Lambs for Lions: The Birth of a Nation Movie Flop Reveals Black Feminists and Black Nationalists All Messed Up Big Time

lions This Dream and Hustle article is the only official analysis of the whole Birth of the Nation movie flop fiasco because this blog is really one of the few independent observers and experts that can be objective and go into real depth. When you complete this article, you will see what really went down with The Birth of the Nation movie flop and will see how these radicalized “think too much” black folks screwed themselves hard and set themselves up for further destruction. And we regular brothas and sistas can't let these radicalized people take us down with them. Here is the summary – no one wants to go see The Birth of a Nation and it does not even sound exciting to go see. Go see it for what? Second, I am suspect of Nate Parker based on my own gut feeling but the black feminists fucked up the execution of the message about their concerns and these black feminists do not realize (until now) they been played as lambs to lions. Third, the black nationalist brothas put too much stock in this movie that had all indications it would likely suck and gave the worthless black feminists too much credit, not realizing the black feminists were used as a stalking horse with a bigger enemy lurking in the background. You are going to understand strategically, either someone in media was damn good at data manipulating black people or these black radicals have data manipulated themselves out of sheer stupidity and exposed themselves. Let me start off by asking a question I don’t think anybody asked lately – where is the Boule? Did you noticed that you didn’t even asked about the Boule or they weren’t brought up at all? I mean, what the fuck know it would have been the Boule working with their handlers as gatekeepers that would have stopped the movie from ever getting to the screens. So where the fuck is the Boule? I’ll tell you what happened to the Boule – we over here spent years helping strategically destroy their fucking ass, that’s why you didn’t hear about the Boule while you guys talking about The Birth of a Nation without the Boule even in the convo. The 3rd Strategic Institute is an Urban Special Operations Group (USOG) and our missions are carried out under the radar and you will only see the results while me and my crew will only celebrate the end result and not take any credit. I told you cats years ago we going after these light-skinned curly headed Boule fuckers because I came out of the West Side of Chicago, the goddamn hood and see these Boule clowns thinking they going to be gatekeeping on a West Side brotha? See, we over here handling shit, executing shit and shaping shit while the rest of you cats run your mouth over the Internet. Let me be honest and we don’t brag – we don’t exactly know as data manipulators if what we do works because we just inject data to the right actors to execute; we just have to sit back and verify the results. It’s important for you to understand the Boule demise angle to understand why these black feminists are even fucking around talking up a bunch of shit. I gave you hints over and over on this blog what been going down. I told you that the liberal handlers have dumped the Boule for the Chinese. You saw the recent report – Chinese are producing a billionaire every 3 days right now. Here is another little secret – those cats trying to get Chinese chicks pregnant as well to raise half-Chinese kids in China also for world power and influential inroads into Asia. I called one of them out weeks ago a Jewish guy messing with nothing but Chinese girls here on visas and I said to him “I see..” to him and he got nerved but LOL tho. See the Boule handlers are constantly thinking global generational wealth planning while the Boule was just gatekeeping the ghetto blacks from outdoing them. The Chinese and Latino economic surge as well as the African economic surge basically made keeping the Boule around a waste of time. You should have noticed something else too – do you notice Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with the Boule? There are two factors at play here. First, it was the Boule that covered up Monica Lewinsky sending off her to work in NYC before all of this got exposed, Bill Clinton telling his black Boule handlers to clean it up but they forgot to clean up that stained blue dress. Hillary being the wife and who thought she influenced her husband didn’t exactly liked this deception and those behind it. Second, Hillary being a former Wal-Mart board member called on all those characters with deals tied to Wal-Mart to speak out against Barack Obama in the first 2008 election. Tavis Smiley had a Wal-Mart deal criticizing Barack Obama and so did Andrew Young saying Barack Obama should stand down and run in 2016. Cathy Hughes got on TV calling Barack Obama some “wag the dog” thing campaigning for Hillary and Magic Johnson running ads for Hillary Clinton criticizing Barack Obama. After South Carolina election results, all of the Boule turned on Hillary at the last minute and endorsed Barack Obama to save their own behinds with the black voters – Hillary wasn’t happy about that also. You saw what happened over the years – The Root was sold to Univision after Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post and the president of Univision grew up in Israel if you wondering why a Hispanic network bought a black blog operation. The Grio was divested by MSNBC and those clowns are just another blog operation trying to make viral content to stay relevant. All those corny Boule pundits on TV kinda disappeared and look at those shows on NPR and MSNBC that were cancelled and they just regulated Al Sharpton show to Sundays where cats have to use their DVR to record it. I can go on but you have more than enough examples to show how the Boule was divested over the years and now the real move is going after the Chinese influence. Some of those