American Brothas Go to Brazil to Get Hotel Lobby Hookers While American Sistas Go to Brazil to Win Gold Medals


Sistas, please don’t smirk or laugh yet..let’s just try to talk this whole thing out first. Now we had some brothas running around on YouTube and Facebook talking about running down to Brazil to get with the Brazilian sistas down there and at the same time, dissing African-American sistas at the same time. Those lame ass dudes where most of them look sloppy and out of shape even came to this blog in the comment section trying to argue and dissing sistas with negativity (link) when we did an article breaking down the BS exposing the myth behind the so-called Brazilian woman wanting her a fat-neck black American man when our Brazilian family have their own black culture down there. You sistas have to know all this background because trust me, those same brothas about to catch a case of memory-loss really quick and blame it on the Zika virus.

Those brothas and one of them was Charles Tyler a name I saw was out there on YouTube and Facebook and they talking about how they planning on setting up something and taking trips and get brothas away from these American sistas and stuff like that. Pooling their money together into rhetoric like those old black folks be pooling their money into a street corner church. Then they start talking about they saw some YouTube documentary called “Frustrated” and it changed their life and they saw that Brazilian women was the answer to why they cannot get with the black woman here in America. The reality is these are some lame ass brothas the American sista don’t want and these weak brothas wanted to chase some poor, broke ass Brazilian sistas hoping those sistas in Brazil would look up to the ugly American with a sense of superiority. Let’s be honest because that’s what the brothas were trying to do – diss the American sistas and parade the Brazilian sistas like a mythical solution to why he cannot get good sex and good sistas in America.

Well, you and I saw what happened. Brazil economy went into a turmoil, they going through an impeachment process creating uncertainty, crime is rampant, businesses are pulling out of Brazil faster than these brothas are pulling out of a Brazilian hotel lobby hooker and Zika became a global health concern especially since the CDC not 100% sure how Zika is being transmitted. By the way, the previous article I wrote about the surge in inbound keyword searches for brothas looking to date Chinese women, me and my crew is data analyzing and assuming the spread of Zika throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (even Puerto Rico is ravaged by Zika right now) is chasing these weak brothas out of that region of the world to fantasize about online and now it looking like those brothas are going to soon claim they read some Dream and Hustle article about the Afro-Chinese and they now looking to raising some blasian – this is what we are predicting and why I wrote that article, hoped yall picked up on this. See, we data-driven hackers can quickly spot cats starting up bullshit propaganda before it even manifest…that’s why I keep telling you to learn data skills…


The American sistas go to Brazil and they are winning Gold medals left and right. But let me tell you guys the one thing these American gold-winning sistas accomplished no one will mention – not even African-Americans. Those African-American sistas winning gold inspired many of the black girls in Brazil to see someone who look like them winning in sports they were not used to seeing black women compete in as Brazilian black women. And what these African-American women done straight winning in Brazil is probably the biggest global black event accomplished since Jesse Owens competed in the Berlin Olympics. This is a major and big historical event and worthy of celebration. Many of you brothas and sistas are not realizing this moment right now because most of you African-Americans are too petty to realize you lived under a black family in the White House the past 8 years and now your own American sistas performing at their best winning these medals. Most of you are talking about their hair – that’s how petty most of you American brothas and sistas are right now.

For those who truly recognize this moment in history, these African-American sistas went to Brazil and won gold in the Olympics and inspired black women from emerging economies worldwide to realize she can win at anything she put her mind and soul into. This is a proud moment in history for our sistas and we are going to recognize this moment as it is. Let’s congratulate all sistas for this historical moment in our history and let all sistas be officially notified she can be anything she want and accomplish anything she want if she commit herself to it. And to all you lame weak brothas like Charles Tyler and others trying to diss our American sistas and now you got your foot all in your mouth – something they don’t give out gold medals for accomplishing, I just have one thing to say to you guys – don’t ever doubt or hate on anything created by the hand of God.

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