The President and the Afro-Tech

afri_prez President Obama participated in the Young African Leadership Initiative or YALI town hall / summit where the whole conversation was on STEM and entrepreneurship and innovation to move the motherland forward. This video is worth watching to see our young African family united, ambitious, strong and determined to build a better Africa. As you watch this video and see the examples where a lady from Tanzania created a mobile app of the Tanzania Constitution so every citizen can know their constitutional rights. Look at how unified all of our motherland family are towards each other and how proud they are where they from. Those Africa sistas are so beautiful, so fine and strong – my kind of sista. Watch how they talk economics and infrastructure and technology and how to move forward with the President of the United States as their role model and leader. I’m willing to bet you didn’t believe the Afro-Tech existed and thought I made it all up, didn’t you? What’s more interesting is you see the positive energy among black people that didn’t have much African-Americans involvement in the room. And you see President Obama talking to our African family in a way he doesn’t talk to African-Americans about how to move forward huh? So you kinda see where all of this going, Post-Obama huh? Rise of Africa, STEM, global moves and stuff. So let me ask you African-Americans a question and let’s all be honest here – where do you see all of that Pan-African garbage you African-Americans been blabbing about in the discussion above? Do you “pro-blacks” still think Africa need you and your kinte kufi wearing behind? I mean, you can’t get more “pro-black” than this video – show me something more pro-black than a black American president with the African family from all over the continent in the same room having a forum on making Africa better with direct stakeholders – show me what you got. So what I’m saying is as you watch President Obama having a grown up conversation with the Afro-Tech, notice how President Obama is inspired by them to lead our people forward, not you African-Americans. Because the African cats didn’t BS the past 8 years like you African-Americans did – Africa rose up proud and inspired when a black man was elected to the White House – you African-Americans didn’t do anything but watch Scandal on ABC. So you African-Americans that don’t know STEM, ain’t handle your business and listening and watching this video know exactly what’s going on here – you being written off and left behind as the Afro-Tech moves forward to take care of our people, our communities and our future. Yeah, keep watching the video, African-Americans….

2 thoughts on “The President and the Afro-Tech

  1. ” … you African-Americans didn’t do anything but watch Scandal on ABC.” You said a lot right there. The man isn’t stupid. How does one deal with folks that aren’t serious?

    1. Organize, build and do business with like minded people. Side step the stupids. Or let them sidestep themselves.

      It’s like Noah warning the people of a great flood. Only a few are prepared for the Barackalypse. The rest will get washed away in the flood.

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