The Sista Guide to Creating Smart City and Sharing Economy Solutions Using

futureurbanmogul is the flagship product of Swagg-Scientific launching as one of the most disruptive platforms capable of changing everything around us as we know it. This article is not fluff talk or hype talk - when you are through with this article, you will see how awesome platform is and how the platform enables entrepreneurs to solve problems, create opportunities and better the lives of people and businesses in an urban community. This article is the first worldwide exclusive of by me and I’m providing this information to the sistas first – wow, you sistas be getting all the good stuff like blockchains, social media marketplaces, QR code scavenger hunting and now - yall sistas must be special or something. is a new future-facing business model known as a “Smart City IoE” platform to enable “smart cities” worldwide – our closest competitors are Alphabet Sidewalk, Oracle Smart City Platform and IBM Smarter Cities but none of these are even in the league or context of A smart city platform is a network-connected platform that is data-aware and context-aware of an urban area and use sensors and data to manage aspects of the daily urban life in a more efficient and progressive manner. The acronym “IoE” stands for Internet of Everything and is the concept where everything has the potential of being represented on the Internet and layered with augmented data and context. When you can create an IoE digital representation of things such as the things you own, the entrepreneurial services you perform or tasks that you accomplished with a unique address that can be referenced by networked applications, this paradigm opens the door towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution of machine-based automation and intelligence that will define our 21st century. As a IoE platform, provides API services for sistas to become technology entrepreneurs creating solutions for urban communities and the urban lifestyle. Sistas do not need to learn heavy coding – she can purchase a nice user-interface template (~$15USD) for a mobile device, a wearable or a desktop application just use APIs to create a unique offering. For application development, we highly recommend Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 or greater that allow sistas to create a base class library that can serve at the backend of an iOS, Android or Windows app to create cross-platform solutions. The free Visual Studio Express version is a great tool for cross-device app development but you can start off as HTML5 responsive web applications which is likely your best approach to quickly get going. is simply too massive to cover in one article and this article is to give you an idea of the platform and the components and what you sistas can do with it. There are massive other subjects such as cryptocurrency, key-based identification and the blockchain component that I cannot get into detail into this article. So let's just cover these points about and keep this article short. Extracting True Wealth out of the Dead Economy capitalbook This section I'm writing here on our people and our community is important to understand the problem/opportunity is designed for. Overall, the African-American community has been misguided on the concept of wealth and think wealth means other people “net worth” or what kind of car another person driving or how big their house is. Black media constantly promoted this false materialistic narrative of wealth to African-Americans and we see a lot of “get rich” multi-level marketing schemes and prosperity mega-church preachers promoting the concept of “wealth” as materialistic and owning stuff. Even further, we have many people in the black community who claim to be about economic empowerment talk a lot about “owning things” or “we need to own this or own that” but ownership do not translate into true wealth or capitalism or economic growth. World-renowned Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto in his book “The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else” discussed the true meaning of wealth: Wealth is all about combining resources, to make pencils, to make clocks, to make machinery. And the way you bring things together is by knowing precisely who owns what. To be able to use possessions to guarantee credit. By being able to issue shares over assets so that people will finance or invest. By having contracts that people will trust. That is what the Europeans got over the last 100 – 150 years ago and managed to go from poverty to wealth. Wealth is not based on what you own, but what you have access to utilize and leverage. The sharing economy biggest advantage is the delivery of wealth to people who are considered poor. A person with a lot of money can own a nice plot of land and spend money to maintain the yard to present the image of wealth, but a group of poor people can work a smaller empty abandoned lot in the ghetto and collaborate to create a temporary parking lot, urban garden center, food truck and mobile health truck festival, outdoor church tent revival, local car and bike show and night market and create economic activity and generate revenue among themselves as well as reap the fruits of their collective labor from the empty lot – this is true wealth where you can get what you want by leveraging a combination of people, organizations, assets and services in your local community/tribe. solar_power When poor people in the same community share a utility truck collectively, share an event space to host events, share a solar power grid that charge battery banks, engage in group buying, establish a shared commercial kitchen, share an accounting ledger using blockchain technology, create peer-to-peer security and emergency notification systems, rent tools from one another then my sista…this is the true wealth poor people achieve by having multiple access to services and things they could not have as a poor individual – this is “unlocking the dead economy” and via the “sharing economy” how urban people can instantly become wealthy and in most cases, more wealthier than the middle-class subdivision/big-box/SUV suburban communities. west_side_chi If you understand what I just explained, then you should realize by now the so-called “underserved” black communities are not poor or underserved; our urban black communities simply have not unlocked their hidden