At Some Point, These Non-STEM Black Adult Males Going to Have to Realize No One Cares How They Feel or Think.

noonecares Lately a lot of black adult males been trying to come to Dream and Hustle and they trying to throw shade as if anyone cares. There is something underlying with these brothas and let’s be frank – these black adult males have been bullshitting all of their adult lives while President Obama was in office and these brothas now have to face the reality they are going to live under a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump presidency. These brothas spent their time bullshitting and following online mouthpieces like Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Jason Black and so on and subscribing to black nationalist bullshit off the Internet instead of build up any local, grassroots connects and got their personal skills up. The thing these brothas done was focused more on hustling an image over the internet which is why they so comfortable coming into a comment section here under a pseudonym alias and start talking up like they about something – they ain’t about shit and it’s apparent once they try to talk. Here is the thing and I mentioned this before and anybody who been around during the 2008-2012 economic crisis devastating the black population know what I’m talking about. Brothas back then were homeless, living out of cars, homeless shelters, abandoned apartments, shacking up with others and out begging for money to eat. I personally went to the mall and see these brothas in the parking lot living in their car with a blank stare, knock on their window to give them $40 to handle something and they got tears. This is the economic devastation our people been through in 2008-2012 and many of you reading this article did not have jobs or saw jobs were hard to come by and knew people laid off and lost their source of income. Okay, after we managed to survive that Great Recession – these brothas instead of figuring out how to avoid to be in that situation of sleeping in a car at the mall again, these brothas chose to start going on the Internet and start following pro-black bullshit and PUA shit instead of figure out how to be economically stable. All of what we discussed before about how bad it was in 2008-2012 is coming back and worst. See, Hillary Clinton is going to be the one that put you brothas all up in jail, that’s the kind of person she is. She wants black lives to matter in the prison industrial complex. Donald Trump, quite frankly is your best choice – peel away the liberal media bullshit and you will see he genuinely done more for black folks than any politician you can name. But Donald Trump is going to further push this country into a police state like the Philippines president is doing now, telling his own people to take matters into their own hands and kill the corner cats – bringing back EJK. So either way, you brothas who been bullshitting are screwed. The only thing that would have saved you brothas is if you had talent and skills to keep yourself above water when the tide rolls in. But you chose not to invest in yourself, instead you sent money to support some black social media site or let a hustler tell you he setting up a black school for black boys. You shitted on your own sistas, most of them don’t want to have your back anymore and turning on you brothas as a result. Overall, you brothas fucked yourself, plain and simple and I believe you brothas are realizing this fact this late in the game, during the second half of 2016. And the reason you want to come to Dream and Hustle and post shit in the comment section because you know Dream and Hustle been around putting out material that could have set you straight. So you desperate ass brothas in your last throes come to Dream and Hustle trying to say these are “theories” or “pie in the sky” or just talk to make yourself feel there was nothing out there for you to do or handle. Then you want to badly believe Ed Dunn is a fake brotha talking on a blog and somehow, a tech expert like me is not doing anything, tech experts like me don’t got my situation right and that I’m not from the hood or whatever. See, you brothas are very desperate right now and we all see it. Because cats see what is being done with and Kossier right now and we all notice you cannot say anything about that. I’m in my 40s, I don’t give a fuck about what you brothas got to say or what you think – in fact, you should already know I come from the West Side of Chicago and don’t even understand the concept of a black male adult having a fucking opinion about anything. Real men just go out and get shit done and let the ladies talk it up about how we handle our business. I’m not used to seeing a bunch of dudes in a social media group all together talking to each other acting macho pretending they are not gay or in the trade. I grew up watching real cats get real shit done, that’s all I know and understand. That’s why when you guys come over my way talking about how you want to defend Tariq Nasheed, I’m not thinking about Tariq Nasheed, I’m looking at another black male adult defending another black guy opinion and position and his accomplishments and you brothas have little to speak on about yourself – I’m looking at a sideline punk lightweight follower with another man name in his mouth talking it up in my comment section, that’s all I'm reading. It doesn’t matter no more from July 31st, 2016 to January, 2017 and its approaching September and October before we know who the next President is the first week of November. At this phase, you weak brothas already been written off and I’m in the real world and see what’s up. I keep telling you brothas this over and over on this blog. As much as you cats talk, when I’m out there in the real world whether it is a tech thing or an entrepreneur thing or service thing, it’s mostly sistas – you brothas are rarely seen in the real world. You brothas on the Internet talking up shit but real world, yall brothas are rarer than some Pokemon Go creatures and that’s real world. No one cares about you brothas and you brothas should have taken care of yourself after what we been through back during 2009-2012. Most of you brothas ain’t as gully as you want to portray over the Internet because real-world, cats are not chilling on the Internet, much less reading blogs or engaged in social network groups. Real cats be on Snapchat typing up “dis is fuk up n dat” type shit, that’s what they do. Most of you brothas and we ran checks – you brothas talking shit online are living in good communities and stuff where you brothas had all the opportunity to get your shit together but you brothas chose to entertain yourself with a 3-hour YouTube video where some cats just talking shit. You brothas have no skills, you have no foundation and you have no future plans how to deal with the next 12 months. You brothas are not fooling anyone who read Dream and Hustle, we know what’s going down and we know you brothas are not ready. I’m going to be 100% with you brothas – you have no voice over here anymore because we moving forward over here, without you. The best you brothas can do is look at yourself in the mirror, accept the reality you been bullshittin and things are about to get ugly in this world and figure out as a black male how you going to outlast what’s about to go down. It may not have occurred to you but all that Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins and all that talking up some black-identity shit only started existing during the good ol President Obama era where you brothas chose to entertain yourself with bullshit instead of use that cushion period to handle your business. You can go back and see that pro-black happy stuff existed when times was good under Bill Clinton and disappeared real fast once George W Bush got in office and post 9/11 and market crashed. None of you having the luxury of having pro-black opinions going to be around when Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get elected where brothas have to sleep at a shelter or out of their car at a parking lot in a grocery store or abandoned mall figuring out where the next meal is coming from. Like I said, Dream and Hustle was there when brothas, not old bums but 19 year old brothas with no home begging for something to eat with their pride broken and I was the one that broke off something. After what you brothas did bullshitting when President Obama was in office, I better not hear from your ass in 2017 about a damn thing you going through – you brothas made your bed and you sleeping in it.

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  1. Ed, I had to stop when I saw this. I used to listen to Dr. Umar until a radio host called him out on some things/ and that school he was talking about and his response. I had to do a personal check from that point on to listen carefully. He popped up on my local radio station promoting a talk. I guess its a circuit situation town by town thing they all do. Emotions. I got this thing whereit problem and solution. Problem then solution. Dude stays on boogey man problem and no solution.

    Thanks for all that you do at Dream and Hustle. 🙂

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