While Swirling Sistas Gushing Over Some Movie Called “Loving”, Inbound Keyword Searches for Black Men Looking to Date Chinese Women Been Trending Upward on This Blog

I’m seeing a lot of werido sistas we brothas probably never liked anyway on social media blabbing about some movie called “Loving” that covers one of the first high-profiled interracial marriage couple when it was illegal in some regions of the USA. Usually these type of black-girl-falls-for-white-guy movies are always overhyped and just flop at the box office because no one wants to see them except the swirling chicks self-aggrandizing their facade of a so-called interracial relationship. You know that non-black dude these sistas got running all up in her as she on the Internet taking selfies with her non-black “partner” trying to brag she found someone who “wants” her and trying to make mixed babies with ain’t trying to sit around watching “Loving” with her or be around any of those silly “swirling” movies.

Love and relationships should never be based on race; it should be based on genuine principles of love. And also love is a strategic partnership between two couples forged to define a new path. What sistas are doing – the whole bragging about getting with white guy rhetoric is based on race/racism and the discussion is not about love or a strategic partnership. Most of the conversation is about attacking us brothas and hoping to make some of us brothas jealous or angry which is unfounded. We brothas would just be happy for any of our sistas that found true love and we will be happy for you sistas, not mad at you if you found someone you truly love, regardless of their skin color. The reality is, cats around the world get mad at us brothas for dating their women from their culture. We good brothas and real brothas see love as a beautiful thing.

Speaking of movies and media, as a good black man who love my sistas as my sista and someone proud of my African-American heritage, I have some of my favorite movies, music and Netflix stuff I’m enjoying this year I want to share. The first one is also an upcoming movie coming out and this one is called Bazodee and I cannot wait to go see it as one of the good brothas out here.

This summer, this is one of my favorite dance tracks by Bob Sinclair that this black and proud caramel complexion brotha like to mix into my sets and I really love this music video so much – I just want to call Becky with the good hair so bad and recreate the dance scenes in this video….

If you on Netflix, there is a good mini-series that came out on Channel 4 in the UK called “Run” and it was actually good (Katie Leung was so awesome in this series!) and in fact, why I’m writing this article…I want you brothas who are searching for black men dating Chinese women to watch episode 2 called “Ying” and understand as this was a very good episode.


For brothas, the thing about dating internationally is you may not know her journey/story and the background to how she got into the Western world. It is very rare for a beautiful woman outside of the USA to be an independent woman autonomy that just there for a brotha like you to step to – there may be something going on where she had to co-signed or done things to get to the point she at. She may have an overprotective family, the family owe money to cats where the family paid to get her out of that homeland situation and more. It’s very important for you brothas to understand this because you can get a foreign sista in problems you don’t understand not knowing her background and where she came from.

We are coming back with the blockchain dating project for brothas to date internationally and know who he dating and also, allow her to be highly-qualified to date black men. Black men are the most sought-after and top priority dudes in the world by the most beautiful women in the world when we brothas get our act together and our hustle up. Sistas around the world be saying stuff like we brothas got something they like that is big and I don’t know exactly what that means but that’s what’s they saying about us brothas.

The goal for a brotha to date internationally is to first find a woman who can demonstrate disciplined love and that is not subservient – that is a woman who believe in maintaining a home for the family and cultivating her children to succeed. A woman has to be raised right to have those traits and let’s be honest – the single parent thing in the American black community left a lot of sistas unqualified to be wife material and a lot of these sistas have some pretty fucked-up beliefs about being in a relationship with her African-American man while hanging with her sistas talking negative shit about us African-American men at the same time. That’s real-world and no brotha deserve that type of relationship when there are some very good and quality and beautiful, thick, juicy, curvy, bouncy, soft like silk sistas outside of the USA that will do a brotha right..like Becky with the good hair.


Me and bae works because we are transparent, we don’t hide anything from each other. My first Asian bae (we still friends and hang out, live right around me) was the only woman that truly was there for me when I had to get away from a sista I highly unwanted and Asian bae got money and cuteness and didn’t have to deal with me during that period but she stayed true to her black man based on principals knowing I was a good person. You cannot “mack lesson” that kind of quality woman into your life – I was lucky to have a quality woman like that period and you brothas going to have to learn to look at values, not love – values is what rules at the end of the day, not love as these sistas around us brothas fall out of love real fast over petty stuff.

Me and bae today have shared strategic goals and vision and we are partners more than we are a couple. I was at the tennis match with bae (her thing) here in Atlanta the other day at Atlantic Station and sistas saw us, tripping as usual because they saw we wasn’t just boyfriend/girlfriend – they saw exactly what they saw – me and bae is a forged alliance and that’s what you get with you find the right Asian bae or like Kanye found with KimK, you see KimK handling hers because maybe she found a real brotha that she actually feeling. And that’s the kind of transparent, open and strategic relationships I suggest you brothas looking for an international flavor want in your search – the one that going to make you not only happy but fulfilled.

Good brothas deserve a good woman to support his intrinsic goal to raise and support a family and have someone he can share his vision, rely on and be by his side. Real love is a beautiful foundation based on transparency and forged strategic goals and vision as a couple to take on the world together. Brothas..do not be like those swirling sistas chasing skin color, find someone that going to be right there with you establishing true love and you have to do your homework and research and make sure they are compatible with your long-term goals of family and empire building.

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