wealth. From North Philly to the West Side of Chicago, these are inactive economies and sleeping economic giants. In other words – poor black urban communities are sitting on a gold mine and not realizing the gold is themselves - they are the change they been waiting for. was clearly designed to create urban entrepreneurship, global opportunities and better quality of life for urban people and this is based on my background and experience coming up from the West Side of Chicago. This same economic dynamic can also solve urban opportunities worldwide such as kickstarting the “ghost cities” in China to establish urban activity and migration to urban regions and improve quality of life in Chinese new megacities. So it is important for sistas to understand the power of unlocking true wealth in poor communities through the sharing economy. Knowing what I just explained in this section is very important to know the potential and opportunities will provide to developed, developing and underdeveloped urban centers around the world. Transformational Concepts to Better Understand conepts is future-facing disruptive technology that you cannot try to compare to existing paradigms because is designed for the future and the 21st century Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our competitors like Oracle and Alphabet and IBM are more focused on government sectors of making urban street lights smart and stuff while focus on empowering urban people and creating new economic activity through new paradigms such as the sharing economy. Look sistas, if someone don’t want to understand new economic paradigms such as the sharing economy and smart city technology and call it “weird” and “strange” don’t reply and offend them – that ignorant person will be the one regulated to the gig economy delivering burger and fries to your home from your favorite takeout restaurant - just give that naysayer a $1 tip for bringing you the burger and fries and just smirk in their face and ask if they figured out yet each time they deliver stuff to your house with their gig economy job. Let’s go over some disruptive and transformational concepts that are incorporated in design and approach to creating urban solutions worldwide. Area Domination. Also known as “agglomeration”, we credit former 7-Eleven Japan CEO Toshifumi Suzuki for bringing this concept to our attention. “7-Eleven’s business plan revolves around area domination;” Suzuki explains, “from the outset, we look at an area and assess whether it’s viable to build a large number of stores. If so, we focus our attention on one small area.” practice area domination focusing on one urban center and building up activity in that area instead of going worldwide and spread out too thin. Our first area domination region is Atlanta, Georgia USA and we will rapidly expand from there once we reach a point where we can scale and expand in a healthy manner. Just-In-Time Revenue. Also known as JIT, the just-in-time concept means that you sistas can launch a business operation where instead of getting debt financing (business loan) or giving up equity stake to investors (venture capital), you generate real-time gross revenue minus expense equal net revenue at the transactional level from digital services. For example, if you create a music licensing/royalty payment blockchain solution, you make profit on each transaction and remain consistently profitable from the very first transaction. Examples of classic JIT models are online affiliate programs and pay-per-click ads where a web site can earn revenue with little upfront cost or effort. blockchain solutions create an environment to accommodate next-generation JIT business models. Creative Destruction. This is the process of rendering obsolete old business models and process through strategic innovation and disruptive change. For example, black radio stations are rotating songs that are degrading and misogynistic towards black women and stubbornly refusing to change this negative music programming in the black community. A sista can create a music streaming (or terrestrial broadcast) channel very quickly with and not only target verticals of sistas wanting positive and uplifting music but can add enhanced services such as geofenced audio advertising, blockchain-based proxy voting for most requested songs for the day and let a bot automate the playlist. Another good example is a blockchain credit reporting system that enables peer-to-peer lending criteria on local purchases in the local community versus FICO scores and credit card debt to promote local fiscalism and wipe out the entire need for FICO credit scores and needing lines of credit to own a home or get a good loan. Or get rid of the expensive UPC barcode system for product identification and create a cheaper model based on the blockchain. The goal of creative destruction is to phase out the old status quo crap by providing technology so new and disruptive that rendered the current status quo platform obsolete. Trustless System. A trustless system is a shared repository that nobody trusts at face value but independently verify the integrity of the repository to validate the repository is trustworthy. This is the basis of the blockchain - the checksum output is verified to ensure that the ledger was not tampered with or compromised before trusting the data contained in a distributed peer-to-peer ledger. This allow multi-party ledgers where one contributor can contributor sports scores between two teams can trust the same blockchain ledger used by another local contributor that provide transaction information on independent software developers and downloaded purchases. Cloud-Based Services. A cloud is an outsourced farm of computing resources allowing you to outsource computing infrastructure instead of purchasing and maintaining the hardware. This allow entrepreneurs to quickly ramp up solutions without the overhead of purchasing expensive computing equipment and maintaining the environment for the computer equipment. The biggest advantage of cloud-based services is to rapidly scale or geo-locate an entire operation to perform as a global service. For example, a sista in the United States can create a blood bank registry for hospitals in Rwanda to use from a cloud system making that sista an instant global entrepreneur. With new concepts and paradigms bring new change and opportunities. These concepts are disruptive where it may cost a lot