Boule ran off to Europe while others are on some gypsy hipster-like lifestyle and I actually dated a few of the Boule chicks and sexing leftover Boule trophies puts a smirk on my West Side ghetto face once in a while. What you haven’t noticed is who filled in as replacement to the Boule because no one even spoke openly about this “change of guard” until this article. Shonda Rhimes and Channing Dungey were put in power at ABC and you have to give these ladies credit for being awesome at flexing their power and weight to rise to where they at now. They helped bring in the black feminists to replace the Boule across all of the media channels the Boule run. Ebony used to be a Boule operation – it has black feminists writing articles. Boule staples such as the Root and the Grio are now influenced by black feminists and effeminate white knight dudes. Clutch magazine used to be some black girl hipster stuff but now a cesspool of black feminist propaganda. Then you see Bossip and Hello Beautiful and Radio One web-based content operations ran by black feminists and you see the bigger operations like Salon and Variety filled with black feminists. Oh, one more thing – you noticed the Boule was replaced with half-black, half-white actors like Jesse Williams or Colin Kaepernick – who is he married to again? So the Boule has been thrown out and the handlers replaced the Boule with black feminists at the very channels that used to be ran by the Boule – this is what you guys missed altogether and need this background to understand what happened with the whole The Birth of the Nation thing. Let’s talk about Nate Parker and get him over with because he or the movie is unimportant – there is something more serious here. This is my feeling about Nate Parker and this will be explicit but necessary so you have to understand. If I fucked a chick and she passed away, no matter what BS she pulled on me I would have some kind of compassion out of the bond we made sexually. That’s just real human shit I explained and most people understand. If the chick I fucked committed suicide, that would be more emotional impactful to me even if she done me wrong. I don’t want to throw other cats into the argument who were wrongly accused of rape and denied being drafted by the NFL but even they had some compassion for their lying rape accuser and this guy went to jail for years. Nate Parker response to what happened about that situation is not right, not normal and he appear to not have the compassion I explain that could indicate it possibly was a sexual assault and not only a sexual assault but his mindset against the woman he fucked to this current day. It’s a fact Nate Parker fucked her, that hasn’t been disputed. The whole “Nate Parker was acquitted” is bullshit – George Zimmerman was acquitted, that means he didn’t murder Trayvon Martin? The same bullshit rhetoric about Dr. Sebi cured people of AIDS because the Supreme Court ruled something – I don’t want to hear some bullshit about court rulings as the factor of facts. Most black dudes get convicted and go to jail on bullshit evidence and shady court proceedings so don’t give me this bullshit about Nate Parker being “acquitted” unless you going to say that police officer with his arms around Eric Gardner neck choking him is “innocent” because a grand jury failed to indict. Or Freddy Gray broke his own damn back because the cops in Baltimore were acquitted by a judge. So the black feminists were valid to say don’t try to play that “he was acquitted” argument and you brothas know better also to try to argue that bullshit. But here is where things went bad – the black feminists were given a platform to express their concerns about Nate Parker. What these sistas done was basically attacked all black men like a white lynch mob calling him a rapist – calling a black man an outright rapist was the basis for lynch mobs and these black feminists basically created a virtual/pseudo lynching of black men via the media content for a movie about a slave uprising. Any bigot had to enjoy seeing these black feminists attack the image of black men and this Nat Turner movie, an icon in the black community with these black feminists using the same tactics white lynch mobs would do, call a black man a rapist of white women and take him down for it. These black feminists played right into the bigots hands against our own people. The criticism in media was not perceived as an attack on Nate Parker; what the black feminists are perceived as aligning with white supremacist ideology and tactics to attack black men as a proxy to white supremacists by cutting off her nose to spite her own face. And this is not new in the black community, black women call the cops on black men lying about them being dangerous and the black guy has been shot by police, playing into the police hands of looking for an excuse to shoot a black man dead. Look, I don’t know if a puppetmaster in a higher positioned post are using black feminists as a stalking horse to try us African-Americans or black feminists are batshit crazed for power and a voice and willing to destroy everything around her just to be heard by someone. But let me explain something bluntly to you black feminist sistas. No one is going to protect your black feminist ass from these raw ass brothas out here when they get fed up with your black feminist bullshit. None of those white guys telling you to shit on your black men is going to help you black feminists fight raw ass brothas out here and will run like the cowards they are. None of those white feminists are going to help you fight raw ass brothas because you black feminists are saying white women who date black men ain’t shit and you also saying you want to badly date the white men that are in the locker rooms saying stuff like grab her by the pussy. Not even these cops going to fight for you with these raw ass brothas because these cops see these raw ass brothas ain’t playing around anymore with cops. You black