Santa Gives, I Get: Hustling a Merry Crypto-Christmas in 2016 Like a Goddamn Boss

santagivesiget For African-Americans, I feel this 2016 holiday season is going to be very revolutionary and also evolutionary in terms of how we celebrate, give and receive. Actually, I kinda excited and I bet you will be excited also because the Black American Empire (BAE) wing of the global Afro-Tech has a gift to give to brothas and sistas I think they will enjoy. Only your BAE listened to what you brothas and sistas wanted more than anybody else. What do you think African-Americans want more than anything else in the world? What African-Americans want more than anything else in the world is their own independent revenue stream and their own local economy, plain and simple. Everywhere we go and everybody we talk to, no one cares about that self-pride and deep knowledge crap – what every African-American told us from the bottom of their heart is they want to do for self and not depend on a white privilege system that discriminates against people of color and economically retaliates against black people who stand up and say they are black and proud. In a few days from this article posting – I’m going to present to you guys the first look and actually walkthrough the world premiere of the Kossier + platform. We are going to give African-Americans the historical moment of being the first movers into the 21st century Era of Cryptonomics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution this holiday season, before anybody else in the world and we are going to move forward on this momentum as a people. Now, you only going to get two previews in this article and that’s it because it will be Briana from Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain that will walk you through the whole demonstration in the next few days. kscreen1 The screen above came from the blockchain and here is a secret I will posting on Medium and rubbing it all in the faces of those other characters talking up blockchain and wanted to promote white faces. See, while they were chasing fintech with the blockchain, the Afro-Tech realize the true blockchain opportunity would be retail technology or bricks and clicks. In the above example, a QR code was scanned, written to the blockchain to join a rewards program and a bot retrieved the data from the blockchain automatically and validated the encryption, signed the encryption to carry out signing up the user and sending them a coupon for a free yogurt. So as you see, a small retail shop can easily create mobile marketing and mobile engagement solutions extremely cheap using the blockchain - no need to even bother with Groupons because this is extremely cheaper and have more advanced bot potential to run custom workflows. kscreen2 In the first weeks of November here in Atlanta, we are pilot testing a decentralized crypto-delivery system based on the blockchain. One of the great things about the Kossier cryptosystem platform is protection of your personal information and data like never before. While everybody else in retail getting hacked or breached and skimmed, cryptosystems keep information protected by active encryption and provide information only on a need-to-know basis. So with a crypto-delivery system, you choose a delivery provider and use their public key to encrypt your address and destination and it’s written on the blockchain. The only ones who have your address and destination address are the couriers with their own encryption keys that digitally sign the blockchain they are carrying your package to the destination. There is no information on the package itself except a QR code that the receiver can scan and verify they are the recipient with their encryption key. Or the courier can scan and view the destination details. You track your package on the blockchain and the route. We will provide very detailed information on how to setup a crypto-delivery system later. So that’s just two of the preview – trust me, it’s a lot more exciting stuff that cryptonomics bring to the table that let everybody eat good. Not turkey hot dogs and mac and cheese kind of eating but steak and lobster and cheesy shrimp alfredo and white wine type of damn eating. I mean, didn’t you just realize something else? The Afro-Tech got the crypto-currency (money) down, got the participatory marketplace (exchange) down, got the shipping and delivery (transport) down and got the automated workflow (technology) down, you actually believe someone out here rocking harder than the Black American Empire (BAE) wing of the Afro-Tech to hold it down for our people and our communities? No one got it like your BAE and remember that. couple This Crypto-Xmas, I see a lot of exciting things going down and hope you brothas and sistas focus on the good things like love and celebrating and the joy of giving and receiving - don't stress out on money because we going through a major evolutionary shift into Cryptonomics. I see brothas and sistas will realize instead of buy things, be inspired to recycle things among each other, start up sharing operations to empower each other and be excited about technology like the blockchain and realize the opportunities and potential. Cryptonomics is the gift we African-Americans always wanted. What we always wanted was to be able to stand on our own and say we are black and proud and we love who we are, we love our community, we love our people and we ain’t worried about our jobs or anybody retaliating against us for being too black, too strong for a bigot comfort zone. So this 2016 Crypto-Christmas may not even be about money – it’s going to be about learning how to leverage the blockchain to make use of opportunities and potential which is the best gift anybody can give African-American people. And the Afro-Tech is working hard to give our people exactly what we want for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Santa Gives, I Get: Hustling a Merry Crypto-Christmas in 2016 Like a Goddamn Boss

  1. Awesome Ed. You hit the nail on the head: we simply want to do for self and not be blocked or attacked by the establishment for doing so!

    Looking forward to the blockchain updates!

  2. Simply the BEST gift!
    No one wants or needs to tied to anyone’s systems or agendas, which are not in the best interest of African Americans in Black America.

    Many Thanks to you Ed and your team! Go ahead Rock it out!

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