of people their current job but it will also create new jobs and new roles for others and that is what happens during economic revolutions. The goal is for you sistas to understand these concepts and realize the window of opportunity right now to ride upon the momentum of change instead of being one impacted and disrupted by change. Massive Opportunities for Sistas Casual woman using laptop at coffee shop The opportunity for sistas leveraging the platform is massive. It would be a true lifetime mistake for a sista to think she has something else better to do with her time than to build smart city, sharing economy, urban entrepreneurial and social responsibility solutions on the platform. Let’s talk about the opportunities a sista have with Keep the Day Job. Don’t get caught up in the stuff about quitting your job and work for yourself. Don’t let other people who never handed you a paycheck talk to you about working a job. Remember first and foremost that your employer is the one who figured out how to give you a paycheck to put food on your table. It is okay to work and mingle and network with co-workers or other people in your office complex or general area. Most urban-based solutions using are semi-autonomous and require little sweat equity. You can work your job and be an urban entrepreneur at the same time. Solve Urban Problems. Enjoy the satisfaction that you can identify problems in your community and deliver a solution for the community to consider. For example, create an IoT sensor that can test air and tap water quality and create a display panel dashboard to report the numbers reported to let the community know someone care about the air they breathe and the water they consume. Even further, you can create solutions and opportunities for other developing countries around the world such as sourcing and reselling used luxury fashion from the USA to the sista-owned boutiques in Ghana or Botswana. You can create a blockchain trail that show an American sista her donated Dolce & Gabbana is now sitting in a boutique in Accra, Ghana and helping an African entrepreneurial sista who started her own boutique there. That USA sista can then decide all her used luxury fashion need to go to support that one sista-owned boutique in Accra, Ghana – that’s how powerful of a social benefit you sistas can create on platform. Create New Opportunities. Look at new future-facing paradigm shifts such as currency tokenization to create “augmented money” using platform. For example, a sista can create an augmented WIC solution that can tokenized the benefit amount of WIC recipients and provide analytics and intelligence to analyzed purchase patterns and develop strategies on stretching out their benefits and buying food to make informed and better purchase decisions over time. The “augmented service” can also provide information on job opportunities, additional benefits and discount programs for WIC recipients and tips and advice on how to enjoy the good life without having to spend a fortune. Destroy Status Quo. List all the things that make a sista mad and strategically use platform to creatively destroy those business models. Create a new model of delivery such as digital media and offer consumers more features and enhanced services and clienteling add-ons so a customer can be compelled to switch to the new service and not stay with the status quo incumbent. For example, create a blockchain-based coupon service on to allow local businesses to offer group coupons as a much lower cost and more local fiscal level of delivery. Create local ridesharing solutions for local taxi drivers that personally know your drunk uncle and will go get him and bring him home safely. Or create a home-sharing program that uses ancestral data history to find a home rental owned by someone closely related to your family to have something to talk about. platform deliver solutions for smart cities, mobile transactions, sharing economies and Internet of Everything (IoE) and more. There will be major disruptions and creative destruction as a result but also exciting and new opportunities for sistas to pursue. There is one more major benefit a sista can do – she can pack up and move to London, Paris, Hong Kong or Los Angeles and start creating urban solutions anywhere in this world using Fooky. Ex-pat sistas in urban centers like Tokyo who are done with their JET program can stay and get a high-technology visa and focus on building up urban solutions to help the Japanese economy for example. The platform allows sistas to go wherever she want in this world like Milan and create next-generation urban solutions. Now that you sistas have a good background of, let’s talk about the composition of a ecosystem to understand how sistas can piece components together to create an urban smart city sharing economy solution. People + Entities + Bots entities These are the end-users and “community” that will consume solutions built on the platform. People, entities and bots are expected to bring their own public key that will be validated and also assigned a unique address in the ecosystem to allow the same end-user use multiple solutions. People. These are everyday people who live in an urban region who can consume Fooky-based solutions to improve or enhance their productivity or quality of life. Entities. These are businesses, organizations and governmental bodies that can also consume Fooky-based solutions to run more efficient processes and workflows to enhance their urban-based business. Bots. These are automation task managers with specific scope on directives and business rules to follow to perform a job or interact with data. People can be a customer of entities and bots usually work on behalf of entities and people. So there are relationships involved you want to keep in mind such as people subscribed to a mailing list for entities or receive mobile notifications for an appointment with an entity. A bot can lookup information for a person to find the nearest food service establishment or a gift to give for a baby shower. Assets + Services assetservice Assets are owned by people and entities. Services are skilled functions or processes performed by a person, entity or a bot. A person can create an inventory list of assets they would like to rent for example or keep a record of for insurance purpose. An entity can keep a list of inventory on hand that can be purchased or rented out. It’s possible to create