SistaSphere Preview: The Sista Guide to Creating Digital Booklets for the Upcoming Kossier Platform

overhead Sistas are really going to enjoy Kossier when they discover one of the things they can do through the platform - sell digital media. In this article, we are going to share a first look exclusive for African-American sistas on how to start creating her image and her story as a black woman to sell to the global market worldwide creating digital booklets. book1 While photo books started in Europe as large-format coffee table editions, in Japan, the Japanese sistas create smaller and magazine-style photo books of herself as a way to enhanced their self-branding as well as a new revenue stream channel for her career. The good photo books like the one above (considered a collector edition) focus more of portraying intimate, depth and insight on a model that goes beyond the shallow celebrity selfies and modeling stuff. Think about it sista – think about a fan who want to know the “real” person behind the fame and celebrity stuff and that how these photo books sell and as you see in the image above, a beautiful example of a photo book, this entertainer conveys a book that will show the intimate side of who she is as if she sharing a personal collection with her readers. This is what we want sistas in America to bring to the marketplace to convey the real side of sistas not portrayed in the media that I personally know is a beauty that the world would want to see. concept This is an actual Kossier screenshot showing a bot that sells e-books on behalf of authors and publishers where the Kossier user already completed the purchase and sent a download link. The download media is hosted on the Kossier cloud storage and you sistas can start creating short white papers, short how-to, brochures, short poetry and a photo book and other publishing that can be sold for as little as .50 to a few dollars. I will let Brianna from Brooklyn Queen and the Blockchain describe all of this to you as I’m helping her get ready to walk you through the whole Kossier application and you should already know by now Kossier + is freaking awesome. Now, I want you to look at the photo book in the Kossier sample above – notice the Japanese sista photo book cover is her looking in the mirror at herself. We want sistas at all ages, especially sistas that are over 30 years old to come with the mature photo books that brings depth to a character. Sistas do not need to be sticking her butt out and stuff like that but just show depth and intimacy of the African-American woman because here is the thing – you sistas will not be selling to an audience of broke-ass brothas but will be selling to a male/female market in Japan, China, UK, France, Italy, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and so on around the world – think about the size of your market potential sista and I haven’t revealed that Kossier is multi-lingual and works around the world in multiple language – damn, I need Briana to say all of this awesome stuff. Because you best believe Kossier will have models in Korea using our service to create their photo books to sell – as you see once again, Kossier is much globally bigger than the small-mindedness of some African-Americans running around. running For SistaSphere and also the 3rd Strategic Institute secret project to elevate the strippers/dancers here in Atlanta to self-branding free-agents, the ladies will have photo books as one of their branded revenue channels to market and promote themselves wherever they go. I remember some strippers used to sell their own calendar at the strip club but these photo books are a lot easier to make, market and distribute to a global audience. And what we are recommending the ladies do is to show herself in everyday activities in the photos like running or shopping or going out and eat or waiting for a cab and stuff like that. It is very important sistas look at things she like to do or create a theme such as outdoor cabin weekend and take photos of landscape and butterflies in the background and canoeing stuff. Or being sophisticated setting up an English Tea party with friends – always think of a cool unique theme. catowl Here is another secret – you don’t have to make a photo book on you. Think of Frumpy the Cat and the money the owner made off those videos and photo books and material. You can use your cute pets and hamsters (Japanese people crazy about photo books with dressed up hamsters, trust me) and make a photo book off them. Remember that Kossier is a global market so you can create these digital photo books to sell all over in Europe, Canada, Mexico and Asia and here in America. So yes, look at cute animals as well as modeling for revenue. meme_girl Another great idea is to take memes and things you found funny over the Internet and re-purpose them for an illustration book of short ideals. Like the meme above that came off the Internet. Now here is an example – what if my Chinese bae create a digital illustration book for the Chinese market called “If I Had a Black Boyfriend” written in Mandarin to sell in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou? bgirl Real talk, that’s exactly how she be acting like in real life. But she can create a whole series of illustrations and get an illustrator off Fiverr to draw the artwork of her ideas of what a Chinese woman would do with her black boyfriend in everyday China. You know and I know that digital booklet would sell all over China just for the novelty topic in itself and would sell in other markets like Singapore and Korea and Taiwan and Japan. tats_photobook So you sistas are getting the first news of what’s upcoming and telling you to get ready. Be extremely creative and realizing you are going to be serving a global market. I already got a sista in Europe who I’m going to work with who will create a “prayer booklet” that shows her demonstrating her faith in God through her every interaction she will sell around Europe in multiple languages. I’m just giving you sistas a hint that me and the 3rd Strategic are a bigger global hustle than 40 million African-Americans in the USA and you sistas also have a global market that have not got to see the intimate side of you sistas with depth that I know as a brotha you sistas can present and will be embraced worldwide. Remember, the photo book doesn’t have to be a lot of pages – easily can be 15 photos and accompanying captions. Just go to the library or bookstore, get some ideals and snap some pics with your camera phone (at the library only) and start prototyping your own photo book. Also, look at several themes so you can sell a variety of photo books. This is a lot better than posting up butt pics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with creepy broke ass brothas lurking but not helping you get anywhere. Look at creating mature, intimate, grown & sexy images of the black woman that the world has not seen before and you sistas are going to find one hell of a revenue generator that was waiting for you to hit the marketplace a long time ago - the real image of our sistas as a beautiful, crazy, sexy cool kind of woman. grown_photobook

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  1. I am ready for this! The book we discussed is ready and I would love to have it on here. Major moves as always!

  2. I left a comment about this on another article but realized it was an older article.
    I’m really into this idea and have started prototyping, picked out a theme, and put together an estimated budget.

    I’ve been using your article on sista to sista to sista modeling edwige case study as my blue print to putting together a blog and media channels.

    However it is looking a little expensive for me right now. I’m out of work and have all the time in the world to bring this idea to life but lack the funds.

    My question is should I wait to release this look book once I’m established or is it possible to release a look book at the same time I’m building a following and marketing my blog and social media to help bring in revenue so I can create quality content.

    1. Thanks for mentioning Edwige as I’m currently working on an update article on her coming up.

      In terms of “expensive” I think it can be managed but have to ask you – what is your target audience? You may find it more profitable to be a natural/organic brand than pay out a lot of money to portray a certain look – this is where many who start off go wrong.

      I would recommend focusing on a socialite model and I had the link here.

      This allow you to network and also find new revenue channels. But you can move first with a look book and like the article says, be simple and everyday life – no need to be expensive. I’m confused on what you are calling “expensive” and I’m betting you probably don’t even need to go there.

  3. My focus is on beauty. I get a lot of women asking me about my makeup routine and products I use as a dark skin woman. I find the market for brown dark skin women is under served.

    The makeup and hair needed to create these looks can be expensive but I must do my homework a little more to cut cost without losing my creativity.

    My plan is to produce this lookbook and focus on building my beauty blog and social media channels. I want to focus on gaining a following and revenue so I can incorporate more of the things you mentioned on the socialite article later on once I can afford to do a little more.

    1. If you look at the underground hip-hop scene, most underground producers co-invest with the underground rappers to create a mixtape and split the profits. You may want to look for models up and coming and ask them to split the investment on the lookbooks to help pay for makeup application and photos. As long as your name is on the look book and your technique, this may be more important than the percentage of profit you receive from your initial investment.

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