the Navy shipyard mass shooter who claim the government put some ELF into in their heads. These guys were also going through mental problems and also on anti-depression medication and the only way they could have discovered the ELF concept is if they went on the deep end of the Internet and grabbed that ELF concept off a message board somewhere. What we are seeing over and over is a combination of tactical + antidepressant + data in play and what is most concerning is that these mass shooters can be manufactured by data manipulators and hackers. This is bigger than the argument about AR-15s or gun control or radical Islam – the “data” part is irrelevant as it can be any subject matter as long as tactical + antidepressant is introduced to the subject to be data manipulated. Omar Mateen was likely data radicalized by American thug military cop culture than radical Islam but there may have been attempt to inject radical Islam into him by people close to him so it could be a unique case of influenced by thug cops and also family members trying to radicalize him with religion beliefs - meaning he was data manipulating himself (thug cops) and at the same times, others picked up and may have been helping radicalized him (family). The real issue is the use of antidepressants – that is the first issue but the drug lobby going to fight back the same way the prescription opioid drug kills people everyday from abuse but no one is saying anything or raising anything about it. The other issue is these tactical gear shops – they are more dangerous than any AK-47 because the whole shop exists to promote carrying a massive amount of ammo and have an tactical gear advantage in human-to-human violence. Cops promoting tactical gear running around with M4s and dressed in black as a show of intimidation and force ain’t helping the situation either. And last and what we feel is the non-researched element – data element. We don’t believe ISIS is the most effective propaganda tool, we believe those that engage in health/relationship data manipulation are the biggest mass shooting threat to Americans as sexual frustration and mental illness are more hyper triggers to cause what we are seeing here. blackar So no, the Orlando shooting had nothing to do with ISIL or ISIS, it was a terrorist act based on radicalization hatred of recent gay issues in the media carried out by a guy who happen to be Arab origin and hid behind the “thug cop” culture where behind that blue line, a culture of hatred that promotes tactical violence as a tool of advantage such as blinged out weaponry and tactical gear that can hold thousands of rounds. Until America face up to the realization we got cops that are out of control and cops have their own radicalization elements bigger than radical Islam in America, we will never get anywhere because everybody wants to think it is the “assault rifle” or gun control instead of domestic data-driven radicalization and people who hide behind badges or obsessed with crooked cop culture infatuated with committing tactical violence.

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  1. Ed, I got to five you a standing ovation with this one. The week after the incident, I had to shut it off. Data manipulation. Wait till all the facts come in. One news outlet stopped the interview with a person on the ground investigating to read a Trump tweet on the matter. Drunk with “terror” mongering. Virginia Tech? That’s what stayed in my mind. Those photos of dude in gear with gloves… Posing.

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