Tristan Walker and Angela Benton: White Media and White Money Means Nothing If You Black and Mediocre in the Tech Sector

mediorce As one of the foremost experts in the tech sector globally and I can state what I can back up, I happen to be African-American and I want to explain how the narrative change to black folks doing this Internet stuff since the 1970s to this sellout Black Web 2.0 mediocre victim crap lead by Angela Benton mediocre and pathetic self with help from Michael Arrington punk ass (Techcrunch founder) and other white tech bigots looking to find some tokens to parade around to hide/mask their prejudice against genuine black tech talent. Brothas and sistas been on the Internet doing things since the Internet was founded, there were no “Jim Crow” laws when the World Wide Web was being cultivated with development efforts with Mosaic and Netscape coming into the scene. We had black CompuServe group, we had black AOL channels and we had black Gopher (University of Minnesota) folders, Black IRC channels like #blaklife and we had black Listserv mailing group like every other subgenre out there. When it came to the dotcom boom, we had just as many black tech entrepreneurs who still to this date, received more in funding than Angela Benton claimed she had a combined total of and we can talk about Urban Box Office with George Jackson and even with Scott Mills that was started through funding series. At this stage, it should occur to you that I know what the fuck I’m talking about this tech scene and been around in this game probably longer than most of you people reading were living on this earth. I even know about the hacker war between black hackers and white hackers that occurred in the early 1990s over some racial escalation, I go way back in this stuff, homey. I’m not going to go into Angela Benton or Tristan Walker pathetic existence or background – me and my crew will slowly dismantle all that over time. What we decided to do years ago is fall back and let’s see what happens. Angela Benton is bragging that white VC firms that do not invest in black tech talent are giving her money, let’s fall back and see what she and that whole NewMe bullshit and that whole Black Web 2.0 camp puts out as a result of white tech people giving her money and magazine write-ups. Tristan Walker who got that corny black hood narrative story going on and he hanging with his white Stanford buddies, letting you guys believing that bullshit story about Proctor and Gamble and Unilever wanted to buy his beauty brand for 1 billion dollars – you characters must be dumb as hell to believe that shit when there are other black beauty operations in existence for over 50 years with global distribution already setup that can be bought for 1/3 of that price, damn you guys must believe anything those Urban Intellectuals bullshit artists write up for ad clicks. What I will go into is this – Angela Benton, Tristan Walker and there is some other clown who name I don’t even remember but he just did something with Google about “diversity” – I’m learning Google, Inc. or Alphabet or whatever is one of the fullest of shit tech companies when it comes to diversity efforts and are the ones propping up black token characters instead of genuinely recruiting black tech talent. Google put their white and Asian talent through trials and tests and weeks of stuff but quick to throw money and prop up black people who we have not seen demonstrate an iota of tech talent, anywhere. I want to explain something and make sure we have something clear and why I’m writing this up. Angela Benton and Tristan Walker and those cats affiliated with them are clearly using their race or “black skin” in the technology industry but they ain’t output a damn thing for the black community except some BS fluff. Both of these people are engaged in “image construction” of having white magazine writers and mediocre black freelance writers write them up and feature them in white media outlets like Fortune, New York Times, Forbes and the rest of that NPR stuff like that going around. And they are fully aware the tech industry is using them as tokens to prop up and claim they are making diversity efforts and drop these same ass names of Angela Benton and Tristan Walker. Me and my crew fell back and wanted to see how this turn out, trust me – I was very interested in the outcome. The outcome is plain and simple after several years of observation – nothing of value has come out of these two characters Angela Benton and Tristan Walker in terms of adding value or solutions to the black community as these two characters ran around screaming about “diversity in the tech sector” as a fake issue. They are running around in white media and their bullshit black friends with fake black tech media blogs making up nice stories and pushing out metrics that don’t mean shit – how much followers they got, how much money white VC firms gave them, how much write-ups they get in white magazines. None of that have a damn thing to do with delivering results and solutions after getting a chance as a black person to do something with technology – neither Tristan Walker or Angela Benton produced a damn thing worth talking about after all these years and millions of dollars they bragging about. I started the Global Urban Collective on free stuff like social media and enterprise tools and free conferencing calling. I think I taught fellow black people I don’t even know or even tried to qualify beforehand how to code and create advanced technology stuff, most of them I personally spend time with over the Internet and discussed how to approach technology and create solutions., which Angela Benton going to have to deal with trying to diss years ago, is specifically designed to empower black tech entrepreneurs quickly as well as urban entrepreneurs worldwide and will blow away all the metrics she bragging about trying to seek validation and acceptance from white VC firms that refused to invest in black tech talent. MochaStar