Looking at How African-Americans Treated This Blogger, African-American Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Chase Opportunities, Not Skin Color

launching The Afro-Tech talent and market opportunity size is bigger than a population of 40-50 million crabs in a barrel and African-Americans who think they going places serving skin color is probably hyper-mediocre and a poser, like Tristan Walker or Angela Benton trying to play the populist route in this tech game. At the end of the day, talent is talent and if some black folks got feelings and emotions over someone like me who got talent they cannot take away or take over, that's their personal problem. Most of these African-Americans base their hustle on social status and being chosen. Notice the silly weak ass Tristan Walker and Angela Benton leverage is getting the white privilege culture in Silicon Valley to tokenize them, they think that is leverage. Or other cats think getting write-ups in Urban Intellectuals equates to hardened years of talent. Here is the landscape of the so-call black-orientated or black-identity environment for this tech entrepreneur and let’s be real. Black Enterprise and other Boule-based bullshit struggled to see if they can suppress real talent like me and focus on picking and choosing the blacks they want to cover. That’s kind of hard to do if cats got real skills and can demonstrate, so Black Enterprise just decided to see who they suppress, killing Black Enterprise credibility to cover our people in business. See, you cannot suppress talent or what cats know and got the skills to throw down on. That’s like hating Dennis Rodman and trying to ignore the fact he was well-sought after and balled hard and played on several championship squads and we can add San Antonio Spurs where he cultivated that team. Or hating Kayne when it was Kayne who took MPC programming to the next level than some drum beats and sampling – more skills and talent you cannot deny. You can pull that Top 100 Grio bullshit list of black faces in other line of business and socialite shit, but you cannot pick and choose from the Afro-Tech, sorry. The only thing the Afro-Tech got and the only thing is respected is those skills, fuck everything else. As an African-American tech entrepreneur, you should have realized that our black people be wanting to play socialite games and styling and profiling games and so-called credibility games instead of have some damn skills. You should notice something else, you know African-Americans want you to be validated by the system of white privilege? You have to have a Dr. title or featured in the New York Times or Atlantic or do Black Studies at Harvard or Yale or written up in a tech magazine or whatever for a black person to respect your hustle. African-American culture in business has always been about seeking validation and respect from the system of white privilege and the Afro-Tech challenge that because we bring our skills to the table and we making moves without permission and can do it for our people. The Afro-Tech is no better or different than other black folks in real life except most African-Americans choose to follow, the Afro-Tech choose to journey – that’s the major difference between the Afro-Tech and African-Americans. And the Afro-Tech have to journey outside of our boundaries and safe zones and go places never explored before and do things never done before and think things never tried before. And when you journey, you going to see some African-Americans work to alienate you, try to make you doubt yourself, make you think you owe them or obligated to them over something, see if they can throw shade and even if you helping them, they thinking they can copy what you do and think they can outdo you or try to set up a gatekeeper function on you. But here is the thing – the Afro-Tech gets all the love and respect in this world. We can go worldwide from Amsterdam to Johannesburg to Brasilia to Taipei and cats recognize the skills the Afro-Tech puts out and we throw down on it. Cats want to ask about if the Afro-Tech got covered by white privilege media when the Afro-Tech can self-publish. Cats want to be asking about the Afro-Tech money when the Afro-Tech can create their own cryptocurrency. Cats want to type in the comment section asking what the Afro-Tech done when the Afro-Tech can type code that does something with less characters than the commentary these cats typed in the comment section. I’m writing this because obviously, cats know I got something hiding behind my hands and ready to bring forth what the Black American Empire (BAE) wing of the Afro-Tech is about…seriously, I always write like this before I drop the gauntlet on weak ass motherfuckers…yall should know me by now..it’s October and beginning of 4th QTR 2016 for goodness sake…told you the Afro-Tech ain’t going to let our people down…just wait for it…

7 thoughts on “Looking at How African-Americans Treated This Blogger, African-American Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Chase Opportunities, Not Skin Color

  1. So how do I become part of the Afro-Tech so I can make a difference in my hometown and the world? What skills are truly needed? Any books, seminars, or professionals I should research? How do I get started?

    1. You just have to learn technology and STEM. Look at things you are interested in and want to solve and commit to it and realize it takes process and science and methodology. There are groups and people out there that have meetups and online groups to collaborate. And there plenty of free videos on YouTube and e-courses. Just set your direction and curate the data and resources to move forward.

    1. Why you ask Jay? Your question sound to be passive-aggressive. Do me a favor – put some skin in the game – come from behind the anonymous stuff and call me out on Fooky hoping that it’s lacking or fell off or I cannot deliver, go ahead and put skin in the game – step back up here and then ask that question again as a real man to this real guy using his real name and Fooky a real service about what “happened” to Fooky.

      Then I will respect your question.

    2. Several days later..hmmm…what happened to Jay?….guess fuckboys prefer to hide behind computers….

      Must be frustrating these cats have to question my ability to handle instead of themselves having shit to bring themselves…must be frustrating to them..

  2. Yes, Ed, I have introduced more people to you and the STEM and Tech space. Some of them are actually better than me (you know this is not my best subject). Do you know of any Tech conferences that we can go to or some that you recommend?

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