#WhateverDuncan and Other Short Essays on The State of Black Relationships in 2016

weirdworld LOL, have you sistas heard the backstory of these so-called brothas running to Brazil and what happened? Basically these African-American brothas like that Charles Tyler crap ain’t welcomed no more down in Brazil and I will share the details from the old school brothas in Brazil who had to witness these lightweight clowns get put out of favor in Brazil and the Brazilian women don’t want the bros either. But overall in this article, I want to present some short commentary and feedback on the state of black relationships in 2016. There are two things going on that I can summarized about brothas and sistas. Brothas can throw their passports in the dresser as there is an active global ban by women all over the world against African-American males under 35. The ban is due to these black dudes under 35 amounting to nothing but some fuckboys. For the sistas, the best way I can say this is what Eric Gardner sister said about Bill DeBlasio – just because the white guy you gushing over like black pussy don’t mean he like black people. A brotha can like Eskimo pussy but that don’t mean brothas are caring about issues affecting Eskimos anytime soon. This ain’t a joke conversation - I have warned you sistas a long ass time ago about that fad of chasing white men (“swirling”) that white feminists are currently fighting for gender equality and what will happen when Hillary Rodham Clinton start running and these feminists are mobilizing, which they are. I been warning you sistas on this moment more than I talked about the Barackalypse because you sistas positioned yourself to chase the type of white men who just like black pussy and confusing that shit with loving a black woman. So with these two major issues affecting black relationships in 2016 on a geopolitical level and we are about to have some real conversation on this shit. Chinese Woman Nearly Run Over by Her Own Car ratchet There was a recent viral video in China with a woman almost ran over by her car but luckily she appears unhurt. I want you to check out the video and watch it. Did you notice something? I was trying to comprehend what she was saying but at the end, I could not translate the Chinese phrase that sound like “stop the car” and realized, she spoke English! So who did she say “stop the car!” too in English. Well, she was looking at the car so someone must be in the car. Please watch the video again and try to look at the passenger. thatsabro That passenger is a brotha – watch the video again and look at how he acted. Now did you noticed several other things in this video? The Chinese knockoff of a Chrysler 300M with all the chrome trims and chrome mirror like those ghetto cars in Oakland? This is in mainland China and there is a reason why this is being brought up here. There are a lot of Chinese women that are more ghetto and ratchet than any of you sistas wished you can be and a lot of these Chinese women want that ghetto trophy – a black guy with a little bit of pacified thug and ghetto in them. I mean, you did notice the Chinese lady was not sitting there quiet and docile with her black man in the car, didn’t you? She got out of that call all ratchet and ready to set it off. The reason I’m bringing this up is because this is probably the best these African-American black males under 35 got going for him in this world in 2016. This Chinese lady in the video is probably the only one in the world that don’t mind driving her black dude around in some knockoff Chrysler 300 with the chrome trimmings and acting ratchet all day long with him and we are estimating there are probably at least 600 million of these types of ratchet Chinese women for these African-American brothas. It’s not fair that Arab terrorists have to kill themselves for 72 virgins when brothas got 700 million ratchet ass Chinese chicks wanting him because he a weak ass fuckboy. Keep this in mind – this is the best option a African-American dude under 35 has because he is no longer wanted by international women around the world. The YouTube/Facebook Brothas Go to Brazil and Guess What? frustrated The past couple of years, we heard the so-called black American men running to Brazil because the women down there treat them better than the African-American women back in the USA rhetoric. One of those guys was called Charles Tyler and I blogged about these clowns a few times on this blog. I want to make sure there is full clarification of this whole topic because a lot of misinformation and innuendos and cats basically lying are running their mouth on this topic. The real brothas going to Brazil happened 10 years ago and these were the brothas who went there, found a home, found local women who welcomed them as a visiting traveler and the whole village welcomed this. A lot of these brothas back then helped out the local Brazilian community and earned respect of the community and people down there – these are the real brothas that went to Brazil and can rightfully claim they found something better than what they had in America. I want you to understand the fundamentals here – these old school brothas went to Brazil and treated our African Diaspora family with dignity and respect and it was reciprocal and they laid down the positive framework. Just FYI, whenever I go to a developing country, it is