Introducing Kossier, the Personal Digital Dossier

kossier_logo In order to deliver urban technology solutions to consumers, there need to be a client application to perform common tasks. The Kossier digital dossier is a client application designed as a gateway to many of the urban solutions developed on the platform. You are reading about Kossier for the first time outside of the Global Urban Collective and I believe Kossier is the right approach to a so-called “wallet” systems that so many banks, telcos and other firms failed so hard at because they fail to create a true platform system to be the stack for their digital wallet. The Kossier digital dossier have the following features: kscreen1 Identity. People can create several layers of identity from anonymous to KYC-compliant to bonded members to establish different levels of trust and privacy when performing interactions and transactions. A person will have their own unique address that is platform-wide meaning they can use it on any platform application that will accept it. kscreen2 Check-In. People can identify themselves to connected services such as web sites, kiosks or IoT to receive a login token or can present themselves to other people and establishments who can verify their identity to create trusted transactions or personalized interactions. This is great if someone want to build a better solution than Craigslist that allow buyers and sellers to identify themselves beforehand and get a record of their sales and ratings like eBay offers. Or dating where it allows people to see the person are who they are and see their background without dating blindly and dangerously. Or when they check into a barbershop or a club, they can see the status of their next appointment or see if a VIP table is available for their party. screen3 Messages. Applications on the platform can send real-time or scheduled messages to notify their audience. These can be messages notifying a customer their food take-out order is ready for pick-up, send an alert on the air quality of the community they live in or alert them if someone initiated a transaction on the blockchain. wallet1 Accounts. All of the account ledgers on platform assigned to a person can be made available to view account standing and activity. This allow urban entrepreneurs to create their own cryptocurrency on our platform, create pre-paid services like a luxury school bus for the kids to ride in and check their balance, a trade-show or festival where a person can pay vendors with their mobile device or even track assets like shares, inventory and more. Notice gives the ability to name the account unit such as “fook” or “shares” or “points” and so on. payments Another thing that will separate Kossier is we are going to strongly brand Kossier as a digital luxury brand – we will fuse luxury fashion from well-crafted leatherworks, customer jewelry with state of the art technology from contactless payment to e-Ink QR cards to check-in with a physical device. This will set us apart from generic app-based wallets and create a new venture of luxury digital fashion that gives people something tangible to hold on to appreciate the Kossier brand. This is just the beginning of the bigger efforts I will start releasing and showcasing and to be honest, we have some extremely amazing stuff already being done and developed and concepts that are game changers that can be built off the platform. Global Urban Collective is fully kicking into gear and so is Swagg-Scientific and people around the world beginning to notice us. What’s cool about Kossier and is how we made it seamless and easier for urban entrepreneurs to not only focus on building out their urban technology solutions but we enabled urban people to have the ability to engage in next-generation interactions and access to solutions that improve and better lives in urban communities. The Afro-Tech is straight winning hard in 2016 and like we said, we taken over the responsibility to uplift our people and here is more proof we are delivering. You will hear more about Kossier real soon!

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