Dream and Hustle Presents: Power vs Prestige

The long-awaited audio series is coming Fall 2016 and I just want to publicly talk about it for the first time. This series will be our transition point from the Dream and Hustle you been used to moving towards the new direction I want Dream and Hustle to go. Yep, I been really busy and we got a lot going down over here. Power vs Prestige is a multi-part audio series that covers the choice we make as we choose our path in life when we are ready to go for ours. Do we chase prestige by building up an image or personal brand, attract people to like us and follow us and look to be covered by media outlets for attention and receive awards at award ceremonies? Or do we pursue power by establishing foundations, forging alliances, gathering and deploying resources, plan then execute strategy to acquire and leverage strategic assets for the next power move? The series is being wrapped up in mastering and expected to be released this fall. More information will be provided very soon. If you want to hear the preview video, you can go to the Dream and Hustle Facebook Page.

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