my obligation as a African-American male to contribute or perform a good gesture service for the local people on behalf of Martin Luther King and other African-American icons (Muhammad Ali) the local community respect (James Brown also) - this is what we real black men do when we travel worldwide and represent our people to the world. Now the brothas today talking about running to Brazil the past two years like they discovered something let’s talk about them. Their mantra was the black women in America was full of shit and they tired of American sistas and the crap these American sistas are about and they heard about Brazilian sistas from the “frustrated” YouTube documentary and want to start a movement. And they started going to Brazil. Now, I want give you a quiz question - what do you think these new group of brothas running to Brazil done when they went to Brazil? Did they: (a) Went to Brazil to treat the local population with dignity and respect and received with welcomed arms? (b) Found a Brazilian lady that loved his black American charming personality and treated him better than an American sista? (c) Went down there like a pack of black dudes with their pants sagging and the brothas started fist fighting each other in Brazilian clubs over which Brazilian whore or prostitute they wanted to get with? Seriously, pick which one you think those brothas talking about they going to Brazil actually done when they got their passport and visa like they were touting and probably spent $3,000 to travel to Brazil– pick which one these brothas ended up doing. Post your guess in the comment section before reading further. No your answer is wrong; it was not (a). What these brothas actually did was option (c) – they went down there and acted just like the fuckboys they were back in the USA. See, when it comes to black men under 35 and international affairs, a lot of these brothas want to believe they can export that fuckboy shit overseas that drove his own African-American sistas away from him in the first place. These cats went to Brazil wearing their pants sagging, dressing like African-American clowns wearing American shit and you saw the pic with Charles Tyler in an earlier blog post wearing some Steelers jersey on the beach – that pic alone should have revealed these guys didn’t know shit about global traveling and cultural immersion to establish any local clout in Brazil. What really happened is these brothas went into the local spots around Brazil like a pack of sailors because they too coward to roll solo anywhere and blaze their own trail. And just like sailors or soldiers at the NCO club, they want to fight over the stank-quality whores and argue about which one spotted the whore first – must be some Tariq Nasheed Mack Lessons shit they read got them acting this way in Brazil. Some of them brothas didn’t get any Brazilian whores and some of them mad they traveled all the way to Brazil and they ended up just hanging with other fuckboy black dudes. No beautiful Brazilian sista, he just spent $3,000 oogling whores and probably realize he not going to find anyone in Brazil that will treat him better than an African-American woman from Alabama that know how to make buttermilk fried chicken, Jiffy Mix cornbread and pinto beans and neckbones and greens for her black man. So the brothas spent all their money, got that visa and passport and talked shit online about American black women just to end up at a drinking hole in Brazil fighting over whores and prostitutes. Sistas, go ahead - you can laugh your ass off at this. How do I know this? I got my direct connects and furthermore, I know the old school brothas in Brazil just like I know brothas all over the world. And we don’t lie or make up anything over here at this blog because we do global research and have the reach. It was the old school brothas who became “frustrated” at the so-called Charles Tyler following clowns coming to Brazil fucking everything up. Because when the brothas started getting loud, drunk, black-on-black fighting and quietly ended up picking the nastiest Brazilian whores to take back to the hotel, all that negativity was making everything look bad for local business and the local people down there in Brazil didn’t want that. Besides, the Europeans visiting Brazil are the one with real money, not these broke ass American brothas acting like clowns with their little pocket change thinking they balling. What happened is the local people started complaining to the old school brothas who also didn’t want nothing to do with these fuckboys from America coming down to Brazil fucking everything up. Keep in mind the role of a Brazilian favela whore or any whore worldwide – being a prostitute is acceptable by the whole family for the girl to go whore herself in order to feed the family. Actually, I know strippers like that here in Atlanta where her family got her stripping to pay the family bills (we talking adult siblings, not her kids). So no whore wants to put up with a group of broke ass American fuckboys when the Japanese and European tourist is sitting there with thousands of dollars and the American fuckboys scaring away the Japanese and European tourists from spending money on whores. So they locked it all down – the Brazilian clubs flatly start refusing to allow these young brothas from America into any of their spots – absolute ban. The