As We Approach the Presidential Election, African-Americans Have to Ponder Our Direction in the Post-Obama Era

ourrole After the Presidential election and the 2017 Post-Obama era, you are going to see fellow African-Americans quietly drop out of sight around you and their alias go quietly off the Internet. Some of them going or already left for better pastures and better opportunities while others will be quietly going into isolation or into the woods and meet their downfall and demise. Of course, there will be a few loudmouth fools trying to talk but they just want to hear themselves in an echo chamber. The African-American race is going through a transformational shift whether you want to accept it or not. One problem is too many African-Americans are sidetracked on what’s going down – they think the Post-Obama era is black people vs white people which is a very simplistic and short-sighted. The major factor will not be race or politics but the Fourth Industrial Revolution and having the ability to ride the wave or not able to ride the wave. Another factor will be the Social Media Age where those who are charismatic and connected versus those who are just following and subscribing. But the most important factor will be off-grid – this is the most critical and important factor in the Post-Obama era that African-Americans have to realize. Let’s talk about these to make sure you brothas and sistas have it together the right way. Fourth Industrial Revolution. While full robot workers and AI are still in the lab, augmented outsourcing, chatbots and the blockchain is here now. The blockchain is going to destroy a lot of black media firms, black-owned banks, jobs involving finance and data management and a lot of intermediaries and brokers like that silly MLM stuff and will do so quickly. One factor is Philippines – Duerte big mouth is driving down the Philippines currency but this is scary because it makes Philippines talent pool cheaper to hire and do business with accelerating augmented outsourcing. Another scenario is the Philippines may even serve as a Chinese proxy to US service-based industries where Chinese firms flush Philippines IT sourcing and call centers with investment money to take both service and manufacturing jobs from Americans. These are the global factors Black Enterprise magazine is simply too damn stupid to even articulate for our people, thank God for the 3rd Strategic Institute. Augmented outsourcing is AI computers assisting workers overseas as robo-advisors on how to perform tasks once exclusive to USA talent. You want to be the black person that is ahead of the curve and realize you cannot fight this but you surely can profit off this to keep your family eating good for generations. Social Media Age. We are looking at what is known as gamification that will be used now to determine a person social influence and use that information for credit, access and treatment. Many of you confuse followers with networks and that’s your social media mistake. Followers are usually broke-ass lurkers or low-lives or deplorables as Hillary would call them that follow someone because they take butt pics, post up memes or talk about politics, sports and relationship drama. Networks are high-valued influencers who can make impactful decisions or have words and actions that influence others. Right now, we can instantly tell on social media right now who is a follower and who has high-valued networks and that information will be fed into systems to determine if you someone to invest in or a weak-minded follower that can be hustled. What you want to do is unsubscribe from following and focus more on being connected to people and interacting with people and industry topics. People who have vertical industry social media content and connects will have more influence than most corporate executives in the Social Media Age. Off-Grid. This means you are able to be resilient and sustainable without relying on external dependencies. Meaning you know how to last two weeks on a can of beans and small amount of fish and chicken and fruits and vitamins. You know how to leverage resources such as mass transportation and sharing economy and gig economy work in case you lose your job, home and car. You can live in a pre-fab home with solar and wind power off the grid. The first thing people say is this sound like some kook stuff but that’s the cats really betting their lives being dependent on of a system that is not as solid as they think. The average joe in Oklahoma back during the Great Depression had nothing to do with the stock ticker tape market crashing in New York but he had to suffer the fallout and figure out how to eat and find work and keep his family intact. A lot of you are going to be digitized out your job and see food outsourced and you may not be able to trust it like local produced food and see your home was nothing but a money pit and see the whole concept of money lose value to smart contracts on the blockchain. You got to be able to live off the grid and have the skills. Let me say something – I done most of the off-grid stuff and I enjoyed my life and healthier and vibrant as a result. With less than two weeks from Election Day President Obama era is over – it is unimportant right now to say what President Obama can do because he cannot do anything no more for African-Americans policy-wise that can be enacted, it’s all in the past and that opportunity is no longer available to us as a people. The Post-Obama era is manifesting and there is both tremendous opportunity or tremendous oppression waiting for African-Americans in 2017. I would strongly recommend you take time out, turn off the TV and social media and sit down and ask yourself are you truly prepared for the Post-Obama Era? Focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Social Media Age and being Off-Grid and ask are you ready in these areas. This is the best you can do for yourself right now and make the necessary changes to deal with what’s coming down the pipeline.

2 thoughts on “As We Approach the Presidential Election, African-Americans Have to Ponder Our Direction in the Post-Obama Era

  1. Ed,

    First of all, Thank you for bringing this up since the election is coming up real soon. To me, this is a scary reality because of the Post-Obama era is closing, and we have no time to clown around as opportunities are getting slimmer. You’re 100% correct on how Black folks today needs to think real hard and carefully on how they can survive and maybe thrive when that time comes. For me, I see this as a opportunity to stick out from the crowd and make a business out of this.

    My question is, what are the steps on profiting off this 4th Industrial Revolution in these times? I’m 25 and a ambitious man who’s going/studying for my IT tech certification (Cisco CCNA) and wants to know how to get in the Afro-tech area.

    Feedback and advice would be appreciated, and thank you for bringing the truth and service for us.


    1. Brian,

      It is important you focus on the three areas described in this article. Social Media is important to focus on building connects and becoming a subject matter expert on a industry or social good you passionate about. It may be just as important as the certification. Your social media may journey you to your certification with peer experts who can vouch for you.

      However Brian, as a young black man we have to be honest that the image of young brothas worldwide has been damaged significantly. This impact your global opportunities and this reality cannot be ignored. You going to have to be a distinguished gentlemen that can demonstrate those skills.

      Learn how to live off the sharing economy and gig economy and cheap and healthy foods and active lifestyle. Try it out as an emergency test. This will give you confidence you can hustle to maintain yourself if things go bad. I was able to live off less than $15/week and gig up to $200/week and this is what most of us has to prepare ourselves for instead of just be sad after things turn south…

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