How to Prepare African-Americans For the Hustle Economy Shock in The Post-Obama Era

streetvend What brothas and sistas know as the hustle economy has an academic name called the “informal economy” and it is being talked about a lot recently. It is important African-Americans understand why the informal economy is being mentioned so much as it relates to future economics and plotting on how to apply profit modeling off the “informal economy” which is basically, how to exploit the world poor population that is part of the informal economy. But we are seeing this also coming to America as a way for Silicon Valley bigots to apply the “gig economy” to the “hustle economy” as a profit model that will be bigger than the prison industrial complex. In other words, forcing welfare-to-work and those delinquents in child support or receiving unemployment to take “gig economy” jobs by court order and legislation by creating government gig economy vendor software – this is what being plotted on against not only African-Americans but other poor and laid-off Americans who will be replaced by robots and digitization in the next several years. croc_hustle We got to see what's going on around the world to see how this going to come back to us African-Americans. The purpose of this article is to help African-Americans prepare for future plotting and counter-attack before these oppression machines manifest itself into the black community. This is what the 3rd Strategic Institute brings to the table and why no one on the corners got swagger like us when it comes to dealing with black people and our economic and urban issues. The 3rd Strategic Institute is an Urban Special Operations Group (USOG) that engage in intelligence gathering and covert operations to maintain the best interest of good people and good communities around the world. No one on the corners got swagger like us. Please watch the videos in this article - it is hyper-important to understand what's going on. It is important for African-Americans to remember the history here – the 3rd Strategic Institute really formed our mission in response to Mohamed Bouazizi who was a Tunisian street cart vendor that was harassed by authorities for not having a formal street vending license and tearing his cart down where he could not make money to sustain himself and had to resort to the informal economy. Mohamed Bouazizi committed suicide by burning himself at a protest showing the level of desperation and this action accumulated into the Arab Spring. Here in America, we had two publicized police killings of black men engaged in the informal economy, one was Eric Gardner in the video arguing with police about selling loose cigarettes and met with deadly force. And then we had Alton Sterling who sold CDs who was also confronted by police and met with deadly force. So what happened to Mohamed Bouazizi as a street vendor in Tunisia is also happening to African-Americans who engaged in the informal economy and realize that again, these brothas who were shot by police were out there finding a way to make money to feed their family as both Eric Gardner and Alton Sterling were family men and head of households.
Because of the exorbitant price of cigarettes in Chicago, owing to our highest in the nation $7.17 tax on each cigarette pack, many minority neighborhoods are home to a bustling black market in sales of individual cigarettes. The cigarettes are purchased by the carton outside the city at much lower prices, then resold illegally on the street. Two cigarettes for a dollar is the going rate, sometimes three for $2. If an ordinance proposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel becomes law, selling cigarettes in this manner could soon be punishable by up to six months in jail or fines up to $10,000. It’s part of the mayor’s latest effort to discourage teen smoking by raising the smoking age to 21. Before it comes to devoting more police resources to cigarette enforcement, Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) is hoping someone will pause a moment and think it through.
Now many people may know the backstory here on the Atlanta street vending video above because I actually got one of those vending stations that was “managed” by General Growth Properties (shopping mall operator) to better understanding “micro-retailing” several years back for Dream and Hustle, many old-school readers know this. The plot was the informal economy street vendors in Atlanta has to sign contracts with GGP and only sell from a kiosk. Street vendors in Atlanta come to me to tell me all the backstory and told me if I really wanted to make money, sell loosies on the low with the bottle water. So, as you see, the war against informal economy population has been brewing for quite some time now. But now that you have this backstory – wait, I have one more backstory for you guys to consider – do you remember when they made marginalized black dudes in Georgia go back out and pick that goddamn cotton and crops from the field? All in the sun all day loading watermelon in the back of the truck with a white field manager? Do you remember that actually happened? It was just a few years ago. pickananny So you saw this experiment where the governor said he can grab cats in the trap game and put them back in the field picking crops. Well after this reading, your African-American behind should realize where all of this is headed and what’s about to go down, huh? Let me tell you something because the election is less a week away from this article publication - both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is fully capable of co-signing what’s about to go down, so it doesn’t matter who you black folks vote for because this what I’m describing is what’s going down in the Post-Obama Era for African-Americans and other groups. They about to turn you cats into 21st century gig economy slaves, homey and if you haven’t figure that out reading this far in the article, then you kinda stupid and clueless and better off just learning how to pick cotton and tobacco again like your great-great-granddaddy and great-great-grandmamma used to do. In the video above about South Africa and unemployment, you should noticed they are talking about how the fruit seller is making more money hustling the streets than a blue collar worker. What do you think this video segment was about? It was about showing that people are making serious money tax-free in the informal sector at the street level. I remember Daniel Freeman from Rise and Grind back around 2010 explaining this in the early days of his blog and podcast about how to make quick money or quick hustle using the informal sector so don’t act like this is new information being put out there for you black folks. But here is something interesting, we started seeing some intellectual Europeans start showing up talking up to a mostly white European audience about the “hustle economy” and “informal sector” a lot lately, check out the two videos: Let me say this – did you noticed they were using street intelligence and geo-mapping intelligence that Dream and Hustle wrote an article years ago before this talk? In that old article about geo-intelligence, I stated this technique was done for HustleSpace (still coming out but converted for a bigger