Summer Vacation but the Block is Hot

hotblock I was on vacation the past weeks and also engaged in other projects as well and did not have access to anything but my mobile phone. I only saw streams of people reacting emotionally to the police shootings I have not yet seen the actual videos of, just heard about them. So I cannot comment on what I simply have not actually studied or seen. I saw the new coverage and especially what has been going on here in Atlanta and around in other countries. Here is what I will say and what I noticed and that is the stats on Dream and Hustle the past week. During the incidents and tensions of police shooting black people out of “fear of their lives” and the one brotha who decided to rack up a body count of cops, I did not see people coming to this blog to look up the information I had on the topics of dealing with police and to be honest – I wrote the best solutions on this blog on how to handle this. The biggest solution is to focus on image construction against cops because the media was working on image construction to present cops in a good light and present blacks as a threat for being victims of America silent sanctioned killings and injustice carried out against black people. They do this all the time and it appear to be scripted and predictable by now. We need to have our own media and have our own voice and stop letting ABC, NBC and CBS and FOX and those cable news outlets speak for us because they are always going to make cops “heroes” and blacks look bad or insignificant or try to sell us code words like “peaceful” or “non-violence” or “calm” and you should have noticed these propaganda words were used by ABC, NBC and CBS news a lot in recent days. We have to own our own media that we control our voice in these matters. But that isn’t what people came to Dream and Hustle to read. What people came to Dream and Hustle to read about was how to empower themselves and better themselves the past week while I was on vacay. When I went out to the protests here in Atlanta, the conversation was not really about police but about how we all can stop relying on or being around white bigots and Jewish bigots who hate black people, hate Muslims, hate gay marriage, hate Mexicans and hate women that speak up for herself – they want economic freedom from that negative hateful shit, that’s what I been hearing from people in these protests, not much cops are evil talk. People are realizing the Barackalypse is becoming real – I indicated this years ago this will all happen as President Obama enter his last year in office so don’t expect to see me all worked up like the rest of you guys. The bottom line is some of us taken care of our business while you guys were on Media Takeout and WorldStarHipHop consuming garbage and passing around memes on Instagram not handling your damn personal business. A lot of you guys are simply not prepared right now in July 2016 to deal with a Post-Obama America and that’s the truth. Here is the thing – I cannot help you cats who are not ready and to be honest, I kinda written most of you cats off and let go and let God with ya. I been blogging for 10 years or more, keep telling you brothas and sistas how to handle your business, learn technology, adopt worldwide practices and patterns and you black folks outright acted like Dream and Hustle did not exist and acted funny when I tried to provide information and know-how and how-to. So let me explain what you cats who are not ready have to deal with. See, the cats who got it together – they in London chilling right now or in China chilling right now or in Toronto and elsewhere chilling or in another country chilling – this stuff in America is a blurb on their non-USA TV screen on their social media timeline but they back to exploring a new country, new world and interesting new people – you still up in Ohio and shit. There are massive jobs and business opportunities and global trade opportunities worldwide. But you in America working a job you know either going to be replaced by a robot, artificial intelligence or a low-wage worker outsourced. And on top of all that, you got to deal with white bigots and Jewish bigots who hate black people, hate Muslims, hate gay marriage, hate Mexicans and hate women that speak up for herself – you got to see and deal with them as they get cockier and arrogant towards you because you haven’t checked them on that hate. How you going to deal with this because you ain’t got the know-how or smarts or resources to make global moves and build global empires because you chose to stay full of shit the past 8 years while Obama was in office and now it’s down to the final countdown. The only thing you unprepared brothas and sistas got going for you is the Afro-Tech handling their business and that’s it – you got nothing else going for you but you handling yours and we handling ours. And the good thing is me and my people have prepared for all of this, knew this was all going down and we are going to make serious moves that you should have realize after the last series of postings. So I’m back from vacation, and we are not going to spend time talking up emotional nonsense – the countdown is on and things are going down and we got work to do right here and right now. So roll up your goddamn sleeves and let’s get to handling these last 6 months of 2016 like it is the most important period of our lives because it is.

8 thoughts on “Summer Vacation but the Block is Hot

  1. I’m so sorry I just discovered your blog a month ago. Everything you say is true. I’m in code school as well to become a full-stack developer. Post-Obama era will be no joke for the vast majority of our folks and I’m sorry but the writing been on the wall. You’re a real inspiration Ed!

  2. Amen! I wish I would have discovered this blog years ago. I have learned so much from you and the scales have been removed from my eyes. I still got some learning to do but I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I have to make a way and difference for my kids and the black community.

    1. Besides Atlanta, are there any other cities in the US you would recommend moving to? I’ve thought about Chicago and Charlotte…

  3. Ed, welcome back from your vacation……..I have been anxiously awaiting your response and you hit the nail right on the head! Have a great weekend!

  4. this mess has been going on for decades, the smart phones and social media is bypassing the main news outlets who have not reported this mess for decades. right now, the real deal is if some racist cop wants to kill you or me, he is going to walk,and we have seen the cops attack rich black men in NY.

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