Making Major Changes, Adjustments and New Direction Over Here

change There will be several major changes that will be effective September 1st I want to inform those who want the updates. Overall, my crew the 3rd Strategic Institute is going to lead in executing our stated goals for 2016. There is too much at stake and too much opportunity and I have to change some things up and also release a lot of projects that are in queue and have a major impact. Global Urban Collective Dissolved byeGUC I decided to dissolve the Global Urban Collective and left the secret Facebook group after realizing that the majority of members in the group simply not going to participate or engage at the global level or technology level to make any meaningful impact or value. I left the Facebook group intact because maybe you guys can actually get inside and see all the information that was provided for the mostly African-American members on a daily basis and see that they basically sat there with all this information and produce little to no output of value or consideration. Overall, the Global Urban Collective is being written down by me as a failure and operations had to be winded down. There were only a few that are worth reaching out too but I'm confident they know they will be reached out to when the dust settles. You want to hear the real fucked up part? I was on the verge of setting up all the Cryptoshares to be distributed and as I was working, I get to see what others in the Global Urban Collective was doing. Here is the thing – I personally received calls, direct Twitter IM from major investors, major people and firms who want to work with the GUC – these are worldwide people ready to work with us. So I was getting ready to announce the leadership team that I recruited and have both the record and talent to lead in a global marketplace. We were ready to rock and roll and I even offered free access to and Kossier, what I will mention below. So what you think happened? These GUC members with all the opportunity, global access and financial outlook where I was already getting HustleSpace assets transferred to the GUC decided to pursue black-identity propaganda on Medium, running podcasts and other stuff. Another cat got other people names coming out his mouth when I’m there working with him but he got other cats name coming out his mouth where those cats he mouths about wouldn’t bother to spend 15 seconds hearing what he had to say. And no one appear to want to seriously work with each other and it’s not something that was going to go anywhere fast anytime soon. The 3rd Strategic Institute will take over all directives that I wanted to deliver through the GUC and the 3rd Strategic Institute are experts and will get the job done. The Global Urban Collective was created by the 3rd Strategic Institute and we just winding the crap down and the 3rd has to keep it moving progressive. All hard assets are going into Swagg-Scientific to implement solution delivery. We are going to have Stony|Ellis be the DRS system and DBEXX be refurbished to the Detroit Blockchain Exchange to create the urban exchange system. There is a major global race for the blockchain and urban technology and smart cities and we cannot play around with the current environment so the 3rd Strategic Institute will take over and not only will we deliver, but we will reach out and teach. Before I go, the 3rd Strategic Institute give no fucks which is why I’m happy and excited about this change of direction – because our first mission is going to be establishing a blockchain solution for the strip club scene here in Atlanta to help with safer payments and simple contracts because these solutions will benefit the community. And the 3rd Strategic Institute is global – we don’t resort to black-identity or race-identity because we actually have talent and smarter than that and value our global diversity. Dream and Hustle queenb I used this image when I wrote an article about sistas and the blockchain and there was a hidden secret behind it. This is actually a running series on the new Dream and Hustle called “Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain” where Briana, also known as Queen B goes around Brooklyn creating blockchain solutions. The goal of the storytelling is to show how the urban community and sistas can create blockchain-based solutions that solve plenty of urban problems. We also have the “Dream and Hustle” book coming out and everytime I read it – I will be honest, I could not stop laughing and cannot believe I wrote this hot mess of a book. Many of you may remember of the older version of the stories but they have been updated and revised heavily and there are some new stories in addition. The new Dream and Hustle will focus on fiction so I can rip from the headlines or portray certain personalities exactly how I want to. For example, I had a cat recently in my comment section talk about he pays Jason Black to listen to Jason Black – see that’s some comedy gold shit that I can write a story on or fit in as a character and run with that. But we got a story in the book about a chick who started “swirling” and