audience, not targeting the broke-ass black male hustle culture) with our locations and models feature. Why do you think these white intellectual “speakers” are now bringing up these presentations and talks about the hustle economy worldwide? If you look around and do more research you will see economic research firms and other think-tank firms got their business all up in “informal economy” and “hustle economy” lately and talking it up more and more. Why do you think this is going on around the world, my African-American friend? Again, please watch all the videos in this article as it is important to understand what's going on around you. Many oil-rich nations and other global economies are going through a recession right now and America is pretty much around the corner to get hit with a recession also. And in the video, the economists and these consulting firms are writing white papers and want consulting gigs to show these governments how to collect tax revenue from the “informal sector” or hustle economy. And what’s being proposed by these think-tanks and opportunists is a technology strategy to formalize the “hustle economy” with the “gig economy” using the same business model as AirBnB and Uber. Look on YouTube for "gig economy" and you see over and over the talk and look at all the intellectual blowhards on the panels. They are projecting gig economy to explode up to 500 billion dollars in economic opportunity in less than 10 years. There are several things being plotted out by these characters in America. What is being proposed is alternatives to unemployment payments and social benefits like WIC is creating a more advanced welfare-to-work and “looking for work” system with offering “gig economy” gamification where someone has to work a “gig” at a processing plant for 8 hours or 20 hours doing BS work as points to receiving unemployment or welfare subsidies. You see Uber formalized the “gypsy cab” hustle economy that cats do in the hood and turned it into a software and how Uber grew in valuation really quick and expanded over the world – that’s what these capitalists and opportunists want to reproduce and they looking at the African-American inner city hustle economy as the opportunity to exploit. So they want to work with legislation to create laws that require unemployed and welfare-to-work to mandatory work gig economy stuff and work with private “app developers” to receive benefits and they can measure how much work been done using those gig economy software. The second thing is what you also read above – they going to repeat what was done with having a private company manage the street hustle level and may create a virtual coin system that automatically pays taxes on each transaction in the hood. They will have street enforcement and leverage the blockchain from distribution to see if someone shipped a street food vendor 50 apples, that street vendor better have 50 apples accounted for in the virtual currency transaction ledger and taxes paid. They moving to that paradigm also and this is what going down right now while African-Americans are distracted and stupid and on petty stuff right now. So expect those "Obama phones" they giving yall to be turned into "gig economy" mobile devices for you to be notified to go work a gig spraying the blood down the drain at the pig slaughterhouse from 6:30am to 2:30pm if you want to continue receiving social benefits. How do African-Americans prepare for it? Well, here is the thing my African-American friend so take a seat. You didn’t really support me or Dream and Hustle, did you? I been around providing information for the longest time but you rather argue about black relationship drama, watch Hidden Colors so you can get “knowledge” and pay to see 7AM and act like you got it all figure out huh? Now you want to ask me or this blog how to prepare you now with combatting the globalist capitalists plot to destroy the black inner city hustle economy when we already well into the Post-Obama era? Yeah...whatever motherfucker.. getthemoney Me and my crew are actually going to chase that "gig economy" global money and will compete with these Europeans for those contracts. Yep, we gonna help destroy the black inner city hustle economy and "gig economized" your Love and Hip Hop reality TV watching ass, that’s what we preparing to do. Think about all the millions or billions me and my people can make off this! We can eat good at our table! Like I said before, you cats didn’t want to get STEM skills, didn’t want to get the hustle up and just bullshitted on watching Hidden Colors, disrespecting our black family unit with relationship drama and didn’t want to respect the Afro-Tech, nah..yall cats better learn how to pick cotton and tobacco in those fields like your great-great-grandmamma and your great-great-granddaddy and learn the lyrics to start singing some slave hymns. Yeah you all about to go enjoy some real old-school black music singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” with the rest of your field workers who all of you were BSing the past 8 years when all this digitizing the hustle economy stuff begin to start manifesting in the Post-Obama era. Ok, I’m just messing with you – the way you prepare for the formalization and digitization of the hustle economy informal sector is you have to take first-mover initiative in the black community. Luckily, we have Kossier + as a first-mover but this just the beginning. We can digitize our own hustle economy before they get a chance to digitize us. Meaning we be compliant with tax reporting and we offer cats needing to catch up with child support and welfare-to-work opportunities to help them get stabilized before they are exploited as scapegoats by globalists trying to pass these gig economy legislations. We going to need to pre-emptive fight any legislative and bring up the issue so it never comes to a proposal or a vote by talking, writing, blogging sharing information about what the globalists are plotting to do against us trying to turn the hustle economy into the gig economy. There are a lot of plotting by globalists and capitalists on how to exploit urban culture worldwide including African-Americans in the USA and the 3rd Strategic Institute is an Urban Special Operations Group in the fight to see the best interest of urban people worldwide are addressed. Those brothas and sistas who have STEM skills (not entrepreneurial businesses, but skills) are the ones who going to outlast and take advantage of the opportunities. We have already won battles against hyper-gentrification that would have impacted black folks who didn’t have the knowledge/skills to fight back but we got bigger battles to fight out there. Many black folks who working jobs that will be digitized will be out there doing gig economy stuff just like they were doing back in 2003 working overtime at crap like Accenture after getting laid off by a firm they worked at for years. But this ain’t the biggest battle – the biggest battle is another article and the scariest of all – the global transfer of wealth from human to AI and we will talk about that at a later time and how to fight that also but that is the end game boss right there that once again, only the 3rd Strategic Institute got the swagger, skills and focus to fight.

