Why Are You Entertaining Killer Mike and Black Nationalists Saying Worthless Ish 40 Days from the USA Presidential Election?

ohboy Look I know it is now Fall of 2016 and the elections are near and President Obama is officially a lame duck with nothing but good speeches to offer. Opening up museums for African-American sitting next to another ex-president Bush listening to Stevie Wonder and stuff, Obama already ready for that Post-Obama era. But many African-Americans know and been warned for years that the Barackalypse is going to go down where everybody going after African-Americans after election day. Some FB friend shared a video of Killer Mike at a panel talking about African-Americans ready for a revolution and I listened to what he had to say. Before I talk about what he had to say, I guess my question is who still attending these worthless ass pro-black meetings? Is this some Boyce Watkins jive ass shit? Damn, I mean really – what are you Afro-Americans expecting to take away in the Fall of 2016 when all the shit getting ready and already in early stages of the Barackalypse still at these pro-black forums looking at a bunch of self-important cats drinking cheap ass bottle water talk ineffectual rhetoric? Don’t you got better shit to do at this point in time? Just asking. Let’s listen to the video and warning – loud volume and emotional ranting by a black man that sound more like your crazy ass girlfriend yelling at you not buying your excuse why your shirt smell like a cheap stripper 2:30am in the morning: I don’t know the context of what prompted Killer Mike emotional ranting but it sounds to me and correct me if I’m wrong, Killer Mike was likely hearing some fake ass armchair warriors talking up some bullshit about going into a revolution with the police and others powers that be. And Killer Mike couldn’t take what he was hearing and he probably looked at these cats who are probably Internet-based fuckboys talking up revolution and he couldn’t take it anymore. Killer Mike stated first that if people don’t know how to fish, don’t know how to hunt or regularly shoot once or twice a week and cannot grow their own food and learn martial arts, and not know how to slaughter and prep their own meat then they ain’t capable of doing any kind of revolution. I feel like these cats be secretly reading Dream and Hustle and be using my talking points and not understanding what I wrote years ago. Let me correct Killer Mike on the bullshit he just spoke of right here about these “naturalist” and “survival” skills he mentioned. First of all, to live in the wild, no one fucking hunt or fish – they trap. Killer Mike body mass is too fucking much for him to act like he knows what he talking about handling his business in the wild. If he was truly in the wild, you don’t run around with a bow and arrow hunting shit or sitting at some river fucking fishing – that’s recreational country boy shit. If you surviving and living off the land, you set traps and come back and check those traps. You cast nets in the water and collect the fish. Your backyard chickens and your little backyard farm ain’t enough to sustain your ass on anything – those chickens were mostly pets running the around the house becoming dinner. Only the rich had a farm with livestock back in the days and they had “farm hands” and Killer Mike might want to read some John Steinbeck books. We are in the 21st century. You don’t have to “fish” or “hunt” and you will be more modernized where you need to know canning for example and jarring – Killer Mike didn’t mention that. And talking about going to the gun range twice a week – who does that? Do you know how much bullets, even target bullets cost nowadays? Range fees? Twice a week? And if you shooting twice a week, you wearing your weapon down to not be effective later on. And what the hell is shooting twice a week going to do – make you a sharpshooter? And last, does Killer Mike talking about shooting twice a week know how much lead gets in contact with your skin every time you use a gun in live firing? In case you haven’t realized, you reading an article from a real cat who about that shit Killer Mike talking about and listening to Killer Mike saying the most stupidest shit out of his mouth not knowing what he talking about. And most of you thinking Killer Mike know what he talking about is because you just as stupid as hell as he is. None of what he said about surviving made sense and some phony ass made up shit he never practiced in reality. But Killer Mike did have a point. He stated these weak ass cats talking about revolution ain’t capable of doing anything but we all know this. And Killer Mike also said for the young brothas to survive the encounter and let the lawyer and judge handle the situation and that’s correct. I don’t understand the problem here – if cops with guns who are your enemy and have over 100 years of shooting black men – read the book We Charge Genocide and see they been doing that “Negro tried to grab cop gun” stuff way back in the early 1900s – why are you fucking around with cops who got guns? If they got guns and you ain’t outgunning them, then you are the bitch and you bitch down and do whatever the fuck they say and get processed and let your family or your lawyer or your statement to the judge be your avenue. So Killer Mike is correct – survive the encounter. But one thing and Killer Mike made another mistake. It was not “revolutionaries” that went to Liberia – it was the Boule that went to Liberia working with the conquering white man to colonize and control the Liberian natives and Killer Mike does not know his history about Liberia. And when he says look at Liberia – Liberia has been stable under President Sirleaf and Liberia has been doing well in advancing science from aquaculture to harnessing alternative energy – again, Killer Mike talking from the side of his damn neck again. Ok, I’m pretty sure you tired of even hearing about this because the truth is this – all of these black men in the room and Dr. Boyce Watkins, a so-called “financial guru” was behind this shit, what was the net result and the outcome? Did anybody learn any fucking new math since Dr. Boyce is a math/finance cat? Did anybody learn how to gut and filet a fish after “fishing” for one? Did the young black people attending learn how to deal with an encounter with the police or start their own business? Most important – has anyone talked about what to expect after President Obama leaves office and what they must do in less than six months to deal with a Post-Obama era? Doesn’t sound like they talked about anything important at this bullshit pro-black gathering, did it huh? Well, let me give you an update on the Afro-Tech. We are leading the revolution by cryptonomics and Agile and we made tremendous progress while the rest of you guys stayed emotional and distracted with less than 6 months away from a Post-Obama Era. The Afro-Tech owns the task of uplifting our people, our community and our future and no one from these pro-black and revolutionary characters will challenge the Afro-Tech or much less speak of us because they are simply too stupid and weak and lacking and they ain’t on our level. These characters, Killer Mike emotional outpouring on media and these panels and this stupid ass Dr. Boyce Watkins meeting/conference is worthless – you better stop being distracted all the fucking time and stay on mission because the Post-Obama era is just becoming closer to reality with just days counting down.

4 thoughts on “Why Are You Entertaining Killer Mike and Black Nationalists Saying Worthless Ish 40 Days from the USA Presidential Election?

  1. I learned canning a few years ago as a matter of fact. I live in a large Canadian city and we are having a workshop next week,on how to behave when you encounter police, though the area we live in does not have a lot of black people, it has alot of low income whites, native indians, and latinos, who have also been the victims of police brutality and worse. We have invited black organizations from all over the city to come and learn with us ( hope the hell they come, rather than make excuses as to why they can’t come).

    Personally what could Obama do, the system is in place. In my opinion peoplehave to navigate through the stream rather than waiting for the guide to navigate for them.

    Maybe you can give us ideas as to what we should be focusing on seeing that Obama is leaving office. What should we be doing for ourselves and our black youths. What happens in the US tend to affect so many other countries.

  2. Yea that killa Mike incident didn’t sit right me either but i know it was in response to his audience. I’ll get be give him a pass because I know he’s trying to He still got a good ratio. To counter his rhetoric one could easily day look at the Haitian revolution. David and Goliath moments can happen. BUT today’s wars are fought with psychology, calculators, technology and deception. Advanced shit.

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