Take Your Life to Next Levels or Remain No More

nextlevel During times of adversity, we always witness true hustlers coming up and rise to power while the pretentious and posers chasing prestige are kicked to the sideline and left on the side of the road. This is how things will manifest in 2017 where you going to see a lot of these fake cats propped up by the Boule or white privilege structures get tossed by their own handlers and you going to see hustlers rise to power and take what they got the skills and force to take for themselves. That’s how it’s going to go down. Black identity is and always been the last refuge of the scoundrel. Samuel Johnson first quoted this as “Patriotism is the last refuge or scoundrels” meaning those who don’t have anything to special to offer resort to high-minded escapism thoughts such as patriotism or nationalism. We see media propaganda that does things like paint America is good and to love America and protect our freedoms and values and then scare with things such as Hispanic immigrants, Muslims and gays and blacks are a threat to those freedoms and values. And notice it’s some trailer trash uneducated hicks that be in the crowd at these events. Now back to black identity and so-called black pride – look at those in attendance or following Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Boyce Waktins and so on – look at the damn audience or sit among the audience and you can feel the aura of stupidity around you. Notice when Dream and Hustle talks about Dr. Claud Anderson – let me say for example Dr. Claud Anderson and Powernomics is a damn joke – notice who shows up with something to say, not economic experts but a bunch of ignorant talking black males who think they got something going more than they actually got something going. These are the losers that old man Dr. Claud Anderson attracted to his camp after he did all that so-called work he talks about – Dr. Claud Anderson is followed by a bunch of damn characters that is basically the black version of what you see at a Donald Trump rally. That’s not a legacy and why other cats like Dr. Sebi and Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Ben are quickly forgotten with no footprint and nothing but fringed cats wearing dashikis talking about them during their afterlife. This week, I had family jump on the internet talking about how black women are materialistic and don’t want a good man. I didn’t know the backstory but was trying to talk to him but got the backstory from another family that this dude got kids he not supporting or seeing and he messing with stereotypical street chicks that try to play him for a sucker because he wants to be a romantic and shit – too much New Edition and Jodeci shit he must been listening too growing up. So here is a deadbeat father still talking about relationships with women when he cannot support the kids he produced in this world – what good is he to the world? A dude ain’t worth shit and have no purpose if he won’t support the kids he brings into the world. A lot of these black dudes with strong opinion about black women ain’t got their shit together, plain and simple. These deadbeat black nationalist dudes owe child support or work lame jobs and stuff like while the sistas are straight making that money. Relationship talk is the last resort of scoundrels – if I see a chick I like and we digging each other, I’m at the age and maturity where we both can travel outside the country together and don’t give a fuck how much it cost. And as a man, I built my life up to accommodate a woman in this fashion to give her these kind of experiences and reward myself to being around woman that makes me happy and enjoy these experiences with her – I got my shit together at that level. I don’t have relationship problems, as a man, a real man I just do my part to make good relationships happen. A lot of these guys are sitting here talking about black women and the black church and the pastor but don’t realize they pulling the same sheep ass follower shit with Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black who basically swaggerjacking Creflo Dollar hustle – making their followers give them money that they don’t really need to ask for. I had a guy came here saying “we hating” because he gives money to Jason Black to listen to Jason Black and I just laughed out loud because just the other day, I heard a lady say that same thing about World Changers with Creflo Dollar that people mad at them because she tithes heavily to Creflo. You see what I’m saying here? The same hustle of finding dumb folks willing to give up their little chicken change to a greater BS cause like patriotism, nationalism, prosperity preaching or black-identity and yet, all of these cats think they are doing something better than the other fools. I’m just going to say this – when I had to shut down the Global Urban Collective, I had to show people from Nigeria, East Europe and Asian and Brazil who look up to African-Americans what our current members and their potential stakeholders were about to explain that African-Americans have a problem resorting to black identity as the last refuge of a scoundrel not willing to take things to next levels. I don't understand the problem - I cannot accept or tolerate black-identity and no one going to play with local-based politics when it comes to global business but cats lurking the GUC wanted to see if they can act low-key about that black-identity shit and think I wasn't keen to that. But what I said to global talent I was recruiting didn’t impact me, what these people responded about us as African-Americans impacted me in a sad and pronounced way. They said they know this is the problem of African-Americans and express that they admire us and even look up to us African-Americans as a people but instead of us African-Americans reaching out to global partners, we recessively dabble in black-identity shit pulling ourselves away from any global table we are welcome to sit at. That’s the fucked up part, where we got seats at the conference table but we prefer to keep jive talking in the damn bathroom or lobby area. This is not hearsay - you will hear this again as the 3rd Strategic Institute take over, you will hear this same sentiment from people around the world that admire us but we reading BS like Urban Intellectuals... Here is the thing and I see some funny ass black nationalist characters running around seeing if they can salvage or scavenge from my stuff like they can figure out footprints I left and I’m going to say this. When I have to go fight an Asian cat tripping or an Indian cat tripping – those cats got a crew, team, squad, family that throw down on skills collectively to fight whatever I’m bringing their way – those cats do the same kind of battle against white cats who are making moves – they collectively come together and increase productivity and the result output with a higher level of performance. That is what Ed Dunn and any real cat with skills have to fight against in the competitive global economy out there in the real world. When I realize the GUC wasn’t willing to work with each other and our African-American people struggle to work with each other, I already know the outcome being engaged in fights with my Asian and Indian collective counterparts at the global level. You brothas and sistas walking around pretending you on some shit because of social media or you can make moves by simply copying and pasting some shit – you ain’t got that kind of collective force behind you and at best, just have a bunch of useful idiots like Donald Trump or a Tariq Nasheed or Dr. Claud Anderson or Jason Black got following them – not cats who can collectively compete like Indian and Asian cats I have to fight strong against and still able to outsmart where I get respect for my skills. But my respect is the result of my crew the 3rd Strategic Institute, where we work collectively to produce and perform. That is what separate someone like me from you, fuck the black identity shit and looking at my skin color being the same as yours – take your shallow race-based skin-coloring observing ass somewhere with that shit. Let me be very frank so you can understand and not be confused – these other groups moved to America and stuck together and collectively building up a global force. You is still in fucking Indiana and Pennsylvania talking shit on the Internet and not collectively working with anybody except attacking Yung Joc permed hair on black twitter creating memes trying to outdo the other person in comedy – that’s all we got to show for in collective actions. Jamaicans and Nigerians moved around and got out of their elements and strongly working collectively in Asia and Europe and now a force to content with. Your ineffectual African-American black identity is nothing more than an extension of ego and emotions and nothing more. It is not real world, the West Side of Chicago is real world and real people live and die to that environment and community – no one lives and die from happy ass black identity thoughts which is really at the top of the Maslow hierarchy of needs – our people overall ain’t even at that damn level to entertain the top Maslow hierarchy tier. You are not going to undermine cats with skills with black identity and your black identity will be nothing more than a last refuge that you cling to as a scoundrel as the world transform around you into a global economy you will be sidelined from because you don’t have any real skills or contributions, just marginalized rhetoric you clinging to. If you want to love black people, then you have to step up to the next levels it takes to love black people in 2016. And this black identity shit ain’t the business in 2016. Always talking about you admiring this person or inspired by this person and shit. Either you part of the Afro-Tech or you just a fuckboy or fuckgirl still clinging on black identity defending your ego and emotions instead of putting in real work. The Afro-Tech is bigger than your simple ass African-American black identity complex and the 40-50 million total African-American population running around. That 40-50 million race-based demographic is not even impressive in a number nor the so-called “spending power” – that 40mm number is just one fucking Chinese mega-city out of dozens at best. We already know what’s going down – let’s say Hillary Clinton wins the White House. The same way Bill Clinton went after the stereotype of black women on welfare with welfare to work, we are highly expecting Hillary Clinton to go after the stereotype of black men who are having babies they are not supporting. So I fully expect Hillary Clinton who is a centrist like her husband – that’s why Republicans are saying they can vote for Hillary Clinton to accommodate throwing blacks under the bus to appease the GOP voters and the GOP Congress to move past the gridlock Obama could not break because Obama wouldn’t compromise and throw our people too much under the bus like that. We are expecting a whole lot of "deadbeat dads" laws to come into effect under Hillary Clinton that impact a lot of you black-identity dudes - including that hustle where you run to the Caribbean and get a fake passport to then run to Africa shit..no more paper planes.. So either way, adversity is coming in a Post-Obama era and you cats stuck on some black-identity bullshit like cats were stuck on paying interest-only jumbo loans on a McMansion they could not afford in the mid-2000s – the party going to be over and time going to run out and you going to have to pay the piper. The world out here is brutal as hell and those mediocre jobs you working pretending you about something ain’t safe from a collective number of foreigners who can get the job done while you just one person. Either you going to have to take your life to next levels or remain no more. Type to master this whole universe in three steps We stretch across the equator with something major Universal rhyme tones, tamper with ya timezone Minds blown by the millions jus' for the feeling Hip-hop it just don't stop until I make a killing Nah I'm kidding, but for real The world ain't the same no more Take your life to next level or remain no more Take your life to next level or remain no more -King Geedorah (MF DOOM) - Next Levels