feminists totally lost your goddamn mind underestimating the rawness of some of these brothas out here that would not hesitate to cancel your Life magazine subscription over some petty or stupid shit. A student at Clark Atlanta University was kidnapped, abused, and raped because criminals wanted tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons. The incident began after Jaylan Martez Wallace, 23, met the victim at a parking lot at CAU in August. According to reports by Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the victim and Wallace exchanged contact info and met again at a residence in Lithonia, Georgia. But once the victim went to the residence in Lithonia, Wallace carjacked the victim and held her at gunpoint. He then forced the victim to have sex with Xavious Vaughn, 17, while holding her captive overnight. Wallace held the victim hostage until he was able to receive two tickets to an Atlanta Falcons game. He took the victim to a library and was able to retrieve the tickets in exchange for her freedom. Police have yet to reveal if a third party gave Wallace the tickets. Here is the other thing – you coward ass black feminists on the Internet talking shit alongside coward ass white male trolls egging you on to attack black men are going to get some innocent black woman like Asia McGowan killed with your bullshit rhetoric that is reckless and vile. See, you black feminists going to run and hide but some young teenage girl who mind her own business at school, some young college black women who just trying to graduate or some young woman who living in the hood supporting her elder parents, these are the ones that going to be victimized by the shit you black feminists are trying to start up and you coward ass black feminists going to be hiding through proxy IP addresses and aliases while real black women out here getting caught up innocently. See, you black feminists could have aligned yourself with brothas and sistas who would have created a reasonable objection to Nate Parker and hold him accountable. I just told you how I felt about dude and I didn’t like Nate Parker response either. The brothas and sistas like myself would have your goddamn back in these streets and within the black community. But you black feminists aligned yourself with white bigots who will not march into battle with you against the enemies you black feminists just created. You black feminists created some big enemies and got a big ass target on your back right about now due to your stupid strategic error against The Birth of a Nation. Writing about the Medium article some sista wrote trying to shame her ain’t going to mean shit – that Black Twitter shaming shit don’t work on raw ass black folks. You black feminists failed to realize something – these raw ass cats ain’t got much to lose, do they? You black feminists may have gotten played by someone higher that used you to attack and divide the black community and targeting black men. You black feminists were given a platform that used to belong to the Boule but given to you black feminists to use you chicks as a disposable stalking horse and here is thing I want you black feminists to understand. The Boule actually had a structure of protection in place and still do and the Boule was somewhat flexible with the black community. You black feminists have no structure of protection and no allies for you to run your damn mouth in these media outlets so someone has set you up to fight a battle with no arms – that means you black feminists were nothing more than a stalking horse to someone else and you black feminists been played to betray your own black community. You black feminists fucked up with the black community and your card may not be worth shit much longer. You black nationalist brothas fucked up also and in a big way – you exposed yourself by putting your neck out for this movie and allowing the black feminist to get under your skin. I’m not going to talk much to another brotha because men don’t talk, we understand shit. Dream and Hustle specifically blogged about the stalking horse and how they will use stalking horse techniques against black people, you brothas read my article years ago. I also told you about event-based and agent-based data manipulation and you brothas read that article years ago also. You brothas failed to counter these two elements used against you at a critical juncture in history. When you brothas saw these black feminists attacking this movie like they tried to attack Straight Out of Compton and failed, you brothas should have realized these black feminists do not have any power or influence and just a bunch of annoying gadflies at best. Black feminists don’t even influence real black sistas out there, you brothas know that so why you even giving these crazed sistas any kind of attention? Steve Harvey influence the black sistas, not some black feminist writing text-based content on an ad-clicking supported web blog operation. You brothas gave the black feminists too much credit and alerted the person behind the stalking horse that you can be bothered by black feminist propaganda. You brothas should have analyzed the situation and outsmarted the stalking horse as I explained in the blog article about dealing with stalking horses. Follow the money and power of the black feminist – she does not run the bakery or the fish market in the black community, she does not run local politics or national politics or voted in office by the black community. All the fuck these black feminist do is appear on media and spout propaganda and run her damn mouth – that is all the fuck a black feminist has to offer in the black ecosystem, running her mouth. Black feminist content ain't going attract numbers and bring in the advertisement revenue to support these mainstream web sites supporting the black feminist platform - let's be honest here, homey. She ain’t even got an attractive body to a man, that’s why she mad and hate us brothas because we be walking