Still Time to Be a Real Ass Black Man for Your Woman, Your Family, Your Community and Our Future

Look my man, I’m talking and appealing to you directly - you are bigger than following other cats and filing your brain up with ideology that ain’t going to go anywhere. You bigger than the bullshit going on out here with the rest of these weak ass brothas and I need you to separate yourself from the boys and start handling your business. Real black men don’t have black women problems – black women love a real black man. Cornball brothas have black women problems because they not real about manhood. Real black men don’t have making money and making moves problems – other brothas will offer a hand, sistas will offer a plate to eat and a couch or inflatable bed and the kids will offer their hope and belief in you. Cornball brothas have making money problems and problems making moves because they weak and off-based and petty-minded. Real black men represent and say what they mean and mean what they say and have no fear, born to die and ready to deal with anything in the way. Weak brothas show fear, have no strategy or execution and talk a lot but ain’t showing up at the showdown. I need you to stop hanging with the cornball brothas and start becoming a real black man in this world. The best advice I can give you and this is coming from someone who is handling his is this – you got to elevate yourself to your true potential. Meaning you got to think worldwide, you got to think products and services that cats use every day or have a high value for to bring profits and most important, you got to know how to form a squad – remember that it’s better to have 7 lions rolling with you than have 700 sheep following you. You also got to be smart enough to protect your community and offer solutions. Instead of saying the black community cannot hunt and fish – you can show the black community how to use oils to start canning fish, make fruit preserves in jars, vacuum seal and freeze fresh fish and freeze left over pizza to store away for emergency – the black community need black men who can do things, not talk things. You can do canning on fish and beans that last 1 year and frozen pizza vacuum sealed can last over a year and still be fresh. Look, the Afro-Tech is the one making moves and as one of them, I cannot work with brothas who are stuck on stupid like the pro-black shit. I’m dealing with real brothas and sistas throughout Africa right now who are genuine brothas and sistas looking to do small things we American brothas like yourself can easily knock out. Small task for you but a big difference to our African Diaspora family and they will appreciate you, especially the African sistas. I cannot stand how beautiful African women are – it’s crazy how fione these African sistas are, oh my God. I’m also dealing with brothas and sistas in Asia as well as throughout Latin America and a few Europe and Canada and down under in New Zealand and Australia. I spoke a little Chinese to this thick Chinese sista the other day and now she got my phone blowing up. See, actually being pro-black is when you at the professional league of being black making real moves for your people and your identity, not being some raggy-ass brotha yelling some hotep shit on a street somewhere who settled on making $39k/year cops his enemy. The top 3 things I need you brothas to get on topic is (1) blockchain technology – you will see millions in a few years and this is big stuff. It is not hard, the way the white privilege cornballs and banks are doing it, they doing some hipster shit leaving opportunity for a brotha to come in and do it right and implement it fast. (2) Customer Experience or CX – I need you looking at creating everything from festivals, club or lounge themed events and technology like post to Instagram immediately or stream Facebook live and even create furniture, packaging, kiosks, retail design to promote commercialism with heightened experience for brothas and sistas to shop in our communities. (3) Fan Experience or FX – I have several professional teams worldwide I reached out to who are hyper-interested in seeking FX talent as you see stadiums and sports leagues want the latest technology from smart parking, smart ticketing and reselling, mobile ordering food and merchandise and wi-fi and interactive jumbotrons to tailgating geofencing targeting ads to managing social media between events for fan engagement and willing to pay big fucking bucks for it. You have to get the money and there are plenty of big opportunities I just presented to you that are big and you brothas can go and do it big. The opportunities I named take you worldwide where you are walking in Leeds UK while talking to a hella fine Sade looking sista who requested you to consult on creating a local soccer/football team and yall talking business but she loving an American black man more than you loving her UK accent and her curve hugging outfit. You brothas fully capable of being a real black men are cheating yourself of real money, real women, real hustles still lurking around these loser ass brothas on some bulletin board or you following some clown ass brotha on YouTube mouthing worthless ish week after week. I’m appealing but I’m not going to say this anymore because time and window or opportunity is running out and just want to reach you real brothas – it’s time for you to start being that real ass black man for you and yours..the world and your woman and your family is calling for you to step up.

4 thoughts on “Still Time to Be a Real Ass Black Man for Your Woman, Your Family, Your Community and Our Future

  1. Ed! I have to stop reading and post a comment when I read this

    “Real black men don’t have making money and making moves problems – other brothas will offer a hand, sistas will offer a plate to eat and a couch or inflatable bed and the kids will offer their hope and belief in you.”

    I used to think I was a loser when my aunt offered me her couch and place to stay when she saw I was struggling after college. It took 2 years but I’m on my feet and doing better than I’ve ever done before. I had to move away from my son and family to another city. I felt awful leaving my 2 year old boy. It still bothers me to this day, but after reading that I remember the brothers and sisters that were there to help me, and I remember how proud my son was to see me when I flew him out to where his daddy stayed. He believes in me, too.

    Thanks for this post, man.

  2. Had to relocate from the A back to NY recently. Interesting how my network went from Kats pushing MLM BS in the A & BS functions to me meeting with Kats from France and sitting down with people from every aspect of life who are about the global vision. Thank you sir for the reminder of the gifts.

  3. Even though Iam a woman,I too went through difficult times and it was 2 real, caring people who were there for me not my so called 50 half assed friends and acquaintances, who were no where to be found when I needed them. You learn a lot about yourself and about the rare true caring people at times like that.

  4. Thank you for giving me this inspiration to do better in life as a Young Black man (25 yr. old), sir. This article is like a kick in the ass, to me, when it comes to knowing that I’m missing opportunities out there when it comes to Technology and American Black men needs to jump on that, including myself.

    Right now, I’m going for CCNA certification, self-studying for 2 months until I’m ready for my test. It’s time to be a man that the future black youth will be proud of and inspired to. Afro-Tech is the future and I definitely need to look on Blockchain technology.

    Thank you, ed.

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