Don’t Worry, The Afro-Tech Got This Blockchain Shit on Lock

wegotthis I know you hearing a lot about the blockchain and people are hyping it up. I just want to let you know that in a few days, I will presenting the world premiere and mega-article covering Kossier and public preview and the underlying blockchain solution. We are looking at delivering our solution in the Atlanta area before Black Friday and launching in the Brooklyn area at the beginning of 2017. The reason I'm telling you this is because I guess the cornball bigots in the tech industry that badly want just white faces in tech media when talking about the blockchain heard about me. And they worried about me because I'm that good. But that's not all - these bigots are really all that awful at blockchain and cryptosystems because they don't know shit about financial technology like they wish they did. All they can do is use their money and media influence to push information out there and try to promote stuff as a white thing when it comes to technology. Another secret is they fucking up trying to do the skirt around the SEC and AML/KYC and chasing some psuedo-MSB shit and I will just stay mum and let them keep fucking up going that route... But the blockchain is different - we can create our own cryptocurrency and coin tokens and fund those tokens by the people to engage in instant transactions on a cryptosystem platform. The blockchain also allow lower cost and lower barrier of entry to create marketplaces and exchanges with fast settlement and scalability. But here is the thing - the bigots may have their fiat money and media, but the black community have the goddamn keys. See, the white privileged communities don't really need the fucking blockchain, it's just hipster novelty to them and that's why they having novelty hipster conversations about the blockchain right now. But the black community is the one that actually need the blockchain due to lack of infrastructure and we are the ones who can leverage it to fill voids. We are the ones who have the tightly-knitted urban communities to use shared ledgers and create business models we will support to support black businesses and black blockchain tech entrepreneurs, and we going to have a lot of the Afro-Tech rise up using the blockchain so you better get your ass ready to support. warning You got enough hints that the shit is real and the Afro-Tech movement is real and we going to deliver. Don't worry about the news or the media and these bigots in the tech industry trying to prop up tokens like Tristan Walker (already obsoleted by the blockchain) or talk about they funding someone with big money - the black community has the keys to unlocking the potential of the blockchain real value and the Afro-Tech are ready to do this shit now.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, The Afro-Tech Got This Blockchain Shit on Lock

  1. In some of your previous articles, you’ve given excellent information on blockchain as far as understanding how to write it etc. Are there specific pathways, pre requisites, pointers you recommend on the way to learning blockchain so that one is not sidetracked or even mis educated on the way to learning it in the most efficient way?

    1. The upcoming article will be very detailed but the majority of information out there on blockchain is left-field stuff so I understand the concern.

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