Money Can’t Love You Back, But We Can…


Money may be the root of all evil but the heart is the root of all love. For too long, the African-American community have been infatuated with money and “bling” and we allowed the love of money lead our people astray from our true purpose and fulfillment of what we are pursuing – peace, love and soul. These words are not cliché, we want peace and a harmonious life, we want an environment allowing us to express and receive valid love and we want a fulfilled and purposed soul.

The Afro-Tech is on the forefront of the global revolution that is transforming the concept of money into the concept of delivering value based on love, trust, caring, responsibility and needs. Not “wants” and needs but the realization that what we truly wanted, money could not have purchased. Like the Beatles song, money cannot buy me or you love but the new models of transactions let you express love in value. The concepts of augmented money, trusted transactions and collective currency models are absolutely going to change the whole world around us as we know it in a better way.

In order to know how to make moves in the 21st century which will be the rise of the Transaction Revolution, you have to be one of the brothas and sistas we have that cares and shine for each other – that is the biggest attribute. The number one reason our people tripping with each other is we looking at each other money and assuming their money count (“net worth”) but not looking at each other as a human being with value. You brothas and sistas going to have to start looking for those who possess the value of loving and caring because that is the new currency and era being ushered in.

We Have to Be The Brothas That Cares


We brothas have to realize what makes us great and admired worldwide is we brothas truly care about sistas around the world more than anyone and that is the truth. That is what makes women all around the world love an African-American man is they know our caring spirit. The façade of hyper-masculinity of us black men being pushed out there by media and dudes looking to compensate is simply not authentically who we are as a brotha and a man. We care – that’s our biggest attribute and you know this and I know this to be the truth. Black men cares.

Caring is sharing and we brothas have the intrinsic attributes to start looking at ways to deliver value by developing models that let us share resources and goals where we all can benefit. Brothas are the ones who goes out and mentor, teach and coach and we need to leverage our ability to go worldwide and sell this attribute as value. Our ability to care and share is a value and it is respected worldwide. But we brothas have to work at home also and repair our relationships with our sistas and let them know at the base level, we care about her and her well-being and this is unconditional terms of love, no matter what our differences may be right now between brothas and sistas.

When we brothas start leveraging our biggest and most valuable asset, our ability to share, we will start seeing ourselves create new paradigms of transactional-based business models based on the ability to care instead of the current paradigm of exploitation.

We Have to Be Sistas That Will Shine

Our sistas can shine at anything she put her mind to and not only does she deliver, she usually set the standard. I have already seen the moves and influence our sistas are making worldwide – all over the world making moves and handling her business like no one else. But what I personally know and seems like I’m the only brotha willing to express it but our sistas are a huge spectrum of fun, silly, playful, serious, focused, witty, loyal and professional and absolutely unique in her characteristics and beauty. The image of some attitude-having negative-aura sista is also prevalent in media but this is simply not the reality of black women we have out there.

Our sistas can and already have begun developing new transactional paradigms that focused on empathy, sheltering, solving everyday problems and righting wrongs producing value in ways not even conceived by other groups out there. Delivering value to motherhood issues, logistical issues, financial management are not business-goals but the things a mother and woman must handle to make sure she can survive and thrive without relying on us brothas who have not been as reliable as we should be the past few decades.

Yes, we have some rouge sistas that went too far astray and even perverted in their rationale, but we have a lot more sistas that have her head right in the real world we living in. And those sistas who will embrace who she is and not compromise her black womanhood to anybody will be able to harness her true gifts and attributes that will deliver value in the new paradigm of transactions.

Together, Our Love Can Produce the Biggest Value

The old way of money being based on trickle-down from elitists is going to be disrupted extremely fast as the transformational shift of the concept of money and value moves towards human capital based upon our ability to love, trust and respect one another to deliver mutual value and benefit as the exchange. And what is going to be the biggest value and asset is those who are willing to show they care, show they can love and they can shine in a way that influence everybody in a positive and uplifting way. And we African-Americans intrinsically have this attributes within us.

You wish this was made-up talk and a cute read but we are already there and this paradigm of love and trust as value is already manifesting in real-time as we speak. We are doing business with each people we never met or seen over the Internet worldwide on blind faith and benefit. We collectively give to crowdfunded causes to help others out of support and caring to see another person make it. And now the rest of the science is catching up and being realized and things are looking good. But our people, African-Americans have to realize who we really are, loving and caring people that shines and start reverting to the beautiful people we are but a lot of us have to fix ourselves and how we carry ourselves if we want to move forward.

The days of status quo, money being in the hands of elitists and picking and choosing who get to enjoy life based on money are coming to an end. The human world is waking up to realizing since money isn’t on the gold standard and we spent decades after that speculating on value of money as “get rich” errands, maybe the real standard of money in the 21st century is the standard of our character, think about it.

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