This is Why You Don’t Have Petty Criminals and Pro-Blacks Fighting the Battle for the Progress of Our People

propaganda The Art of War teaches to never recruit petty criminals or unethical people or confused people to fight your battles. These people are not only unreliable in battle but they can confuse the message and integrity of the fight you are pursuing. In addition, your adversary can take these petty criminals and marginalized losers and use these very same people against you and make them represent you in propaganda. scumbag Remember when we had the issue with Sandra Bland and as progress and heat was being put on the jail, some clown shows up on Facebook posting a picture of Sandra Bland talking about they were in the Army and can tell Sandra Bland look dead in the mugshot. The African-American idiots started passing this post around social media and the mainstream media started reporting on this social media post and it became a huge distraction and it actually damaged the progress of putting pressure on the police department. This social media post made the headlines where the news said African-Americans believed Sandra Bland is dead in mugshot and the police department returned and said this is a lie and released a video to make them look like they had the truth – we gave the adversary room to counter a lie that some idiot put out and make them look good but also allowed the adversary make it look like we are conspiracy kooks – this was real damage and an injustice to Sandra Bland because of this fucking idiot social media post and black people passing this stupid shit around. This is also something Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black do a lot, put bullshit information out there during critical moments of strategic information warfare against the adversary. goodcopstuff We had two cop shootings recently where one cop shot an unarmed black father who was walking to his truck who was not a threat to pull a gun on in Tulsa. We had another black man who was not even the target of a police activity get corralled and shot after “not complying” and the police department didn’t want to release the video until another video showed up. One of the tactics the police department does is use spin doctors and crisis management to start promoting “positive cop stories” to paint cops as good and this is done for a reason – to make a grand jury see cops as good and let them get away with shooting a “big bad dude” that was a reasonable threat for a cop to use lethal force. Propaganda is part of the Art of War as you want to control the hearts and minds of the people. As you see in the Facebook posting above, we see some cop with a damn smug and we see a petty criminal with a sob story to tell, emotional shit. The petty criminal post this up about he got pulled over and the cop prayed with him and drove with him to see his family after an unfortunate event – I mean women in the family really miss their petty criminal male family member, like the movie Scarface. So you see a pic and a cop smugging with him. And what happens next? great_story This is what an African-American shared with the caption “great story” and our own black people help undermine our progress by sharing propaganda that you should have realize was strategically created by this cop. You know damn well the background to this story – this was a petty criminal with a warrant speeding and could have been immediately arrested and detained “on hold”. This petty criminal started crying about his situation and the cop realize that he can score a win for cops if he portrays himself doing a good deed for this “thug” since the county sheriff with the warrant don’t want to drive and pick up this petty criminal immediately – get something out of this. So the cop made a "deal" – the cop will do this "good" stuff as long as this petty criminal will post this propaganda to their Facebook profile. Look at the writing - I wished petty criminals can actually articulate themselves without cussin, huh? So who actually wrote this or dictated this, the thug or the cop? And the propaganda got posted and now black people posting and sharing this shit like this is a “good story” not realizing this is data manipulation propaganda against black people in the Art of War. This petty criminal does not represent the unarmed black people who are killed in the streets by cops who are getting away with murder due to grand juries not recommending prosecution – where the real battle is at. This petty criminal was used by the other side to publish this propaganda that cops are doing good things and if you read the comments throughout social media, it is people mocking Black Lives Matter efforts and mocking black people grievances against police brutality. We are engaged in information warfare and our African-American people continue to fail at this level and we get damaged as a result. The cops and police departments have spin doctors and mainstream media but our own black people who see their own getting shot, cops not doing their job in the hood causing crime to go up – what the fuck these black folks who are victims do? They share this FB propaganda and say it is a “good story” – you still think we need to fish and hunt to start the revolution to fight information warfare, the real arena we are battling in? Look at these cats we got in the black community bragging they used to be in a gang, or they was in jail and did time as if these are attributes to get shit done for black people. These criminals and thugs or "reformed" cats haven't done fuck shit for black people. Malcolm X reformed speech making behind haven't amount to a damn thing close to what Martin Luther King done - Martin Luther King went out to the battle line for our people and face them with rocks thrown at him and cops - Malcolm X gave speeches in Harlem and college campuses, do not be confused about who put in real work and who got shot by the powers that viewed as a threat (Martin) and who got shot by other pro-blacks petty criminals (Malcolm) willing to kill a family black man like Malcolm for just having an opinion about Elijah Muhammad - think about how petty that black-on-black killing of Malcolm X was. Criminals have always been used as propaganda from the other side to allow the worst of us represent the best of us who are actually trained and skilled to fight. The only strategy criminals and the weird fringed are good for is producing chaos unaffiliated with the greater army. In war, the armies would make petty criminals march in front of the real advancing army to take on a village or opposing army to cause chaos and come in and slay them all to get mission accomplished. Petty criminals have better uses today in the African-American community such as being lawsuit-proof and can be trained to target individuals who are not lawsuit proof and can settle - that's information warfare and zero sum game theory stuff no petty criminal or pro-black knows how to execute, real professionals do. That's why you African-Americans better start realizing what kind of war we in - information warfare - and realize we cannot have compromised people who do not have the skills or integrity to battle on the front line to get the job done.

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  1. Well it has been said that one has to be careful of the media, never mind the tv, the internet is the beast today.Facebook, twitter, instagram is a place where many people post lies. If you can control peoples mind with the dishonest information out there, you have pretty much won the battle. What are the answers? (looking for solutions)

    1. Cediblog, I strongly recommend you read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. The actual book written over 500 years ago is located at

      But interpretation of the book is important to understand the strategy outlined. You will not only find the solutions you are looking for, you will see the tactics waged against you and our people.

  2. I was at the library on Monday, and I came across a book called the 48 Laws of Power. I took it out, I have not read it yet, but I will. This other book called the Art of war, I have not heard of, but I will find it and read it. The world for a lack of a better term is like a matrix in my opinion. Thank you for the info and I will seek out the book.

    1. Don’t waste your time reading the 48 Laws of Power. Greene is a historian and a storyteller. He based most of that book on The Prince and The Art of War. Sun Tzu is someone I would read before Greene.

  3. Thanks! This story made it to the radio. I forgot where. I paid it no mind and thought it was a distraction. Fact of the matter it was put out there. The HOST shared the VIRAL propaganda. What about that other fake story in ATL about a woman and her baby at the bus stop? I listen to way to much talk radio. Three different shows folk were calling in spreading that misinformation. One show was so much emotion. She did not even know. Instagram is is worst with misinformation. If I comment the behind the algorithm will lock me to these nutjobs. LOL. I have The pocket version of Art of War that I pick up from time to time. Mid way reading this I thought about the other post on this subject. That one were they photo opped a young black male hugging a policeman.

  4. I’m so mad too. This past week… smh
    I’ve always had a problem when this term “post racial” was introduced. By who and why? I don’t know. Heard a young 20 something state: “I thought we were post racial.” as they were trying to make sense of Tusla and Charlotte public executions.

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