hotels warned the whores to not mess with any young brothas from America or they will ban that whore from their hotel lobby or coming in. The whores got together and said they not servicing any of those American fuckboys either. Watch some fuckboy brotha come into my comment section with an anonymous identity talking about they never heard this before and try to say I’m lying about what happened – actually, the old school brothas got together and helped the locals kicked these young brothas out. And recently, these brothas simply stopped coming to Brazil altogether and the old school brothas got their Brazil back from the American fuckboy invasion. So you all been briefed about that whole Brazilian conversation in 2016 and I know the brothas talking that Brazil shit ain’t going to tell you the truth but here it is. “No AA Black Men Under 40” noblackman That message “no AA men under 40” is not only in Backpage escort ads but worldwide, international women have outright banned having anything to do with black guys under 40 years old due to these dudes having an overall fuckboy reputation. I can probably expand this to say that even black-owned businesses prefer not to do business with black guys under 40 but let’s stick to relationships. I did not realize how damaged the credibility of brothas in their 20s and 30s are in the global stage. This did not occur when I was in my 20s and 30s years ago and I was wondering why I’m in my 40s fucking chicks in their 20s that should be fucking brothas in their 20s and 30s – because these sistas all hate brothas under 40 years old! Actually, I know a few Latino chicks who chase older black men and I bet if I ask them they will say they don’t like the 20s-30s African-American dudes because they are lame fuckboys. Here is the question for the brothas – why did women around the world straight put an absolute ban on dealing with you young brothas? If we do Internet research, we are going to see the women around the world are not going to tolerate what your African-American sistas allowed you brothas to become of yourself. Here is my belief as an older brotha and I will tell you. First, most of you brothas are hyper-masculine acting like you going to outpunch a shotgun blast the way you get angry and act like you going to shut things down like you Harambe and shit – well, you saw what happened to him and King Kong, didn’t you? And your hyper-masculine persona forces you to be hyper-sexist where you think women are your property talking that “that’s my woman” shit. Dude, you can be married to that woman and have kids with her and take her on cruises and win the stepping contest in Chicago every fucking year – she is not your woman and not your property and if she wants to fuck someone else, she can. But here is the real issue and this is the real problem with you brothas and you going to have to hear it. The real problem with black men is poor economics and poor wellness which is what a woman demand at the core of any man she wants to desire. You brothas are broke but got money to watch Hidden Colors and donate to Jason Black or Dr. Umar Johnson but you brothas broke as fuck real world and just on the Internet lying and talking up shit about your hustle when everybody knows you ain’t got the funds or the spread to cover things. Second is wellness and you brothas are hell-bent out of shape, look fucking diseased in the face – I be looking at brothas posting pics smiling proud with butt models and those brothas got fat heads and fat necks and you can look at their skin and eyes and see the underlying conditions they not taking care of their internals. Like that one brotha I don't remember who throw parties with famous butt models, dude look like he and his liver don't get along. And you brothas do drugs and act like that shit is recreational and acceptable – no real quality chick mess with a brotha that does drugs and the brothas doing drugs have lame dick game and cannot fuck worth a shit either and have erectile dysfunction in their 20s. Let me give you brothas under 40 that are currently banned by sistas worldwide a bit of advice and I already said this in the last several blogs. The first and most important – walk your ass away from Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Umar Johnson, Tommy Sotomayor and the rest of that YouTube bullshit and fuckboy rhetoric. You better act like a man that was raised by black men and think with your own damn mind about the world around you. Number two, drop the hyper-macho shit and surrender to God as your higher power. Let God take care of things and if you put trust in God, it will work out – this is going to be hard for you at first but really, it ain’t like you got any other options in this crazy ass evil cold world. Number three – you need global skills that take you global so you can meet women as a qualified black man and she cannot write you off as just another fuckboy. You also need to flex those skills in front of chicks so she can definitely separate you from the fuckboys – for you cats under 40 this appear mandatory. But most important – give up drugs, drinking, smoking and all that shit and start focusing on your health. Because that’s the next chapter. Black Marriage and Diet processed In retrospective, as a black man and I mean this – if I can honestly say a real reason to divorce a black woman is not what she