It’s Time for Brothas and Sistas to Rock the Block with Blockchain Technology

rockblock We are seeing massive opportunity right now worldwide for blockchain technology and expertise and we seeing blockchain job offers and listings for as much as $500,000 to $1 million a year in compensation worldwide – the global race is on. I’m getting cats coming at me personally trying to throw major numbers at me just for talking like I know something about the blockchain. In this article, we want brothas and sistas to understand the patterns and practices to either find a job in the blockchain revolution or start their own blockchain-based firm. My crew already have massive expertise on the blockchain and so is yours truly. But then again, we had massive expertise on mobile money back in the days on Dream and Hustle and black folks didn’t do shit but lurk this blog with a few black male adults wanting to troll – remember that? But then again, we had the massive expertise on future retailing and pop-up shops and micro-malls and self-checkout markets and black folks didn’t do shit but lurk this blog with a few black male adults wanting to troll – remember that? So here we are again in 2016 – we talking about the blockchain, but guess what, no one gives a shit if black folks just want to lurk or a bunch of black male adult losers want to troll – the Post-Obama Barackalypse is just months away. Remember the previous blog entry about blockchain-based exchange with cryptocurrency to promote free trade in the hood? Well, me and the 3rd Strategic Institute put our heads together and started on the project a week before Labor Day and guess what? That’s right – the 3rd Strategic Institute already completed the blockchain exchange marketplace and the cryptocurrency elements and all the components to establish a true system. In addition, Kossier will also debut a bot-driven blockchain that use natural language processing that allow you to create a bot that you can type in the transaction/agreement to be signed by multiple parties to execute. I’m super excited and it is actually executing faster than I thought for blockchain technology. Told you the 3rd Strategic Institute don’t bullshit around. queenb The series Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain is something I will discuss in another blog but I will tell you this as I’m the author – this is going to be a very interesting series! I’m very excited and I fucking love this series and cannot wait to bring it to you to read. Because this story is based on the Japanese and other Asian regions like Hong Kong and Korea media programming model of educating their audience while entertaining them at the same time in their media programming – that is where the series will go and I feel and know from experience that brothas and sistas are going to embrace the blockchain even more after they see how Briana get down. For example, and I will reveal – there is one series where auto title loans ravaging BK paychecks trying to keep their cars and Queen B create a blockchain-based solution that offer community crowd-lending to pay off title loans in Brooklyn and let the families work it off letting others rent their cars for ridesharing – these are the real urban solutions you going to read about in detail and how it’s done on this series. feetrub We are seeing a lot of job openings for blockchain experts in Shanghai right now and they paying serious money, 7-figures in some cases. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 7-figure gig in Shanghai and getting your foot rubbed all the time? Nice foot rubs too. Look, you brothas and sistas are going to probably want to learn real fast how to get with blockchain because the shit is blowing up big worldwide – this is the first time we are seeing $1 million/year salaries for the right person and I been trying to explain the blockchain to black folks for more than a minute now - with code examples!. Yall college level brothas and sistas, let me talk about the blockchain skills you need to work on so you can work anywhere and get that money stacked up – just think $1 million saved up (tax-deferred) is $70,000 annual on a 7% interest-bearing account that you can live off forever – get a Chinese boyfriend/girlfriend that loves them some black people to hold you down while you make that money and retire in 2 years. Now with that said, you still want to stand there and just fuck around like the other black folks we got reading this Dream and Hustle blog that ain't going to do shit? You want to be just like them or go and get yours? Looking at the job requirements, this is what I gathered you brothas and sistas in college or young in your career want to master to get on the blockchain gravy train. Information Architecture – this is designing the hardware and software that will support a blockchain cryptosystem that is also reliable and scalable. This requires experience and most important, it requires failure so you can learn. You have to learn the components such as a hardware security module that holds the public/private keys (these are cheap online to play with) as well as cloud-based architecture and database management technology. But most of what wanted worldwide is open source free things like MySQL so you can experiment all you want in your crib if you serious. Blockchain Platforms – blockchain job ads are for Ethereum and Hyperledger I’m seeing in demand and these platforms that are well-documented online and in groups. It is likely China and other places want you to learn stuff like Ripple but the truth is, these are researcher jobs where they want you to explain and write down what you learn to create your own version. Blockchain Patterns - you will hear terms like side chaining – this is where you take a crypto-token off the main blockchain and process it in a “side chain” and the best example is think of a prepaid card where we take you off the US dollar to spend points on a prepaid card (side chain) then bring you back to the main chain to cash you out. This is done for micro-payments and also for services like in-game payments – see, I’m educating your ass right now on this stuff. Agile – I’m seeing a lot of Agile methodology as a strong requirement of knowing how to work in an Agile setting to perform rapid iterative development and continuous improvement. So what they really saying is create an environment or service that allow your code to be continuously integrated seamlessly so they can release product updates in a timely and professional manner. Cryptographic Skills – This sound scary when you see terms like ZK-proof which is known as zero-proof and PAKE also known as password authentication key exchange. But there are items online that explain this and stuff like ZK-proof sound scary to learn but it’s really something like I check your history on the blockchain and compute a hash and encrypt it with your public key, then you know your history on the blockchain, pull it and hash and see if equal and use your private key to validate my message – no password is involved. This is desired to allow people to have loyalty programs and other systems like transit where no ID system or password system is needed. You brothas and sistas are going to keep hearing about the blockchain and it’s going to be drilled in your goddamn head when we are through with you. The blockchain is too important for African-Americans to ignore like they ignored everything else because the blockchain can change everything we know. It can change the way we transact in our communities, the way we do business and establish trust and it empower us instantaneously and immediately versus any other so-called economic solution out there. You brothas and sistas better jump on this because the global demand for skills and talent and ventures is too much right now and you brothas and sistas are smart enough to not only learn blockchain but lead in the direction of the technology – go and get this.

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    1. Try learning GoLang (you can get videos on youtube). A few of the platforms us it as their language. It’s fairly easy to learn. And besides “programming” there are many opportunities in the space. Product Manager, Business Analyst and a few where programming aren’t necessary.

    2. Hyperledger too. I think it’s a good starting place and there are some good sources on documentation/videos on the language. Ethereum has it’s own javascript like language called Solidity. I followed you on Twitter (@brownskingames is me).

  1. Ed …. This here is ridiculous and incredible at the same time… I’ve been looking at this since you first laid it out “Brooklyn Queen Blockchain,” Love this Blockchain business! Trying to understand the whole breakdown of it, you’ve thoroughly explained, broke it all the way down. Got it, at least now I understand some of the components, processes and possibilities.

    My tech partner and I are meeting this week in the lab, (came together from D & H, same town). We’re with you on this. Our appreciation goes out to you brotha!

  2. This is vital information. Thanks for sharing and educating! I’m an Intellectual Property Attorney here in Atlanta and I have begun transitioning into the tech space via data science and learning how to build lean startups. My journey began some years ago but reading your blog post regarding the process to build a home innovation lab really inspired me. Be blessed brother and keep fighting the good fight. Take care

  3. Hi Ed Great article! You’ve inspired me to purchase some books on Blockchain that I’m sure will keep me busy trying to gain some ground on this topic. I wish college provided the kind of ground game insight you do. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to any more advice.

  4. When you say trust is built in, what do you mean by that. I am very interested in gearing my grand kids in this area.

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