What African-Americans Need to Know About Digitization and How to Be Ready For It

peppa The word “digitization” is going to be the worst word many African-Americans will learn about from this point throughout 2017. Digitization is the new euphemism for mass layoffs to come by replacing people with automated processes such as artificial intelligence and robot workers. Me and my crew has been observing “digitization” wiping out thousands of jobs throughout the world and it is soon going to hit hard here in America soon and a lot of African-Americans are exposed. In this article, we want to help African-Americans understand what digitization mean and how to deal with it. TORONTO -- The Bank of Montreal said Wednesday it is cutting about 1,850 positions from its workforce as consumers shift more of their banking online and technological advancements allow it to digitize some of its operations. Unions reacted with anger on Tuesday after Lloyds Banking Group revealed plans to axe 9,000 jobs and close 200 branches as it “digitises” its business. Deutsche Bank said Thursday it will cut 3,000 jobs and shut a quarter of its branches in Germany as part of its five-year restructuring plan. More than 80% of the layoffs will be in its private and commercial clients division, which Deutsche Bank said it is revamping to “deliver high-quality service while expanding new forms of digital services.” THE HAGUE, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Further digitization of Dutch bank ING's services is expected to reduce its workforce in the Netherlands by around 1,700 full-time Equivalents (FTEs) over the next three years, the ING announced on Tuesday. At this point, African-Americans should kinda understand what the word digitization mean and the word is indeed scary and should be. Before digitization there was “outsourcing” but the difference is outsourcing can be reversed to bring jobs back to America; digitization is irreversible because no one going to take a digitized workflow and give it back to a human in the form of a job. This means those that will lose their jobs to digitization will not get their old job back and have to find a new career and take a downgrade like most African-Americans had to do during the 2000s decade of hurt. Who will be impacted by digitization? The thing is most African-Americans think they safe but they are not. For example, accounting-related departments will be digitized by the blockchain and distributed ledger. Customer-contact services will find themselves digitized by robo-advisors. IT workers will be digitized by self-generating software languages that can write its own code – I really don’t know why people telling you guys to learn how to code nowadays. But you know which industry is going to be shocked the most where African-Americans think they safe? African-Americans in media is going to suffer a massive hit in digitization. This include radio stations that will convert to automated playlists and automated advertising aggregation and pre-recorded vocal drops. I would be surprise if half of the radio stations are around at the end of 2017, seriously. This include content and video media such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, video channels and more. Digitization is going to be in the form of auto-sourcing cheaper South American blacks (Colombians, Hondurans, etc.) than African-Americans in a lot of black media programming such as modeling where cheaper bi-lingual Latino/African black models will flourish over American sistas. You going to see a lot of people in black media out of work, kicked to the curb and large black media organizations are definitely going to be destroyed due to digitization, watch and see. How do African-Americans deal with upcoming digitization? There are going to be two types of employees in 2017 – those who are digitizers creating the digital jobs and those who are digitized and handed a pink slip, severance and a box to fill up with their cubicle stuff and ushered out the door. Man, I seen so many black people get mass laid off that shit ain’t funny to watch or be around. The worse I seen was WorldCom here in Atlanta at the Japanese buildings in Perimeter where crowds of black people were outside crying and looking despondent and the second worst was Georgia-Pacific after Koch took over, that was hyper-devastating with sistas and brothas all out on Peachtree crying and hugging and not knowing what the next move will be. I don’t ever want to see that experience again in my life. I heard the worse was Coca-Cola back in those days but the telecom industry after 9/11 was the most dramatic as people switched from long-distance landline to mobile. This is why I’m hard on you cats who spent the last 8 years BSing thinking it’s all good as if you didn’t know what our people were economically going through since the beginning of the 21st century. Digitizing jobs are being created to wipe out the jobs that are moving to digitized roles. You going to have to be the one that knows how to digitize and create automated workflows or position yourself in situations where you working with those doing the digitizing. So if you are in accounting, you going to have to learn how to do automated things such as blockchain checksums on a ledger or use and maintain cloud-based accounting software. If you are in media writing up content, you going to have to learn how to aggregate content writing services from global services. One of the skills I’m seeing a lot of successful sistas here in Atlanta doing is they running their own placement firms and hiring workers overseas to fill roles – these are sistas who transformed their situation to be in the process of the transformation. You African-Americans know if you are in the situation where you are going to be digitized – if you are sitting there doing a task that you done yesterday and for weeks. If you doing simple math stuff that a computer can automatically do also or you are following a workflow that you know a robot can also do. What you got to do is still work that job but when you get home from that job, don’t turn on that damn TV and watch some crap – go learn new skills using online learning on the cloud, on new software and technology training and build up a portfolio to show you have the latest skills to impress your boss to keep you around or put you in a position to do the digitizing. I can tell you as a technology expert – I know what these robots and automated workflows and artificial intelligence engines can do and your job is not safe and this is going to be nastier where the economy will take a huge hit from jobs disappearing due to digitization. Executives are actually more at risk than salaried professionals with blockchain-based governance and decision-making bots that can report to the board and hire and fire people in an automated fashion. Robot write a letter saying your job will be terminated in 30 days while writing another letter offering someone your job for less salary and 24 hours to type “accept” in the reply body line of the email to take the job. Take “digitization” seriously and stay ahead of the curve and don’t become a victim of this.

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  1. Very informative, I have been talking about technological disruption for sometime and a number of African Americans are not listening. Keep up the good work.

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