rent-to-own asset/financing solutions with between an entity and person or between person and person or entity and entity using blockchain-based smart contracts. Services are tasks that are performed such as a person can clean homes or an entity can offer a bike rental service at a local park. A bot can provide services such as alert when a street soccer team score a point and the bot publish the information and play-by-play data to a Jumbotron at the urban commercial center or publish to a mobile app for people to stay update on their local street soccer team score. Time + Space + Movement timespacemovement Once you understand the ecosystem of people, entities, bots, assets and services then the next step is to create motion and interaction through the use of time, space and movement. Time Blocks. Personally I find our time blocks structure more exciting than the blockchain. underlying time blocks allow multi-dimensional analytics and insight and powerful querying against time in a local area to view history, capacity and demand to help improve the use of time in a local area, a very critical analysis to establish a good economic equilibrium. This allow enhanced services for rental and reservation services and peak hours and determine when to establish peak surcharges or low-demand discounts to create dynamic pricing solutions. Location Space. Location are guides to help locate nearby items of interest and also provide geo-fencing solutions. This allow a solution to quickly determine the close dry cleaner, create virtual marathons with routes, QR code scavenger hunts and geofencing advertising where a customer walk into a shopping district and can receive offers and coupons to entice a purchase. Transactional Movement. This is the recorded exchange of activity between entities and assets or services. A person performing a rental transaction can be recorded, a loyalty points system can capture points based on activity, a pop-up exhibit can have a stored-value system to purchase products and services from vendors. In addition, scores and records of activity can be entered into a ledger such as a sports team score and season performance or corporate bylaws added to a blockchain as a record of entry. Example Urban Business Models and Solutions urbantransport In order to help sistas get a bigger picture of and the potential, I want to publish just a small sample of solution models possible to create on the platform. Sistas, keep two things in mind (1) don’t limit yourself to think these solutions are just for American cities as there are 100s of cities in China alone that need urbanization as well as all over the world and (2) is a quick launch platform so once you establish your customer base and profitability quickly, it should be a fairly straightforward move to build out your own platform for your solution. is not here to hold you down or keep you locked in, it is there to help you sistas get up and running fast. Curated Razor Blade Subscription Service. Create an asset of each potential subscription box that will be shipped out each month. If you have 500 boxes ready, then create 500 assets of boxes. Subscribers can pay for a subscription box listed on the blockchain or purchase a serial key to unlock their access to a subscription box on the blockchain to ship out the box that will contain a curated collection of premium men facial care products. Hair Extension Social Media Marketplace. Allow hair extensions sellers list their product on Facebook For-Sale Group, Instagram, Twitter and create an address for their product on the blockchain. Allow salon stylists and hair consumers search the blockchain for hair sellers nearby and look at their history on the blockchain to trust the seller and deliver the product locally. Digital Media Service for Incarcerated Family Members. Allow family members send their incarcerated loved ones digital media such as short media and digital images that can be cleared by the detention facility and stored on a private blockchain offering this service for free via digital donations and micro-crowdfunding. Crypto-Based Classified Ad System. People validate who they are using crypto-ID and their purchase history is viewable on the blockchain to create a system where peer-to-peer buying and selling can trust each other before making the deal/transaction. This is a much needed service to help creatively destroy an existing crap list classified ad system currently causing a lot of innocent people getting robbed or shot and killed trying to sell products or buy products only to end up encountering someone with ill-intention. High School Luxury Transport for Juniors/Seniors. Instead of buying a high school junior or senior a car where they likely get in trouble, offer a ride-sharing service that can feature a premium Mercedes Sprinter van with amenities such as USB charger, overhead monitors, laptop tray, reclining seats and can pick up other premium students for cross-school networking and association. This would be great in places like Tokyo, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai. Keep in mind the Mercedes Sprinter can be written down on taxes on depreciation or lease and operate as a Sunday church van on weekends or casino shuttle bus on Saturday. Pop-Up Natural Beauty Product Store. The store can offer rental periods for entrepreneurs making homemade beauty products to have a retail pop-up operation. The products for sale such as hand cream and lotion can be listed as assets and allow customers to perform buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) functionality and a checkout application can easily be created to assign QR code labels to the product to scan during checkout and allow customers to make mobile based payments or pay via the blockchain if necessary. Group Travel & Tourism. The sistas can efficiently create a group travel service on the blockchain and list the number of slots available for the trip that can be purchased on the blockchain or with a serial key purchased online or with cash. During the trip, each traveler can have a person address id that can be scanned to verify all travelers are checked-in and present and no one is missing. Elder Care Monitoring. Elders who are alone can have both home-based IoT sensors such as motion detectors as well as wearable IoT sensors that measure vitals and movement to allow remote monitoring and to securely alert nearest relative or trusted neighbor