What Can Be Done to Uplift These Broke-Down Brothas?


Please don’t say these marginalized and broke-down brothas need a male role model – because having a Black President with a beautiful wife and wonderful daughters maintain 8 years in the White House is as black man role model you can get. And don’t say they need to fly to Brazil and find a cutie Brazilian chick that can treat him better than an African-American woman because he saves up $3,000 and go to Brazil and end up fist fighting another African-American brotha over Brazilian whores at a Brazilian whorehouse.

Look, if transgender prostitutes in Thailand got Craigslist ads explicitly offering services but saying they don’t want to meet up with black men, then you know how rejected these brothas are in this world. But we have to be honest here, the young generation of brothas brought all of this upon themselves.

Celebrated Media Degrading Black Women. These brothas enjoyed songs and videos calling African-American women bitches and hoes. He celebrated strippers and butt models posting pics online over a sista he grew up with that probably liked him. He never once considered how a sista feel about the misogynist culture that he is celebrating around her and he wants her to bend over and let him hit it from the back – that’s all he wants out of a sista nowadays instead of be a lover and provider.

Failed to Get Skills and Stability. These brothas failed to handle their own manhood business of getting skills that pays the bills and provide stability to maintain his woman and his family. Cats be killing me flashing their little chicken scratch money when real black men already been through millions with his woman raising a black family and putting the kids through college. These brothas always talking about some lightweight ass hustle on BBS boards like hustling FOREX or vending machines.

Allowed His Ego to Override Everything. One thing that upset me about brothas is the notion he has ownership of the black woman he with talking about “that’s my woman!” like he some damn territorial mating baboon in the wild. You try to tell these brothas something and they got pride and defensive all the time causing them to get shot because they got an ego to protect and defend.

No one wants to deal with young African-American dudes because they are stereotyped as hyper-macho and violent-prone and misogynist and possessive. And most of all – just some fuckboys. Go look at the comments on YouTube or those BBS boards like United Players of America or the Coli and the rest of that shit – those are grown ass brothas talking. You know the messed-up part about these grown ass brothas posting text in these BBS and YouTube, right? That there are Chinese, India, Nigerian young men the same age who got mad hustle and money up and taking over the leadership and direction of their people and nation. All of these sorry ass brothas got an anecdotal story to tell in a text-based form input box somewhere on the Interwebs and posing phony as hell they got money and made over the Internet.

With President Obama leaving the White House, these brothas either got to deal with a feminist President who will go after deadbeat fathers or deal with Rudy Giuliani in the White House setting up with federal operatives how to cull off black males like he went down there to Brazil and did – wasn’t successful at reducing crime but a lot of poor Brazilian dudes and women got killed to look tough. Just ain’t a good look for sorry ass African-American brothas who turned away his own sista and have no one that has his back in the Post-Obama era. So the question is what can these broke-down brothas do? Can the overall African-American community do anything for these brothas?

A lot of black dudes cannot be turned around – me and you are from these streets and know you can put bullets in these brothas and ship them to the ICU at the county hospital and their family looking at them with IVs and breathing tube in his front neck and all that brotha still know how to do is be hard-headed. Only the grave is going to solve some of these brothas problems, we got to be honest about that real talk. Shipping them down to Charlotte or Bakersfield ain’t a solution either, they get into dumb stuff down there real quick also. You can’t tell them to move out the country because we will be seeing on the news they going to hang an African-American brotha on the gallows for bringing drugs into their country. But these are the class of brothas that cannot be turned around.

But we got this other class of brothas that just ain’t going to get up and get out and get something. They let their ego get in the way of progress, they are watching Hidden Colors on DVD and talking about how deep that shit is, they working a mediocre ass job talking about they hustling on the BBS boards on the InterWebs and they cannot find a woman and have to con a young black hooker to give him some. These brothas are living with their momma who know their son cannot last a day on his own in the real world. But you got other brothas who do want to make a difference and be somebody but they just don’t know how and who to turn to.

Can anything be done for the young brothas because these brothas can talk all the shit in the world but we all know they are screwed in the Post-Obama era and most of their problems are self-inflicted by being a ego-defensive misogynistic moron in the black community. So what can be done for these young brothas?

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