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  1. Ed,

    It was after buying and reading the Hernando de Soto “The Mystery of Capital” book that you mentioned in your Guide to Creating Smart City and Sharing Economy Solutions Using posting earlier this year where I learned more about aspects of the informal economy. I know what it is, but hadn’t come across that term before. I’ll start watching the videos in this devastating post now.

    Respect to you and your squad for staying ahead of the game.

  2. I have taken your articles to heart. I have a mentor who is showing me how to code but i need to start on my Laundromat membership ASAP. Do you have the companies that you outsource some of the coding or configuration sign a contract?

  3. Awesome article Ed! You’ve inspired me to brush up on my STEM background because its easy to get redundant and relaxed while in the workforce when we get caught up with routines. This blog refreshes my perspective and helps me understand why MASTERY of the subject matter is more important than simply acquiring the degree. With that said, your platforms that you seek to help the urban economy with, are you welcoming investments? As in while your endeavors seek expansion, is there an avenue through which interested young investors like myself can provide funds in exchange for equity or heck maybe even just to support?

  4. @Teo – What Hernando de Soto explains about the informal sector can be used for good (empowerment) or evil (exploitation) and there is a fight, a war and the race to win and prevail. This is another one of those battles that the average African-American will have no knowledge of that we are fighting and focusing on an outcome that is good for them.

    @shel – will have videos explaining how to use the platform and it is design to quickly launch business models like the laundromat membership model. We do not outsource any of our coding. For coding, you going to need detailed information architecture document for any coder to work against. If you cannot code, I recommend you find/recruit someone on your team that can, it will be much cheaper than outsourcing.

    @Dan – We are not welcoming any investments as this is a premature topic, we got to get the concept out there and it is unlikely we will be discussing equity or any sort of business at this time. Personally, I think you out of your league to be asking this question – if you ain’t Arab money or Chinese money level, don’t approach real cats in this tech sector about investing in them. We have billionaires, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, celebrities and large corporations calling us trying to throw money at us. What you can do is go invest in yourself and get your skills up, that’s the only value I pay attention to. Money means nothing, skills matter in this arena.

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