to perform a courtesy check. During issues of high-heat waves or snow storms, pre-emptive measures can be taken to make sure elders stay cool or warm and also safe. Geofenced Ticket Reseller Service. While people wanting to attend events at the last minute cannot trust ticket scalpers who may sell fake tickets, tickets can be listed as an asset instantly on a pop-up blockchain outside of an arena and sellers can verify the ticket and the ticket seller – once the ticket is sold the blockchain is updated and the ticket cannot be resold as a fake. Wedding Robo-Planner. Create a bot that can automatically post an RFP for a wedding venue, banquet hall, DJ, floral and bakery and the bot can automatically scan the blockchain for history and recommendations. In addition, the bot can automatically find the tuxedo and wedding dress to rent as well as hire additional help and audience to attend and support. The bot can create contracts and even create standby reservations as automated workflows. BYOB Relaxation Lounge. While it will be a challenge to create a liquor establishment, it is legal in many places to have a bring-your-own-bottle service where a customer can bring their own liquor to be served. This make perfect sense to maintain high quality spirits at the liquor store versus sitting in your inventory and just make money off other non-liquor offerings. It is possible to create an mobile ordering service on allowing a liquor store or wine cellar to reserve and deliver a vintage or premium bottle to the establishment for the customer to pick up and bring the bottle in to serve their party at their lounge area. Caribbean Beach Rental Service. How about moving to Roatan, Bangkok or Belize or Grand Cayman Island and offer an excursion rental for cruise members to book and order before they get on their cruise? Or offer the rental/reservation features as a cloud-hosted service for the locals in many developing tourist destinations like Accra or Managua? The business model quickly allows cruise ship travelers and tourists who use home sharing services book excursions online and help local people setup tourism-related services to kick start their local economy. Local Consumer Reporting Agency. African-Americans should move away from the major credit reporting system due to systematic discrimination in lending and credit practices and create our own system that focus more on local spending which makes sense. We don’t care if someone pays a damn credit card – how that information benefits the black community? The black community should only care if the local person spends the money they earn on local businesses and local resources to contribute to the local economy. This open up the wave for peer-to-peer lending that allow peers to buy out predatory lending such as title loans, payday loans and set reasonable repayment terms. We need people empowered to spend, not this high/low FICO score consumer credit crap that done little of benefit to African-Americans. Closed-Loop Payment Provider. has a credit/debit ledger system that can be used for stored value services to create prepaid services or provide billing and transaction history. Solutions can be created that allow customers top off an account and spend the account using wearable RFID bands to make payment for services at a festival or at a vendor event. One technique – allow a customer register their existing RFID public transportation card unique ID with a new PIN to fill up as a stored value card to pay for public transit private parking or shuttle services or purchase from a vending booth setup near the subway station. Bot-Level Marketing. Unfortunately, multi-level-marketing will be rendered obsolete by bots and the blockchain since a bot can easily prospect and pitch and provide information and handle objects using conversational AI and do not have to be paid a commission or give a lease to a Bentley for making millions of sales. A good entrepreneurial service would be to create bots that can market on behalf of local businesses and people to sell products and services. A little Japanese technology hint – put a picture/anime of an attractive male/female face as the bot and label the picture as a bot, not a real person – this is very effective when presenting a bot to a person. Music Streaming Service. The time feature of can be used to create a scheduled playlist and insertion point for advertising. What is more powerful is using intelligence to run the music streaming service only when there is demand and don’t run the streaming service 24/7 with music that has to be paid for on a per stream, per user basis. People can subscribe to the music streaming service and the music streaming service can be metered to make sure a person subscription does not exceed profitability threshold where you are losing money per subscriber. Fashion Rental Service. Allow other sistas to rent luxury purses and other fashion accessories in a local area and for special occasions. The service can automatically check to see when an rental item has paid for itself or if the product is in demand for rental requests. Once an item pays for itself in rental revenue, offer it for sale to promote resale clothing opportunities. Keep in mind again, these products are likely can be written down as tax advantages so check your tax code to see if there are possible deductions. Car Wash Club. Using the subscription model and the ledger as a record of activity, a person can pay a fixed rate per month to get car washes and detailing at the local car wash spot. Now, the car wash club should not be just a car wash, it should be a spot to chill at and socialize and so look at additional revenue streams of local advertising and IPTV and digital signage so make sure these features are available at the car wash club. One bonus is to have a picture wall for the recently wash car to drive up to so a picture can be taken and posted to social media where the member can brag how clean their car looks. Distributed Micro-Mall. A micro-mall is also known as a cube shop and these could be those grid storage systems that you see at Target and Lowes and Ikea where you can place a glass on the front and sellers can rent a “cube” to put products inside for sale. This cube display can be distributed and appear in hair salons, car wash clubs and other places in the community for people to order products and services where the shop get a commission and you get a commission