done or said, it is what she serving at the dinner table. I’m watching black dudes around me right now straight get early death sentences and knock on wood, I’m just as exposed as the next guy but I’m witnessing cats I grew up with now laying in open caskets in their early 40s from prostate and colon cancer and heart failure and kidney failure complications due to diabetes. And the truth is it was from the bullshit black couples eat all the time and failure to maintain an active lifestyle. At a time, there were black women talking shit about “I don’t cook like that!” and if I hear another black woman talk like being in the kitchen cooking is a problem on our first date conversation, she better get the fuck out of my face. This ain’t no attitude, this is a life and death matter and the corpses of my black male friends I grew up with lying in repose at their wake, homey. I want a woman that knows how to cook and not microwave shit all the time. And better also know how to carb count and how to trim saturated fats from the diet and we eat right to see our kids grow up with their parents to an old age. I blogged this plenty of times – I see a chick and think she fine and look good but the minute she orders pork bacon on the side with her grits, that chick became ugly to me. That bacon shit is slow death food and it’s not ok to eat processed pork meat like that, it is nothing safe about it or nutritional or necessary. And no sista better not talk to me about going to Outback Steakhouse or Longhorn and stuff. We are going to the grocery store and pick out what we putting in the salad and we are walking on the Atlanta Beltline as the sun goes down and enjoy the real world outdoors and active. I have learned to cook at cooking school and learned to eat good healthy meals and the women I’m dating realize the importance of cooking and an active lifestyle being with me. I personally learned a lot making health and wellness mandatory for my relationships. I don’t like the hamster style treadmill of LA Fitness or a gym membership, I like to be in the real world being active and fit. I like sunrises and sunsets, I like hiking and biking, I like jogging and tennis. I can sit at the café and walk in walkable communities. See, I’m saying this to say that I learned the biggest failure of black marriage may not be divorce, it may be when one of the couple get test results back from years of eating bullshit food and not living an active lifestyle. And I don’t ever want to see that shit happen to someone I love and marry and watch them go down in a slow death like I’m seeing among my married peers in their 40s right now. You brothas better demand a woman that knows how to cook and understand the importance of cooking. Don’t let another sista pull that microwave shit and cook only bad and processed food and act like that shit is okay. Brothas, if that sista start talking shit about she don’t like to cook, dump her ass like your life depends on it because brotha, your life does. Moonomics and Misogynoir justswipeagain What is this? This chick presenting herself to be unattractive and she making commentary on her problem with black guys and act like she speaking to black women issues? Look, I already know what this all garbage about and the shitty quality sistas that subscribe to this crap. What I want to explain is these sistas are no different than the brothas in terms of the fuckboy/fuckgirl dynamic of their generation and these type of sistas are trying to establish some hipster phrase called Misogynoir which is nothing more than Moonomics at play. Moonomics was coined nearly 10 years ago and is establishing business models profiting off black women with low self-esteem, self-doubt and low sense of self-worth. I remember bringing this up 10 years ago and black women had to struggle to realize what Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden and others talking that relationship expert crap true agenda was about – they were not about helping black women, they were about exploiting negativity and profiting off the science that negativity feeds off negativity. That is moonomics and sistas want to be mad at the name and don’t understand the reality of Moonomics. Moonomics make you sistas believe the problem is those no-good men and backstabbing friends and family who betrayed you. A lot of them exploit the sensitive topic of sexual assault, family sexual abuse and domestic violence among women to rile hurt black women emotions up for profit selling books and other stuff. The science is find a sista that is at a down point in her life, exploit her while she is down and hustle a dollar out of her by just acknowledging the low self-esteem, self-doubt and feeling of self-worth selling her books and media that reinforce negativity. That’s the science of moonomics and why we had Michael Baisden on the radio selling that relationship drama negative crap and Steve Harvey morning show doing that negative Strawberry letter crap also. The science behind moonomics is to realize how Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden truly feel about you sistas with that “drama” bullshit – thankfully Iyanla Vanzant stepped up and created a “Fix My Life” show that focus on solving drama, not exploiting drama. This hipster Misogynoir crap they trying to pull nowadays is a slick version of moonomics that does not solve any