Awww..African-Americans Upset Because the Afro-Tech is Not the Kind of Black Hero or Leadership They Had in Mind

notmyhero Black people been conditioned to believe black leadership and black change comes from an Urban Intellectuals fluff piece or a Grio 100 list or some pundit on TV or AM Radio running their mouth like Roland Martin or someone talking too damn much on a speaking panel like David Banner or Killer Mike. You see sistas looking at former comedians like DL Hughly or a chiltlin playwright like Tyler Perry as a point of enlightment and direction, excited at the scripted profound things they have to say. You see brothas looking at cats on YouTube like Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black and you know what’s funny about that? Years ago, we complained about black women giving her money tithing to a pastor and she can’t find a good black man, today we got black dudes giving their money to Dr. Umar Johnson, Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black and these black dudes can’t find a good black woman…damn, who saw that one coming back in 2006? The biggest scam and the way to manipulate us African-American from making progress is to tell us who our leaders are. That’s why you see stuff like the New York Times and Time magazine make statements such as “black leaders met with ..” to dictate to all of us that we have someone out there that speaks for us. And the second thing is to tell us what qualifies someone to be a black leader – they have to have large sheep followers, they have to have a Dr. degree from a white school or someone white like George Soros has to back them with support. Or they have to appear on a radio show or a TV show and allowed time to run their mouth. See, people made up rules to tell you African-Americans who should lead you black people and by doing this, these rule-makers are allowed to control the direction of African-Americans like a shepherd by choosing the leading sheep for the rest of you to follow. goodleader A real leader or a hero is not someone you can pick and choose or assign. A real leader or hero is someone who has their own convictions to go and do something they are passionate about, feel it is their purpose and move forward despite fears and doubts because they know the mission is bigger than them, they doing it for others. None of you black folks can choose that leader and let me also add you on a secret that causing the 80% divorce rate among African-American couples. You cannot pick and choose who loves you, it’s has to be someone with the conviction in their heart that you are the one for them and they love you from the deepest point in their heart and willing to show the love they have for you. See, what I’m trying to explain to you African-Americans is you cannot pick and choose the people that are good for you – they will present themselves if you let them. But the problem is, you African-Americans are conditioned to be blind to not realize who the real leaders and real heroes are in our community. Yall African-American black people are brainwashed to chase shallow stuff and that's why you cannot get good leadership and find your true love, looking at shallow stuff all the damn time. fookybc I want to make sure all you African-American have an understanding of leadership and heroes and the Afro-Tech. You don’t get to tell me or have an opinion on my hustle and what I plan to do for my people. All you can do is sit back and watch, sit back and hate or try this and get put down or support me for the mission I chose but it does not change the fact I’m on this mission and this is my purpose. The leadership I have is within me and I’m the one up 3am in the morning still coding and speaking to someone in China or Ukraine on how to code a hard part while you sleeping. I don’t need your approval to create blockchain solutions to help African-Americans establish participatory marketplaces and stay competitive in the 21st century global economy with the rest of the world, that’s the mission I chosen to partake in, without caring how you feel about it. You don’t get to choose me or pick me or spread a viral meme on Instagram and Facebook about me – this is what I choose to do and take leadership on getting it done. action So let me set it straight about the Afro-Tech and you African-Americans trying to define some "black leader" and ish. You ain’t going to like some of us and our personality in the Afro-Tech movement and you ain’t even going to really know some of us because we make that money without having to be profiled on mainstream media where you African-Americans get all of your information like a damn sheep. We are on a mission and dedicated to our craft and the skills we developed and the purpose we chose is what make us leaders. You African-Americans cannot tell us if we are leaders nor you get to decide if we are leaders. In other words, black leadership comes from within me and it comes from within you to go do for self, your people, your community and your future. That’s black leadership and you better recognize it.

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