and the rest of Swagg-Scientific solutions are designed to uplift the black community as well as other urban centers around the world. All of this was done with my efforts, my money and the support of the black community out there. I’m a real black technology expert and the real kind of expert that create shit from a 2-year-old laptop I got from a pawn shop and run shit on a $5/month GoDaddy account and know how to distribute and scale data loads to max performance out of the minimum platform – that’s the kind of fucking black technology expert I am. I’m the one with the real 20 year resume you can lurk on LinkedIn and then shut the fuck up when you find out I been both professional and entrepreneurial class in this technology game. That means I know other black tech workers and other black tech professionals can vouch for me and I know other real black tech entrepreneurs and other black tech entrepreneurs know me. yeah And best of all, I always reached out and work with street-level and bigger black community leaders providing technical assistance and strategic approach with augmented research on a situation and advise on how to move forward – so once again, let me remind you – I’m the real black technology expert that worked directly with the black community and work for the best interest of the black community and got the record and references and cats that don’t even know me who can vouch for me. You should quickly notice if anything these other cats run around talking about how much money they get from white VC firms or how much revenue they make trying to make you chase the dollar figure or numbers to make you think they are a better black technology person than me and my crew, they are not. Most black people don’t know who Tristan Walker is or Angela Benton and this whole “tech diversity problem” made-up shit they been on for quite some time now. I’m going to make sure we don’t remember these sorry cats and we going after their silly ass Wikipedia pages first. For me, I’m situated in Atlanta, a black tech mecca and I built my connects up deep down here. I have connections in the DMV area and connects in New York also as well as all in London and throughout Africa. I even have independent black media connects all lined up to support me I built up over the years. And I have this blog and history of information I put out showing our people technology+business solutions and exactly how to code and get things done. And I run the 70,000+ string Black Professionals Network group on Facebook. So it’s kinda hard to try to spin Ed Dunn as a brotha who is not repping hard for his people and portray me as some wannabee tech expert, that would be real funny for someone to even try – that’s why they avoid this right here. The moral of the story is simple – if these white VC firms don’t want to invest in black technology talent, fuck them. If these white tech magazines don’t want to go out and find genuine black technology talent to cover and go in depth, fuck them also. If you seeing stories about people like Nas claiming to be a technology venture fund but Nas never reached out to someone like me when I’m documented as heck on this Web as a black technology expert, then fuck Nas also and the rest of these black celebrities claiming they in this technology game. The black community do not need any of these characters and fuck them all, plain and simple. Because let me tell you what the best technology expert learned a long time ago about black people – we are the change we are looking for. With technology like virtual currency and mobile payments and the blockchain, we can start doing business with each other and start making money immediately - this concept is known as Just-In-Time revenue via digital transactions and combination of urban black social-network tightness as a community. We black folks can engage in local sharing economy solutions, sharing assets and resources and creating private clubs and associations and start elevating our global hustle game and get our skills up quickly and fast. With WLAN and media streaming tools, we can publish and distribute our own print, video and audio broadcast media among ourselves and monetize our own talents. We can create cloud services that gives our brothas and sistas in Belize or Ghana or Botswana access to blockchain solutions and accounting and market trading solutions to create economies in those nations, uplifting our African Diaspora family. We can even build our own sports leagues nowadays with technology and create our own virtual learning schools to teach black people and other people worldwide about us and our history and our people. We black folks don’t need no fucking body when it comes to technology - we are the change we looking for.

2 thoughts on “Tristan Walker and Angela Benton: White Media and White Money Means Nothing If You Black and Mediocre in the Tech Sector

  1. This is a great history lesson and shows that you’ve been at the game a lot longer than some folks realize. A lot of folks don’t realize that Network Solutions was a Black owned and run company that handled registering domain names but was forbidden to charge for the service. Of course when they had to sell out, then the government let the buying company charge for domains.(See if you doubt this. I first heard about this story in Emerge magazine years ago.)

    I commend you for being a visionary and for being committed to helping Black folks make it. We just have to take time and put in the work to get the skills. Even with a full time job and other obligations, we have to start setting aside time to develop the skills, 15-30 min a day can be done if the focus is there. I’m working on getting my programming skills up because I have to elevate my game way up.

    Also, I told one of my frat brothers (who owns a farm and will be on a TV show called Home Free) about your site and an urban food hackathon on Saturday. Hopefully it will be helpful.

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