for each sale and this payment can all happen on the blockchain. WIC Store with Ridesharing Pickup Model. A next-generation WIC store model can be created where the WIC recipients can order their food from a mobile phone or computer and offer amenities like grocery delivery and grocery pick up where the groceries are brought out to the car to alleviate single mothers from dealing with dragger her kids around a grocery stores. The ridesharing model allow ridesharing and taxi services bring a WIC recipient to/from a grocery location. In some cases, this does not have to be a store but an intelligence support group to help WIC recipient spend their money wisely and work on a path towards gainful employment and financial stability. Fast Fashion Group Buying. Similar to crowdfunding, this allow local fashion designers post their plans online with rendering and prototypes and allow individuals (and retailers) to purchase in a group buying format, bypassing the fashion industry trade show to get local fashion design out to the local market rapidly and with buzz. The threshold is the number of customers that sign up and committed funds. Artwork Gallery Rental Service. A lot of independent art galleries have unsold pictures on their wall or have a hard time selling a non-commissioned piece. A rental service can be created that allow businesses or residential homes rent high quality artwork on a short term basis instead of outright purchase. This allow someone to host a party with a new art exhibit without having to purchase the art and allow others to switch the art theme in their home from modern to abstract via rental. Keep in mind this is a global business model that can work not only in a local area but heavy in Europe and Asia. Electronic Music Festival. Create an event in and a system to allow people to purchase tickets in advance. Use the same event service to create the booking and lineup of DJs and acts and also use the reservation to create vendor slots. In-payment services can also be established to allow festival attendees to pay for items using an RFID wristband or via their mobile phone using QR codes. This model can be automated using a bot over time to send out invites for vendors and DJs for a list and automated the booking of a venue for future festivals. Adult Learning Classes. Create a reservation of classes spanning several weeks for adult learning such as motivational development or other life learning classes or dance moves. Reserve a space such as a co-working location or learning space to conduct the course. People can reserve each class in advance to determine demand and to additional classes for high demand and cancel other classes with low demand dynamically. The material and courseware can be on the blockchain and unlocked at the time the course begin. Private Club Membership Service. Create a sharing club or association using by establishing a membership list where dues are to be paid. Provide a newsletter, club benefits such as discounts to local businesses. Create a rental/reservation service using to have access to assets and services for that organization which all are listed in also. For example, the music studio if the private club are future music producers or performers with a shared studio space. Co-Working Space. This is a space where professionals and entrepreneurs can mingle and work in an open setting. Instead of working from home or work next to the same lame employees, sprint off to a co-working space and work remotely around new faces. Co-working spaces have high-speed connections, cubes and additional services to print and host a video conference or physical conference. Most co-working spaces are based on a membership subscription with reservations for cubes and conference spaces and possibly rental for presentation equipment. Machine Workshop Space. Many urban dwellers do not have space to work on garage-based projects such as making crafts or furniture pieces. In places like Tokyo and Hong-Kong there are machine rental shops that allow urban dwellers use heavy machinery like a power saw or power drill to make crafts and projects. Machine tools can be reserved or rented by the hour or a membership club can be established where people can make projects such as woodworking, water transfer, steel cutting or 3d printing. Micro-Manufacturing Space. A micro-manufacturing space is a place where urban entrepreneurs can share manufacturing equipment such as manufacturing shoes, handbags, custom tablet cases and other items in a small run format and share the same expensive manufacturing equipment. This is a business that can be initially be crowdfunded to purchase the shoemaking machine from China and establish the space in an urban area in exchange for free usage hours. Then local entrepreneurs can create custom shoes and purses making limited run products that can be exported to global markets. Offer membership subscription and rentals and reservations to allow local entrepreneurs to create products to sell. Shared Kitchen Space. This is a space for food-based entrepreneurs such as food trucks, fresh and frozen prepared meals, desserts and cakes for event catering and more to share a common kitchen area. The kitchen can have stations that are reserved and can be membership-based. This is also a business model that can be crowdfunded by the local community to get up and running and the platform can get this business model up and running quickly. Apartment Rental Automation. Smart contracts can handle the lease agreements with digital signatures as well as background check services using a bot. Payments can be automated using direct debit and maintenance requests as well as late payment notice. This service can be used to create a cloud service that allow apartments to use the software to manage their multi-unit apartment complexes and this can scale to multiple cities around the world as a service. Food Truck Park Management. An empty lot or a small park in an urban community can be transformed into a food truck park for people to come and enjoy food trucks, bringing new styles of food to an urban community. Food trucks can reserve spaces on a calendar that can be promoted to a membership list to inform the community what style of food is coming on a certain week. One thing to consider is the food transactions can be occurred using prepaid accounts to reduce cash handling for both customers and food trucks. Pop-Up Group Dinner