with their flat ass in the hood and see sistas with the tight jeans and red or blue extensions in her hair across the street and we brothas be looking, that make these black feminist mad and stuff and why they hate us brothas. Here is the problem – I’m tired of telling brothas they fucking up from the last postings so I want to explain what brothas should have done and do in the future. The brothas need to quickly aligned themselves with the real sistas, isolate the black feminists and discard the topic at hand and throw it away – just throw it away. Leverage Real Sistas. You brothas should have appealed directly to the real sistas out there and showed empathy for the situation. You should have given the regular sistas a win and instead of fight for Nate Parker, you should have told the sistas this ain’t the way we brothas do it with sistas and took ownership of being against date rape and party rape and made it an issue. This is not your opinion or right/wrong, this is winner/losers and your goal is to strategically aligned yourself with allies and you brothas need to get the respect of sistas back and need to keep this fight in mind. Isolate the Black Feminists. When you talk to the real sistas about date rape and party rape and had forums as brothas on it, you would have neutralized the crazed black feminist platform. You shut them down and take ownership of whatever the black feminist brings as the agenda and leverage your advantage with the black community looking to talk to you before listening to any crazed black feminist. I mean, brothas can fix up cars in the hood and illegally cut the lights back on and fill up kerosene heaters for the winter – what the fuck can a black feminist do in the hood? You show your real value to the black community as a black man and your worth and you portray the black feminists as aligning with structured white supremacy to divide and destroy the black family unit at any cost. Discard the Contention. Whatever the black feminists are holding, just throw it away and discard it like you don’t give a fuck about it. Fuck Nate Parker and fuck the movie, it ain’t worth fighting a black feminist over. We can buy the shit on DVD or we can do something better – we can create a storytelling ecosystem of Nat Turner alternate universe writing underground graphic novels and short story blogs on that period of Nat Turner and the desire to slave revolt. What I’m saying it don’t hold on to anything if a black feminist touch it. In the military during war, we will blow up our own tanks, blow up our own bridges instead of let the enemy leverage it. So fuck the movie and the minute you brothas said fuck the movie, you would have won immediately and destroyed both the stalking horse and the person behind it as having nothing to leverage over a black man head. This was a failure on everybody part that is young and black in 2016 when Barack Obama is leaving the White House. What we showed the world during the fall of 2016 is we are going to fight each other over a fucking movie and the black community can be jilted off-course by a fringed group within our community – these black feminists. The brothas showed they can be thrown off and now the brothas revealed their cards. Meanwhile, other young people the same age as these black adults are inheriting their country resources and land and government and China is creating a billionaire every 3 days. As a black family, we have to respect and acknowledge the opinion of brothas and sistas and take ownership and take the weight to make right among ourselves. I’m tired of all the fucking petty fighting among African-American black men and black women and many of you are tired of it also. We got outside forces trying to divide us African-Americans so they can take over a divided house which is our inner city assets and land and our influence on American culture. I’m with all of you – fuck the black feminists and they betrayed all of us to show their ass and aligned themselves with white supremacist tactics and if we have to kick their black feminists ass collectively to preserve our community and protect everyday innocent black women lives who can easily get caught in radicalized reckless crossfires - I will join the fight with you guys - fuck those worthless black feminist bitches. At least the black nationalist dudes are working to reference our sistas as queens and making an effort at reconciliation. From this point on, the next time this shit happen again, we real brothas and real sistas need to come together quickly and shut the radicalized shit down and not let others like black feminists be used as a tool against our people to divide our household. Let’s listen to each other as brotha and sista with love as the base, let’s acknowledge each other and work this out ourselves because if we don’t help ourselves, no one else is going to help us.

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  1. I come here to read common sense and am never disappointed! I don’t question myself feeling the way I do about that movie. Why are so many of us dependent upon a cinematic affirmation of existence? You and I agree how to strategically react to infiltration and know that there will be a new attempt soon. I get it.

  2. When I first heard about this movie and the incident…the first thing I thought was that-black feminists were going to make sure they made this movie a flop. We are our own enemy and fall prey to what everyone else tells us about each other versus what we realize. I wanted to see the movie based on the story never being told before-not for anything else. You are right, Ed. We need to shut this radicalized mess down for good.

  3. this is not the first time black feminist have allowed white supremacist to use them to destroy a black man, the same thing happen when Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy went and found Anita Hill to undermined Clarence Thomas.

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