problems and only designed to tap into emotions and sell books or media. This movement is pretty much driven by batshit crazy sistas who are not getting attention from the brothas and this is a way for them to create media propaganda to lash out why they are overlooked and written off as a basic chick, I’m just speaking the truth. Because the reality is and I know this for a fact – the sistas with the nice body, cute face and she doing non-profit work uplifting other sistas are getting the brothas attention and the sistas attention. I can show several sistas like I just described fine as hell up in Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York, DC and so on doing real work for uplifting sistas and these are sistas who have high self-worth and know how to overcome self-doubt to go and achieve. This Kimberly Foster and this whole For Harriett is some bullshit, plain and simple. There are real layered and complex matters involving structured misogyny against black women in the black community. And me and my crew already identified the biggest culprit and went after her years ago – Cathy Hughes from Radio One is the biggest perpetuator of misogyny against black women in the black community operating negative media like black radio stations that play songs demeaning or sexualize the nature of the black woman. There are events ran by Radio One where women are just a sexualized object to market or for brothas to chase. Jamilah Lemieux cannot speak up or say the truth because that’s the only place she can probably work at while pretending to be down for the cause, just saying. In addition, misogyny is heavy in the black church, heavy in black civil rights and social justice and how many black dudes base their hyper-macho foundation on. Me and my crew is the only real cats out here and any of these silly ass so-called black feminists I called them out and all they can do is cackle up a bunch of shit in a comment section. Dream and Hustle is the one that covers real stuff for sistas and none of them can handle this truth. We are the ones over here that went after the butt modeling industry in surgical-precision strategic operation and we are credited for moving sistas away from stripping and butt modeling towards sista-to-sista economic models that we showed was more profitable than marketing skin and sex to broke ass brothas. We are the ones that are going to create the blockchain solution that allow black women models and strippers control her contracts and engagements with venues and media channels and get out the black dudes trying to “pimp a sista” in the middle – these black feminists just sitting around talking worthless shit, we are the ones over here executing empowerment of sistas, just remember that. I’m saying this to say that there are real brothas as well as real sistas out here that look out for our sistas and we handle our business out here. Don’t get caught up in this catchy term misogynoir bullshit designed to make a profit, let’s focus on the structural issues of misogyny in our community and work to dismantle them because I don’t understand for the life of me why sistas listen to V-103 here in Atlanta when they play music catering to a drug-culture hyper-macho fuckboy demographic knowing sistas are the actual demographic paying V-103 bills. Refuse to Date Black Women After looking at these guys talk about not wanting to date black women, I'm going to keep this real short. Man-to-Man, show that brotha this picture below of a sista and remind him this is how black women are shaped and contrary to popular belief, black women with big curvy butts are some of the nicest and smartest women a brotha can be with: pic I said this before on this blog - these brothas talking they don't date sistas are full of shit. The problem is not these brothas don't want to date black women, the issue is they cannot because they are not man enough and project their own self-doubt and self-worth where sistas can pick up on it. And one more thing - a black man will put up with the most ratchet bullshit a black woman has to offer if she got a booty, don't fool yourself with words spoken or written - brothas will be whipped and put up with anything a chick with a nice ass fuss about or stir up. At the end of the day, relationships are just a nice talk cover for the desire of sex and sexual fantasy. Sistas, be smart enough to recognize a bunch of fools talking about they don't want to date a black woman because if they can have a chance to have sex with a sista with a nice shape, they would do it at the drop of a dime. Everybody wants to date black women, especially brothas. The issues have nothing to do with your attitude or whatever, the issues has everything to do with brothas having the fortitude and funds to handle a sista. And from my experience and I know this is strange, I get along and do fine with sistas that have a big butt and curves and pretty face and I catch hell all the time from flat booty and self-loathing sistas with lousy sex game. So I adopted a FOFO policy - fine or fuck off - when it comes to sistas and my life is alright now. Notice I talk about dating worldwide but I still date sistas and go out with sistas because I'm a real brotha and real brothas always want to deal with sistas. Don't believe another lie from a brotha who say he don't want to date sistas, the real issue is he simply cannot