I’m going to just leave it there – the ending is funny and fucked up at the same time. It was a recent scientific discovery that fiction based on the hustle actually is highly effective in motivating and changing people perspective. Our food truck story for example (the first story featured on Dream and Hustle) created a slew of food trucks who credited that story for motivating them – this is a fact. I had people to this day who switched to IT after reading the story about the Enterprise Service Bus and working in Tokyo – this is funny because Japan is looking badly for blockchain experts today. We are going to make a hard switch to the new Dream and Hustle September 1st and start the transition. Most of the legacy articles as far back as 10 years are going back to the 3rd Strategic Institute and will be published there. As you see, the 3rd Strategic Institute my crew is going to show out this second half of 2016. Black Professionals Network bpn_checkin The 3rd Strategic Institute will work to move Black Professionals Network into a model that help businesses and micro-enterprises and professionals more. Most of the activities I performed with the defunct-GUC such as webinars will be transitioned to a larger 70,000 audience. I’m also looking at other opportunities such as running networking events here, it won’t be a trashy events filled with vendors hawking but productive networking events ran by an event planner. I have already written a manual for the Black Professionals Group to help people post better content on a fast moving feed and how to create better interactivity. The 3rd Strategic Institute going to invest more elbow grease and direct talent investment in the group to help it not grow more, but make BPN more productive. One of the goals I have is to make Black Professionals Network not a place to post but a place to learn and gather knowledge and network. Kossier kossier Kossier is the most exciting project I worked on and the potential is enormous. Kossier is a digital dossier for the platform and not another generic mobile wallet. What makes now exciting is it will offer simple contracts via the blockchain that allow bots to parse natural language (English, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Hindu, Spanish, etc.) and execute against the blockchain. So you can create a bot that allow a person to enter “book vip birthday table for September 1” and a bot can instantly parse this statement for a club (or several clubs to make offer) to reserve a VIP table – this is done from Kossier. In addition, I’m working with designers to create the Kossier fashion line that will be a showcase worldwide. Don’t Be Afraid to Rebuild Like Boss boss In this fast-paced world, you have to learn how to be quickly decisive and fail fast, wind shit down if it ain’t working and change shit up if it’s not going in the direction you like it to go. It’s a lot of people out there that will want to be around you but ain’t going do lift a damn finger to help you go somewhere and will try to lay low just liking your FB posts hoping you give them cryptoshares, trust me. It’s people that will cling to stuff like black-identity that never done a real thing in their life because if you done real things for black people, you would not be on some black identity crap but instead realize how important we have to put in real work for our people, not talk. Black people situation in America is not a joke or a damn black-identity conversation – we going through real things. It's too much opportunity out there and if cats want to sit around while you hustle, cut them loose and quickly. Bosses don’t got time for bullshit – realize there is a whole world trying to go after the same hustle you probably going after and you got to go and get it. Make sure you learn to have an agile team and agile methodology and actual talent and execution to get it done and get it done fast. I made these changes to put it back on the 3rd Strategic Institute that will make things happen in a matter of weeks from now and make sure I stay on mission to do for me, my people, my community and our future. No regrets.

2 thoughts on “Making Major Changes, Adjustments and New Direction Over Here

  1. Thank you Ed for the love, commitment and truth you have shared and for ALL that you do and have done for sistas (and brothas) and so many others, get an understanding about STEM, all of the angles and possibilities awaiting us, locally and globally.

    I have to say, I was a little taken back by this news, yet I understand the need to streamline and execute your works with laser focus, now.

    Wow, it seems like just as I finally reached a place where I get this (no really having any previous training in TECH, it’s time to grow again. Life is good! And change well, you said it at top of this post. Best of to you Ed moving forward. You are simply the best! Thanks for letting a Sista roll with you Brotha!

  2. Oh wow! Ed, I had no idea…I wish you well on everything and I will keep you up on the few things I have in store right now. I hope to hear from you very soon!

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