Reservation. For urban couples that want to hang out with other grown urban couples for dinner or for singles to mingles, group dinners are created where a chef entertain a small social group for an evening of dinner and social hour. Reservations can be made for attending an event and the space itself can be reserved using reservation feature. This can be a Segway and marketing opportunity for a chef as well as a way for professionals and entrepreneurs to network in an intimate setting. QR Shopping Posters. Products and services can be listed as inventory on as each inventory item will have a unique id that can be referenced by a QR code. Customers can scan a QR code of an advertised product or service and complete an order from their mobile phone. This business can be established to create QR shopping posters for e-books by independent artists that can be displayed in a hair salon. Or to create fast-food prints to deliver at a corporate office to allow office workers to order products to be delivered to their workplace for lunch. Or create a QR shopping wall to order flowers and gifts for the work husband or work wife. Flower/Gift Delivery System. One problem with florists is the perishable factor of flowers that need to be sold fast or close to the perish date. With blockchain service, a florist can list these type of perishable flowers where a buyer can purchase them and request delivery of these flowers to their establishment or residential. The demand can be for places that quickly need flowers and may only need them for maybe an event or just a few days. Digital Signage Solutions. It is very possible to create a digital signage that display advertising on flat panel screens that can show a news ticker, weather reports and also video streaming by using time blocks to manage the playlist and also distribute what media is displayed on what unit where a barbershop can show ads for oil changes and a tire shop can show ads for a micro-manufacturing shared space. Cross-advertising in a local area help spread awareness of local businesses in the community promoting overall economic growth. On-Site T-Shirt Printing with Instant Royalties. This is where an entrepreneur can host high-resolution images for T-shirts on the blockchain for local t-shirt printing companies to allow customers to pick a design and print the T-shirt on-site with instant licensing to print and instant royalty payment to the t-shirt image designer. This is a very lucrative business where someone can get a screen printing machine and a connected computer to display t-shirts designs and encourage local artists to create t-shirts that can be worn instantly by people and earn royalty payments immediately – a quick money making operation. Charter Bus Highway Food Ordering. One major problem for fast food restaurants and other food establishments off a highway exit ramp is the charter bus full of people that want to eat. These buses arrive usually as a surprise and not called in advance causing a quick burden on the restaurant to deliver so much in so little time. With geofencing feature, a charter bus traveling can dynamically display a menu for an upcoming highway exit to pre-order food while on the bus on the highway and when the bus arrive, the food and seats are ready. Jump Party Rental. This involves getting inflatables that can be rented for birthday parties and other outdoor events to accommodate children activities. The inflatables can be listed as assets and here is the cool part – the jump party rental can have a bot that scans a multi-party blockchain and if an event is detected, the bot automatically contact to see if inflatables for kids are needed – no need to make a cold call. The family reunion planning bot can advertise that an inflatable is needed and have a pre-set budget and sign a contract bot-to-bot without any human intervention. In this example, the inflatable business is filling up rental reservations using bots working with other bots on the blockchain. Yeah, this is just a small sample – we identified hundreds of urban-based business models that are new and innovative that can be quickly built on the platform by urban-entrepreneurial sistas. So to let you know what is going on – will be available immediately to members of the Global Urban Collective – the main release date is expected to be early July which is a few weeks away. The first area domination region will Atlanta, Georgia where we will quickly work with urban entrepreneurs here to roll out urban solutions before opening up to other markets. Next Moves and Launch Details fookyweb Please note that already have global demand among cities and urban centers around the world from Dubai to Tokyo to Shanghai for platform. The cats around the world we want to see it already seen it and impressed. Also you won’t see hyped up in tech media as we do not need to beg tech media to cover because I already have media coverage lined up worldwide. I plan to be a contributor on to speak for myself and on behalf of and leverage social media channels to work directly with our user base. In terms of funding, we good and don’t be expecting stories about we getting rounds of funding because I’m an African-American that love myself, my people and where I come from – Silicon Valley seem to have a problem with genuine black talent. So me and my team don’t need or care about Silicon Valley or Sand Hill or whatever – I’ll take money from Chinese investors or the UAE investors way before dealing with Silicon Valley and their horrid history of not investing in genuine black technology talent – bigoted VC money is worthless to core mission of helping urban entrepreneurs deliver solutions for diverse urban centers around the world. So the next steps are we are delivering the initial version of exclusive to members of the Global Urban Collective to work with. The Global Urban Collective members will get enough credits to make something happen as thanks for being down with what I’m about and we got a lot of sistas in technology in our group. For everybody else, we are expecting to launch July but there are additional concepts I have to finalize such as crypto-currency considerations and the token anonymizer (this is where your personal information is encrypted only by you and shared only to who you want to share with) that I have to finalize before actual public release. Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated on progress.