step up to the standard to have a quality sista. Whatever Duncan. wedding I could not understand the hype behind Forever Duncan and why it appeared on my social media feeds. But I had to investigate who was posting the Forever Duncan stuff and it was black women who are out of range of being marriage material passing around Forever Duncan conversation. I saw some interesting commentary about this Forever Duncan thing. The first set of commentary was women who was challenging black guys to step up and marry her – these comments were coming from the loner sistas who may likely marry out of desperation because her standards were too high for a chick that was basic at best. The type I will ask for a date and get “yes” before I finish typing in the chat section because they desperate to be asked out on a date than call a brotha and hang out with a brotha. The second set of commentary is what I’m leaning to and this is experience – this Forever Duncan pop-up instant wedding is a bunch of bullshit and this marriage will fundamentally be on shaky ground. The reason why is structural – the woman and her family are the ones that is supposed to arrange the wedding, that is supposed to be her wedding. That is her fighting with the bridal shops, arguing with her friends to be bridesmaids and hiring the consultant at church to arrange the wedding for her. But here is the truth. What you are looking at is wedding porn – another export of Japan that was being done in Japan and Americans just started copying but pretend they are original. In Japan, for the longest time there were not a lot of “churches” and most couples did not have established venues or family to wed in but wanted the Western style wedding. And what the Japanese decided to do was “photograph” the image of a grand wedding and photographed the living crap out of a wedding ceremony (they have photo studios in Japan designed to look like a grand Cathedral and wedding garden) to make the whole experience awesome on film. This was to create “look books” for the Japanese bride to share with others on their wedding day by sharing all the pictures taken. This is actually a serious money-making operation in Japan. So Japanese culture created this “wedding porn” industry decades ago off this and that culture was brought here to America and you are seeing variation of wedding porn designed to go viral. courthouse The picture above is an example of a "courthouse wedding" where the couple goes to the courthouse to be married. These are the good type of "wedding porn" pictures because it focus more on the couple itself and not meant to be viral or popular but intimate. Overall, I think “wedding porn” is cool (and profitable industry) when done as it was originally invented in Japan to take a lot of pictures and show moments of love on video to watch in the future to remind yourself of who you married and why you two fell in love in the first place. But creating these “viral videos” is a model of marriage disaster because the wedding was more focused on by the couple than the foundation of the matrimony. I have “relationship porn” with my Chinese bae doing couples shit together and that made my relationship stronger with her. It’s okay and encouraged to turn your relationship into a porn fetish of pictures and media but make sure the media is to promote your relationship and marriage between you two as a couple, not something designed to go viral over the Internet because you want likes on Facebook. The Take-Away For The State of Black Relationships whatmatters Black relationships has moved from creating a family unit to a bunch of silly and shallow nonsense and nobody is winning. The brothas are discredited worldwide and I'm personally going to call out Tariq Nasheed and those other YouTube cats on this shit. I don't give a fuck how much money Tariq Nasheed made off peddling to these brothas, he is the one that have these fuckboys following him and that's what he has to go to bed knowing at the end of the day and Tariq better ask himself is this the legacy he want to personally leave behind and known as in the African-American history books - creating and supporting a generation of young black male fuckboys that are banned by women globally? I mean damn...I mean fuck man..who want to be followed by fuckboys? Really?! You couldn't pay me to go to bed knowing I'm being liked by fuckboy brothas that beautiful women around the world are straight banning and want nothing to do with...real talk. You brothas better find a way to separate yourself from the fuckboy reputation worldwide because you brothas can no longer talk about how sistas and their "attitude" is perceived worldwide - no one is explicitly writing "No AA women under 40" - they banning you brothas outright around the world. You better come 200% with your hustle, your game, your swagger and you better be ready to let a chick know you ain't one of those fuckboys making things look bad for African-American men worldwide. Actually, I remember being overseas several times and some African guy talking to foreign women look at me and say "he is an American" - now I see what that was actually about. You brothas better divest from those other brothas caught up in bullshit and be your own man, this is real talk. Sistas, I have not really touched on the swirling and Hillary Clinton thing because I blogged about it in