How Robo-Advisors and the Blockchain Already Destroyed Multi-Level Marketing and Cats Still Want to Front Like They Ballin.

mlmlol I still laugh when cats say MLM made more millionaires than any other industry – yeah, the tech cats and finance cats straight side splitting on some broke busted ass MLM cats talking like they handling theirs more than cats doing technology and finance. MLM cats be talking about they got the Bentley lease, yeah the Bentley lease yall! Well, how funny is it that it is going to be those same finance and tech cats real ballin on your downline peddling ass that will be ending that whole MLM bullshit once and for all and quickly. Cats in the NBA made more chicks millionaires going in raw than the MLM industry... authur Before I get started, let me just tell all those MLM cats fronting and acting like they actually have something going on other than hustling their friends and family to pretend they successful – I mean come on – the minute 5Linx or Paycation or some damn life coaching shit come out your mouth, that automatically tells us you didn’t handle your shit back in the day, homey…you just got cats trying not to laugh in your damn face when you explain that MLM bullshit. And yall love that anecdotal shit talking how someone else made a lot of money – let me get back to what I want to say before I get started. I just wanted to tell yall MLM cats or Mediocre Light Money cats to just start looking for other work, like washing dishes and making sandwiches at Wendy’s or how about sprinkling some cheese on tacos at Taco Bell? I be looking at you cats working that Taco Bell assembly line making sure you putting enough meat on my Nacho Supreme and shit. mlmhustle Let’s talk about your MLM business model for a second and try to think about it in a rationale and objective term. Someone hyped you up and told you that you are a hustler, a go-getter and all that inspirational shit at some staged dazzling event and you fell for it. Showcased a few people with a Bentley lease and you thought “wow..that can me in that Bentley styling..making those people who hatin on me jealous!” But then the MLM cats came to you and told you to buy some “starter kits” to start peddling some bullshit to people around you. They don’t give you any leads like real sales profession, they tell you to go find those damn leads yourself by “networking” and shit. Then you start posing, start posting online fronting the image of success hoping you got charisma to get someone you know buy that bullshit you peddling for the MLM firm. roboseller Well, there is a problem with that MLM business you cats were used to peddling in 2016 and 2017 going to set it all straight. The world is moving to robo-advisors which is a nice bot that actually scan your financial portfolio and can make recommendations on what stocks or funds to buy or sell or hold and also advise on what financial productions or loans can be offered. Robo-advisors in 2016 already threw tens of thousands of fund managers out into the unemployment line worldwide, especially in London and the Brexit vote didn’t help the economic situation over in London either. And if these robots throwing financial fund managers out on the streets, we can assume your simple ass MLM hustle ain't that much complicated either, huh? blockchain2 Another technology is the blockchain and I know you heard of this before because we mentioned it a lot here. The biggest advantage of the blockchain is it create low-cost and instant settlement. As soon as the cryptographic hash can be inserted into the blockchain, computers can quickly validate the cryptographic information to instantly validate and process an order and settle it immediately. So you see this technology done where for example, a wholesaler can create a letter of credit to an overseas supplier and it can be validated and fulfilled immediately – by bots. Or someone can send money or get a money order and immediately written to the blockchain to be validated immediately where Western Union make it hard for you to get your money back if you lose or mess up your money order after purchase. chatbot And I’m sure you MLM cats are aware of Facebook Chatbots that can chat with a person and recommend products and give advice and lookup information, yeah, the same Facebook that you MLM cats be posting your MLM hustle on. These chatbots can be on a billion phones and talk to a billion people at the same damn time and don’t need a damn Bentley lease and can work 24/hours, 7 days a week on demand. So let’s use some common sense here again and do a comparison – we got a chatbot technology that can talk to anybody in any language, sell anywhere in the world 24/7 and live on a social media platform to reach a billion people and chatbots don’t need a Bentley lease or some motivational event and can write an order immediately to the blockchain for instant settlement. And then we got your simple MLM hustling ass that need to go to bed, need to be motivated with that Bentley lease one day and only speak English or maybe bi-lingual and take your slow ass time trying to convince your auntie to buy that MLM shit you selling and she buys your shit disappointed that you turned out to be a fucking loser peddling MLM while you smile and say “thanks auntie!” Which one you think an MLM program manager is going to choose to roll with come 2017? newjob Like I said, go find a new job because MLM is dead – the whole paradigm is going to chatbots and the blockchain to sell products to people via “social media marketing” and no MLM really need human hustlers anymore. No MLM program in their right mind is going to invest in humans when chatbots are cheaper and global and operate as a service with no commission. So you MLM cats and your frontin wannabee rich ass is straight fucked and you probably just in denial..still wanting that Bentley lease. And I don’t know what to tell you MLM cats except make sure you keep your head high and smile at the only other job you can get after we financial cats and technology take you fake-money shit-talking broke-ass MLM cats out of the conversation about who really out here making that money...

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  1. This was great. I got suckered into Vector Marketing/Cutco back when I was 19. I lasted 3 weeks, until I realized something seemed “off.” Ever since then, I give a mean side eye whenever someone tries to peddle that bullshit to me (the last was this $75 bottle of rejuvenating “salt water.”).

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