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  1. Bravo, Ed!!! I’ve been waiting to read about for what seems like ages!!! I will share this posting with folks who may be interested in what offers.

  2. Wealth is not based on what you own, but what you have access to utilize and leverage.That’s Awesome Thanks Ed.

  3. Some Tariq Nasheed fanboy named Jay who probably spend too much time sitting around watching Hidden Colors thought he was going to creep on this blog. I been around too long to see these weak brothas coming from a mile away. I want to share what he was trying to post here:

    “A sista owned PR firm or in addition to PR , a minority digital marketing firm , content marketing etc.. to boost or jump start these services from individual sista owned companies signed up to your fooky platform …”

    Noticed he trying to use big words but it’s the last 3 words “your fooky platform” that gave him up – this is what haters do and take note. Remember how Tidal music streaming service was referred to as “Jay-Z music streaming service” when Jay-Z bought it? Before when Tidal was owned by Andy Chen, they never called it “Andy Chen music streaming service”, those same cats called it Tidal. See, this Jay clown was coming with some “your fooky platform” trying to personalize it to me, that’s how weak cats be slipping with their mouth early on.

    “Read dream and hustle and focus on current strategies to shape your future…As far as airbnb goes, someone took action and created a black version using the same platform. For now, African American Bed and Breakfast businesses has been in existence for many years throughout the United States”

    Dude posted this moments before the top think he flattering Dream and Hustle, but he was trying to creep around…I been around too long for simple characters like this. If you noticed what he did, he started talking about “other black people created an AirBnB” and that’s another thing they do – see if they can size you down to something else or someone else black done what I see you doing. Cats come around and say “oh, I know this other brotha who program code too” trying to size someone of my caliber down to their lame ass brogramming friend. That’s their way of wanting to tell you they don’t want to hold you up and instead figure out how they can compare you to what they can relate to.

    These are the weak ass game these grown black dudes who are not black men play when real cats are about something and making things happen – our own people be seeing how they can throw shade when they cannot add anything of value to the landscape. At this stage, these brothas are written off by me and I know they are written off by many of you sistas who know you deserve better than a weak ass brotha who talk too much and watch too damn much but don’t put in any work too much to make things happen. is too big and globally reaching for weak brothas. You sistas and you real black men out there, this is a platform that will take you places and help you and yours if you want to, if you want to create urban solutions in Brazil, China, Europe and here at home in America, you can make those moves.

    I already know about the battle ahead where not only I have to fight the white privilege technology structure, but I have to fight our own black males who don’t want to see black progress and just want to entertain running their mouth instead of being a man of this people. This is the kind of weak person Jay is and wanted to bring pettiness to a real man on a real mission.

    We are moving forward and we are in a new paradigm – trust me, when you at the departure gate at the international wing at the airport, cats like Jay you will laugh at before putting on your headphones and make your global moves…I do it all the time.

  4. Now we have Jerome and he used the email “” to express his sentiments:

    I would love to be more involved with this community, but the racism here is just too heavy.
    And you need to learn proper english.

    Now you know and I know, Jerome never had any love or wanted to be involved with “this community” whatever that means. Then the “learn proper english” – these two statements reveal Jerome is part of the “white privilege” mentality where he is acting like we need his involvement and he telling me to conform by learning proper English.

    So you saw the black adult male from Tariq Nasheed camp who have zero intention of seeing any betterment of our black community and then you see the white privilege character thinking he going to come at brothas the same way he go after women in technology. Keep these two type of characters in mind when you see the momentum manifest….

  5. Ed:

    You are a profound thinker and builder…something sorely needed in our community. Sometimes some of us Black folk love to major in minor things (aka be petty and distracted) and choose not to try to grasp the next level thinking you talk about. The Internet of things will become more pronounced as Gigabit to the home and 5G are rolled out here in the upcoming years. First mover status is a major advantage that we can ill afford to squander and some of us are determined to not even try to expand our minds and act and build using the info you’ve provided over the years (I’m still going back and reading some of the older posts…found your blog about a month ago) and now with, you’ve given us a platform to change the game. I Thank you to you and the GUC.

    We owe our ancestors to at least make an honest effort to learn about and apply STEM to improve our lives and economic status.

    Keep doing what you are doing Ed! You are making a positive difference!

    PS–Dr. John Henrik Clarke advised us to study the rise of modern Japan to get clues on how to turn things around for Africa and the African Diaspora. That nation went from having to deal with Hiroshima and Nagasaki to becoming a world power in 1 generation. Understanding our history is important but we have to get the tools needed so that we can change our future for the better and use them. The Japanese dealt with some serious stuff but they went about the business of rebuilding their country and PRODUCED!

  6. I had to stop about 1/4 of the way in to say thanks for the empowerment and the info on Mohamed Bouazizi in the archives.

  7. “you should realize by now the so-called “underserved” black communities are not poor or underserved; our urban black communities simply have not unlocked their hidden wealth. From North Philly to the West Side of Chicago, these are inactive economies and sleeping economic giants. In other words – poor black urban communities are sitting on a gold mine and not realizing the gold is themselves – they are the change they been waiting for.”

    This quote is a big takeaway for me. Other Americans interested in wealth, power, etc should take heed. There’s much to take in, contemplate and take action on here, Ed. Tip of the hat.

  8. I am so glad to have so that it can help me with coding and platforms. Ed, this is amazing!

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