Advisory for Sistas in the Urban Modeling, Stripping and Backpage Stuff Here in Atlanta – Find Something Else to Do.

victim There have been several recent murders/shootings in the news here in Atlanta towards women that are in the “urban model” game. These are not just any random shooting – these women were shot multiple times in a manner that was vicious in nature. Both of these sistas were in the “urban modeling” thing here in Atlanta and came from different areas of the country. We are putting out an advisory for “urban models” to realize there is a hostile climate out there towards black women in general and also exploitation as well as jealously and stalking. These factors put “urban modeling” sistas at great risk to harm due to their open exposure to guys they simply don't know. Any sista in this “urban modeling game” which basically are strippers, secret Backpage prostitutes and butt modeling – let’s not kid each other or make up lies. Just realize this 2016 is not the old glory days of butt modeling for a fast money career. The butt modeling stuff is dead industry, strip clubs are not even hiring like that due to the contract/employee litigation stuff and many of these sistas are doing some lowdown stuff like Backpage out of desperation. There are even “urban models” doing Uber/Lyft hoping they can pick up guys they would solicit to let bang them later for some money – all of this stuff is going on in Atlanta. We are asking sistas in the “urban model” game to: (a) get out of that sex trade/butt modeling line of business ASAP if they can as it is too dangerous today, this is not the old days of butt modeling where cats make it rain all up in the club. (b) stop messing with lame dudes who are posing to be a flashing street cat – most of these guys are petty felons doing petty crimes and have obsession/stalking traits because most sistas don’t want nothing to do with them. (c) move often from address to address – it is fairly simple to move from one apartment to another in Atlanta and it can be done all over the Internet, even if your kid attend school nearby in the same county and (d) realize there are good jobs in Atlanta and plenty of big companies with sistas who used to strip or butt models with tats all over their body - go and get one of those jobs as they pay a lot more and more stable than that urban modeling game. There is currently a transition/transformation going on in the overall urban model industry and a lot of guys out there in the sex trade game are simply predatory and violent and most likely can get away with it due to lack of attention/concern for urban models safety and well-being. You got to look after yourself in this world. Sistas, there are a lot of other hustles out there that can be done in Atlanta than the skin game and we are asking these “urban model” sistas to evaluate her position and situation and find something else to do at this time.

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  1. “urban modeling” I shake my head, a new name for you know what, it’s a competitive field out there, don’t be surprise if other women ain’t doing “some” of this killing, but as I always tell young people approach everything with caution, do not go full boor into any causes, new trend or new thing, learn to regulate yourself and be cautious, play it safe and wait until the dust settle then see which way to go.

  2. This post is just confirmation to what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been on Backpage for 4 yrs. At first it was fast but never easy money. Now I’m in transition. I’m ready to get out but just don’t know how.

    1. work on getting your body and mind healthy, save some money and relocate to another area, defriend all of your old friends, change cell phone number, close out all of your old social media accounts and play miss goodie two shoes while moving in a completely different social circle and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

    2. trueletterson wrote:

      “defriend all of your old friends” – this is the most important step…in the example of the “butt model” lady above who was killed and may be a stripper, she didn’t have real friends. She failed to change up her situation radically from new car, home,new friends and was able to be creeped up on when she knew it was a creeper out there for her.

      In my experience, the number #1 uno mistake every person caught up make is failing to drop all the people they know during the bad situation and just get a new crew, new environment. The lady above could have easily went to LA or Miami. The #1 reason people are held down because they are holding onto people they consider “family/friends” that’s really keeping them down.

  3. I see now that having so called friends is what’s holding me back. None of them are supportive they only want to do the same things.

    Moving to another state is a must. I can’t even go out without being recognized or stalked. Some guys will see me out in the street and act like they’ve never seem me on Backpage but in reality they have.

    1. real talk, i met sisters who would strip in baltimore but lived in DC or philly or vice versus for the same reasons you stated. i saw the sisters doing all this stuff in atlanta 16 years ago. lots of blacks do not talk about the reality of atlanta, folks move there with no skills and find themselves in trick bags and got too much pride to go back home.

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