9 thoughts on “Take Your Life to Next Levels or Remain No More

  1. great post! I will not vote for the democratic candidate for president and as of yet I have not committed to voting for the republican candidate for president, in my view it’s time for black people to wise up, ascend to dignity, stop wasting time and energy fighting other people bogus causes, take responsibility, get some confidence in one self and ability, learn how to take advantage of opportunities, prepare our offspring for this super competitive world we live in, stop waiting on a cue from others, demand your share, do for self, and win now!

  2. Is that Curtis Mayfield? That’s a good connection you made about people getting sucked into bs ideologies. All of them are chipping in large sums of money for nothing. From experience it’s hard to break indoctrination.

  3. Hi there this is a business related question, could you recommend a good training program for someone who would like to do tax preparation as a sideline. As a Canadian Black woman I see Asians doing tax for their people and outsiders. I would like to do tax preparation as a sideline. The Asians do not really encourage outsiders to branch out ,or where they get their training from, they tend to be for themselves which is fine but, I want to make extra money and I am good with numbers. Do you have any ideas,

    1. Hey cediblog
      There is a good volunteer program named VITA, which is a IRS based volunteer income tax assistance program. This is in every locality. Reach out the local coordinator and sign up for the class early January. Excellent resume builder. It works for people who need their taxes done and also for volunteers who want to learn tax code. FOR FREE. Income limit is like less than 45k.

  4. Thank you Tmr2456, I now recall that we have something like that in Canada ,called the volunteer income tax program training, this could be a good program for me to get my feet wet. Thank you for helping to remind me of training programs like this.

  5. Hey Ed I’ve been trying to get in contact. How Can I go about getting an invitation to the Global Urban Collective facebook group?

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