#WastingBlackHistoryTime – How The Pan-African Conscious Characters Turned into the Walking Extinct

sunsetting When you look around how much rapid innovation and progress is going on in the African Diaspora, it’s kind of funny and sadly pathetic to see the so-called pro-blacks still running their mouth on some jiving ying-yang. The African Diaspora has moved well into the 21st century while these conscious characters are regulated to the hashtag #WastingBlackHistoryTime because that is all these Pan-African characters accomplished. The black conscious community haven’t accomplished a damn thing and just hustling and jiving and now they doing the so-called crowdfunding thing with their stupid and dumb follower base. Following cats be paying their broke money going to see someone speak and be screaming “preach!” and “truth!” and get into a homoerotic frenzy. They blabber about the Illumunati, the Bildenbergs, demanding reparations from the white man and homophobic and anti-interracial bigoted rants. Then when all the hate-filled “pro-black” rhetoric and speech and screaming talk is over, these stupid pro-black followers then drive their high blood pressure having ass back home getting on the InterWeb typing up nonsense in the comment sections. Nowadays, they hustling their stupid ass following base with crowdfunding campaigns to make a DVD documentary or a school for boys or a social media site to post up ass model pics and discuss ancient history like Marcus Garvey. Trust us, no one in black history is going to remember these cats the same way no one remembers Dr. Ben or Dr. Amos Wilson – only the crackpots remember those kind of names because all these pro-black characters done nothing special except #WastingBlackHistoryTime with hate-filled rhetoric and ineffectual blathering. makingmoves Oh yeah, the Afro-Tech is handling all kind of business and making thing happen worldwide. We focused on researching, studying and implementing solutions via science, technology, engineering and mathematics and we see nothing but awesomeness going on among the African Diaspora. New airports, new factories, new energy grids, new housing, new media all over the Diaspora and the Afro-Tech handling ours! Working with partners all over the world from Asia to the Middle East and collaborative ventures in trade and resources. Our African Afro-Tech family leading the forefront on the blockchain while the Black American Empire (BAE) is being ramped up quickly on the blockchain led by me personally. The Afro-Tech realize we don’t need to ask others for money, we can build our own crypto-currencies to manage and optimize economic opportunities by leveraging the exchanges of goods and services we do with each other. We realize we don’t need to “own” but share resources via the sharing economy. We also realize we don’t need to open up black-owned stores but we can create digital-based enterprises that bring in so much more revenue and opportunity. The Afro-Tech is not afraid of failure and setbacks – we fail fast, we learn, we get back to it until we make a breakthrough. And most important – we embrace Agile and fulfilling user stories and accept everybody stories and work towards real-world and relevant solutions. Yeah boy, the Afro-Tech straight making it all happen in just several months, lol! faultyplane No one said the path towards progress and prosperity is going to be an easy and problem-free. The Afro-Tech know we going to have a bumpy ride and we going to keep working on getting better and moving forward for our people. These so-called Pan-African characters are the walking extinct and they can make as many YouTube self-videos and DVD documentaries they want, they can ask their dumb and stupid followers for crowdfunding money to create a social media site to post up butt model pics and post hate-filled commentary or talk about conspiracies but at the end of day, we know and the Pan-Afro chracters know they are worthless and irrelevant in today black world and they are just #WastingBlackHistoryTime. The real mission right now at this critical juncture is to better our people and this mission is now owned by the Afro-Tech and we are making it happen. You brothas and sistas have to learn STEM the same way our African-American forefathers had to learn how to stop picking cotton and tobacco and start learning how to work steam engines and electric generators and the typewriter. The Afro-Tech movement is real and we are the ones making it happen – get on board with the mission.

3 thoughts on “#WastingBlackHistoryTime – How The Pan-African Conscious Characters Turned into the Walking Extinct

  1. Too true man. Almost all of the “pro-black” people I’ve ever talked to or been in communication with on the internet are thee most toxic people I’ve ever met. They’re anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-religious dogma, anti-homosexual, misogynistic and racist beyond all belief. The only people that come close in their absolute stupidity are the white evangelical racists of the South and Midwest.

    I don’t understand at all how these people consider themselves “pro” ANYTHING when they’re so gd negative all the time. All they do is destroy their own community calling people coons and uncle Toms when they try and better their own lives or don’t agree with their anti-intellectual views. The worst part about it is the racism, holy sh*t. They call whites albinos whom are mutants, same with Asians and anyone else who isn’t black even though the vast majority of Americans of all colors are mized. This movement is absolute insanity and is one of THEE worst things to take root in the black community in America. They literally destroy any chance of success their children may have by pulling the routes towards success out from underneath their feet…

    It’s disheartening. Everyone else is doing something… these people, not so much. 🙁

  2. Man, you are in my head…I feel like I wrote this article. I don’t have to tell you you’re on point…you are the point! I’m down like four flat tires. This is the kinda of talk I’m with…I thought there we’re none of us thinking along these lines until I found clear talk and thinking here. I have been keeping up with Bitcoin and Blockchain for the last 5 years, and begin investing in Bitcoin in 2013. Now, Blockchain is the big thing that is showing the greater promise. I even thought of setting up my own crypto-currency a couple years ago. I’m just glad I found the thinkers. The conscious community youtubers is the worse thing I’ve ever seen.

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