No One Mentioned This Photo So Let Me Explain It

west_side_chi When I wrote the article describing, I posted this image explaining how we can leverage our own resources in our own community. Did you notice no one picked up on this photo or even mention anything about it? I want to explain this picture but this is not a random picture but an important history lesson for you brothas and sistas. This photo is from the West Side of Chicago where I from. Do you see in the "Teen Town" sign the initials CVL? That stands for Conservative Vice Lords - that's when the gangs opened up shop and ran businesses on the West Side of Chicago for the black community and this is history you are not told about in your hood. This is the same on the South Side of Chicago as various Chicago gangs back in the days focused on economic development of their own community and was building up and holding down the block for their people. Do you brothas go to the black barbershop and see the photos of the brothas and their haircuts? Wanna know who created that poster and the story behind it? Yes, that was done by Chicago gangs as a business model also back in the day - more history many of you brothas talking up a lot don't know about either. I want to say something real quick - a lot of you cornball brothas lost your damn way in this world and forgot where you came from and talking up some Marcus Garvey bullshit when your parents/grandparents were probably running the streets and running the hood making moves back in the 1960s and 1970s and you not being told these stories. A lot of you cats talking about banging or want to talk like you hard when you ain't built anything up for the black community like the real brothas in the gangs used to do back in the day. See, I don't need to watch some damn Hidden Colors bullshit - I know where I came from on the West Side of Chicago and I know full well the history of my elders who taught me how to hustle and make moves as a young black man. I don't come out the west side talking up how hard I am, I come out the west side talking about how we can rebuild and establish our economic base and empower our black communities, like our elders did and I watched them do and have photos like this to know where I came from. I'm proud as fuck to be from the West Side of Chicago and those who came before me who built their community up even if they were street. Some of you brothas better realize what we been about and not just banging but holding our community down for our people - better it get right and get it right look at that picture again and hoped you learned a little history lesson....

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  1. You sound like a fool. Referencing gangs in Chicago with all the gang related killings going on. What did the gangs leave behind for the community ? A poster of people getting fades in a barbershop ? Then you take a shot at Marcus Garvey. He built a lot so much that government had to conspire to take him down. He founded his own black shipping company.
    You put out good information and have a technical mind. The social commentary is not your thing. Your not a good communicator. You constantly attack people. You come across very petty. Your way is not the only way. Black people are in bad shape world wide. Chicago has a lot of broken people where you come from. More people will watch Hidden Colors than come on this site.

    Stick to the technical stuff. You blast brothers like a feminist. Then you try to brag about Chicago gangs. What are you doing to help the youth in Chicago ? Telling them they can go to China. The Chinese Gov has forbidden their women to marry blacks now. What’s your new plan ? Smh

    1. Shit people say over the Internet….

      Your commentary has a heavy flaw… you talking about shit you don’t personally know while I’m talking about where I’m personally from..

      Historical photo has nothing to do with modern day Chicago. You posted your bullshit late at should have just took your lightweight ass to bed. See, weak brothas run their mouth a lot too much. Real cats already see your cards you thought you can play.

      Marcus Garvey shit you mentioned is at best silly ass storytelling..don’t mean anything more and have no more value than some bullshit storytelling. None of it helped anyone or essential or needed.

      Marcus Garvey stories are basically third-party storytelling where you ain’t shit talking to another who ain’t shit talking about someone neither of you know and been dead for almost 100 years. Meanwhile in 2016, Africans established major inroads in Guangzhou over the few years with international trade while you still talking some 1900 Steamboat Willie shit.

      The fact you ran off at the mouth about historical cats who held down the economic viability of their own community tells me you either not a African-American through lineage but maybe immigrants or you just a lightweight ass brotha from a lightweight ass background.

      You have nothing to offer Hassan anywhere comparable to me to have thoughts on me. Because any idiot quick to pop off at the mouth about the barber posters not knowing the background simply ain’t real out here.

  2. I’m from back East and assumed it was a Asian store and symbol
    That’s good to know; I pray that they are still in business !
    Keep up the good work…

  3. Black folks in chocolate city have been leaving in droves. It is not what it used to be. Calling Garvey company steam boat Willie shit yet your trying to big up a poster in a barber shop as economic achievement. Sad brother smh. You have some great info on your page but you are best suited for the backroom or the laboratory. I would tell you the exact same thing if I met you in person. Let me know what your doing for those youth in your old neighborhood who are dying daily. You don’t know anything about Garvey and history. Honestly going to Chocolate city, Thailand and African countries to build and do business on a Global scale is what Garvey preached. These barbershops are cool but your esteemed poster hasn’t encouraged black ownership of hair stores in your hometown. It has not promoted and manufacturing products for our people.

    I wish you the best brother and I like your site I just don’t like your commentary.

    1. Well, the reality in addition to having great info on my page, I’m out front and center homey as well as back in the lab. The reality is you just someone typing in a comment section looking to fish your way around with words – Internet let cats run their mouth a lot nowadays. Thinking I personally care as a grown man about your simp ass commentary or what you got to say.

      Sounds like you just typing in a comment section being pretty much worried about what I doing instead of handling your own damn business out here…asking what I’m doing, you know damn well what I doing or you wouldn’t be here trying to type your ass off….

      You mentioned some could’ve, should’ve type stuff about what Marcus Garvey talking about what he was trying to do – I don’t want to know some dude that tried to do shit nearly 100 years ago – it has no value and non-essential. And like I already said, easy to speak on a dead person who been dead for 100 years – can make up all kind of shit on him in 2016 in narrative format.

      Sound like I touched a nerve with you calling out the cats who sit around watching Hidden Colors on DVD format probably mumbling “preach” and “deep!” and shit like that and talking about how great some 100 year dead cat like Garvey is instead knowing the actual cats in their own community – sounds like you one of those cats.

      But those cats you talking about with the barbershop, I’m just letting you talk because like I said, I know the cats behind that and I will just advise you this – you ain’t got Rick Ross money to fuck with the cats you fucking around with and pay them off from disrespecting their history, so go ahead – go in the real word talking that shit up about barber posters and see how that turns out. Any street cat will instantly recognize you just on this Internet and talking and might be talking too much. As least I have respect for cats and know my actual local history while you talking up some ancient history on a Garvey character that just tried to do something….like I said, you ain’t nowhere real talking like you talking…

  4. I wish you the best brother keep doing what your doing. I hope that you are successful and more people act on the information you provide We don’t have to agree. I like your site and you provide a wealth of information. I respect the research you do.


    1. Your wishes mean nothing and don’t delude yourself to think you matter. I come from a big family and big city with deep history and have hustle and skills to go and get – wishes don’t put food on my table.

      All you got is a keyboard input and my comment section – keep things in perspectives.

      I’m supported by real cats and have real elders while you just got a 100 year old dead man named Marcus Garvey to mouth about. If you ever step up in this real world trying to have words about Chicago, our hustle and our elders you will get set straight…you come to my face about anything I’ll put your ass down or my people will…this ain’t a convo…you being briefed…

      coming to my blog talking some punk bitch shit when this blog was a historical account of our elders who held their community down…

  5. Negroes on here talking outta body bout the ‘Holy City’. I’m from the Southside 47th Cottage Grove, I can definitely relate to what you saying brotha. I had family that was Blackstone Rangers on 63rd back in the 60’s near Hyde Park High School. Remember LSD? Lords, Stones, and Disciples. They was establishing a construction company, as well as other business ventures in Chicago. Shit, they even did security for Dr. King when he marched in Marquette Park back in 66, because the racist CPD wasn’t going to do it. Great Post Brotha.

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