Pro-Black vs. Mega-Xtian Confrontation in Detroit Proves Hotheaded Hotep Strategies Don’t Work

pbvmx What a crappy month for the pro-blacks and the street activists out there. Killer Mike talking about hunting and fishing for survival sounding emotional on a worthless ineffectual panel ran by a worthless ineffectual Dr. Boyce Watkins. Petty criminals selling out black lives matter by taking pics with cops and posting on Facebook pro-cop propaganda like a snitch looking to avoid a bid. And now we got New Era Detroit or NED trying to go up against a Mega-Church in Detroit and let’s talk about that one today. First and foremost, I’m deeply disappointed in New Era Detroit and they are discredited because you will see in the video, New Era Detroit went into Great Faith Ministries and after disrupting the service, called the church members the n-word in their own church and that is deeply inexcusable and cross the line. I better not hear anybody come in and make an excuse for that behavior – you do not walk in a church and call the church members the n-word that is inexcusable. Actually, watch the video and you will see the n-word start being used at 22 seconds, inside their house of worship: They are calling the members of the church coons, punk ass bitch and one guy with a tattoo on his neck (video screen shot) taunting them to touch him with the threat he will commit a violent act – this is how these “love black people” cats are talking to a black church congregation. So let’s not even try to paint a picture, the New Era Detroit group showed this is what these so-called pro-blacks about and none of what you saw in this video is unbecoming of a black man or anybody that is pro-black and love black people. So whatever argument there is against Great Faith Ministries, what we know is New Era Detroit is unqualified to deal with the situation. There is enough evidence in these videos to file a permanent protection order and even sue New Era Detroit for Civil Rights violations and wipe this hotep pro-black BBQ picnic activist group out of existence over their behavior at a religious institution. fingerface This goes back to what I was saying in a previous article – we cannot rely on these pro-blacks to do anything for the black community because they always fuck things up and pull stupid shit all the time acting on their emotions. Notice the little man punking out putting his finger in one of the New Era Detroit face because he knew they wasn’t going to fight this church congregation – New Era Detroit would have been destroyed if they laid a damn finger on a black church member. This confrontation was ignorant, stupid, dumb and the fact someone from New Era Detroit actually thought this was a goddamn strategy to execute let me and you the mentality of these pro-blacks. Here is the problem – Great Faith Ministries is not a person or even a group of person, it is a community and you do not “fight” or “confront” a community and the Art of War teaches this. You leave the community intact and you convert them by winning their hearts and minds and have them see your side. When New Era Detroit attacked the community, they done nothing but turned the community against them and they forfeited the most valuable asset you want to take from your adversary – the people. New Era Detroit lost their credibility to speak for the people. In warfare, the real weapon is the attitude and voice of the people. If the people are saying Great Faith Ministries are doing great things and believe that – you cannot change how the people feel until they see you do greater than what they see others doing. Or you discredit the adversary where the people no longer believe in them. But the people have to believe in your side because the people can develop cognitive dissonance and believe in the adversary even if they know the truth. That means even if you say for example, Bishop Eddie Long like dry humping boys on their backside or Bishop Wayne Jackson like covering up and dry humping grown men on stage, the people will still follow them if you have not brought a more compelling case for them to follow you. Because you need to remember, these are followers with a follower mentality. Here is the funny part and I want to end this. At first I was going to do both sides but New Era Detroit disqualified themselves by calling a black church congregation the n-word and that is unacceptable and crosses the line where New Era Detroit may be defunct thing of the past for violating Great Faith Ministries right to practice their religion in a civil suit. But here is the funny part – I have written a very similar storyline in the Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain series. In that episode, Queen B created a blockchain solution for churches that show where every dollar is spent and the government and people loved it. One of the guys, a recurring character decide to take on the mega church pastor but he realize he has to win over the people and he sacrificed himself for the people he want to win over, that’s all I’m going to say. If you want to take on an organization that is doing wrong, including structural systems like white privilege and police code of silence, you got to win over the people to your side. Being confrontational keeps the people swayed towards your adversary. You got to sacrifice and win them over. What New Era Detroit did was confront this church in a nasty way and infringed on Constitutional Rights discredited them from being able to do anything effective from this point except apologize. This is the last few months of 2016 before Obama leaves and we see how stupid and ignorant the pro-black characters have become already. It’s like we all knew this is how it’s going down and cats are just playing the scripted role in a predictable manner. You pro-black cats running around calling people coons and stuff like that – yall better sit your ass down and redraw your strategies because yall royally fucking up right now…real talk.

4 thoughts on “Pro-Black vs. Mega-Xtian Confrontation in Detroit Proves Hotheaded Hotep Strategies Don’t Work

  1. And there are legitimate problems with the black church. Property values, over saturation, not being rehab and resource centers in the evenings. Lack of vision
    ,disconnect in the real world, aging congreations, non- acceptance of gays, boyfriend girlfriend relationships(some church’s don’t care others frown on that).77 churches where i live at. Mostly black small churches 10 members here 40 here no unity at all.I feel like some off those negro preachers are the worst creatures on earth. Why? They know things and wont tell it. “hey this week congreation we ain’t taking donations we putting all our money and collections this week and buying the vacant lot beside us”. But it ain’t happening. On to the rescue AFRO-TECH to do all the heavy lifting. Much love Dream and Hustle

    1. That correct and I was going to outline how to deal with the mega-church that divert the circulation of local spending into Sunday service.

      But this pro-black New Era Detroit fucked everything up with their violent-taunting tactics that no one can follow behind because Greater Faith have been victimized and violated by this bullshit these thuggish clowns brought.

      This is the equivalent of massacre of nuns in El Salvador or bombing a building full of children in Columbia . There is a line you don’t cross and if you turn the people against you, you lost credibility.

      These weak ass pro-blacks acted off their damn emotions and now no one can follow up on the Trump thing or look at the activities of this mega church to not associate with the emotional pro-black fuckwads. If anything we lost advantage and leverage and have to compromise with the community that was violated.

      That church already had a grip on the people and now that grip and influence is tighter and that church has the money, power and respect to fortify their position off this senseless confrontation.

  2. it appears that New Era Detroit is without smart, wise and strong leadership, and this is what we get when we allow inexperience youth with nothing to loose to lead.

  3. You can still be a Christian & be pro black…most black churches are. The problem is when you violate the belief system of those black people. I know Manny black people who attend church & still find the time to volunteer & do more for the community then black people who don’t attend church have done in their entire lifetime. Pro black church folks don’t brag about it though…it would be against the Bible to even share those kinds of facts & figures with the community….because most of the community doesn’t attend….it’s like someone asking to see my bank account when they haven’t given me a dime.

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