details a while ago. I would seriously advise you sistas to reconsider that swirling bullshit discussion. Because here is the painful truth - anybody can fuck a sista and cheap. Sistas are worldwide selling ass for cheap and in Africa selling ass for cheap. African-American sistas during slavery and Jim Crow was basically sex slaves or in sex servitude to white male privilege so I don't know exactly what any of you sistas think you offering white privileged males in American society - what, you think you offering love and shit? There is an active war with white women feminists against the white male privilege culture and Hillary Clinton is mobilizing power and a force to be reckon with - I strongly advise you sistas to stay the fuck away from that whole swirling bullshit and instead focus on black women issues. Swirling is bullshit because it still tries to have someone else (white males) validate black womanhood other than demanding someone else (black males) validate black womanhood. How about you validate your own black womanhood for a change? Sistas, you really got to learn how to pick and choose the right man for you. Real men are doing real shit like be at the airport or eating at the corporate center during lunch - these are places you sistas are not even at and I'm sitting at the table with several brothas eating lunch or at the Hibachi spot and all the brothas make over $100K/year complaining about black women not even being approachable. One time at the Hibachi spot here in Atlanta, I was sitting there with another black man for business talk and we both single and it was a bunch of black women on some Singles Night Out - not one of the sistas said hi and all of them put their head down. You sistas got to learn how to use data to filter out the type of brotha you want and where he located - we are there, just position yourself correctly. But you sistas seriously got to leave these fuckboy brothas alone because if international sistas are banning these brothas worldwide, yeah, something is wrong with these brothas. Think about it - they talked about Brazil so much, went down there and fucked that up, if that ain't enough to show you American sistas how much bullshit these brothas following Tariq Nasheed and hanging on the Coli are about, I don't know what to tell you sistas. For real, let these fuckboy brothas get with the only woman in the world that is ratchet enough to put up with his ass:

7 thoughts on “#WhateverDuncan and Other Short Essays on The State of Black Relationships in 2016

  1. I literally studied your article. Read. Paused. Researched some names. Read. Watched the video several times. Read. Paused. Finished. Reread.
    You have opened my eyes and my mind more than it was yesterday. Thank you.

  2. I am at a lost for words as I did not know about the ban on AA under 40 years of age. I am going to go back and research this and the movie you are speaking of. Do you have anything that I can go directly to or should I just google and it should come up? This is very interesting…

    1. I did not realize either but my more traveled brothas briefed me on this. Now that I look back at experiences several years I see it now and did not recognize before there was indeed a global ban on AA under 40.

      Start with escorts and strippers because they will be honest why they don’t serve AA men under 40. Talk too much, flex too much but have little money and no hustle. I opened my eyes and realize most black barbers don’t want to deal with young AA men. Even I dIvested this blog from AA men so it’s everywhere but we just didn’t put it all together.

      This ban hurts young single American black men from global opportunities in a major way. It has to be addressed to undo damage already in place. It didn’t use to be this way – young American black men were respected worldwide. Something happened.

  3. Well the street walkers did not want to mess with young cats 35 years ago in America that is not new. What we heard in korea was bros wearing the women out and momma-san getting mad because the chick wanted to rest instead of making money . They felt it was easier money to be made with the white guys. This was straight out of a Korean bar girl’s mouth. we often just sat around and just talked with them and one thing they told us was, the white boys try to pressure them into not sleeping with the bros. Also I know England and Germany the American bros still in demand just like in the 70’s. My question is why go overseas and mess with strippers and whores? way too many folks want to meet us to mess with damaged chicks. hell even in America why mess with them, they got too many risk factors.

    1. Let’s be fair – enlisted black men are physically fit and protecting the country of these women. Professional men have professional skills were they can work 9-5 alongside global women to build a relationship. Those clowns in the article above where nothing more than a ghetto sex tourism troupe.

      Black Marines in Okinawa for example hurt the image of black men in Japan and black exceptionalism is now required.

      You are right – white guys go out their way to tell foreign women not to mess with brothas but she wants to find out herself. Most of the reasons these women banning brothas is because of brothas ruining their own character, self-inflicted.

  4. This Chinese lady in the video is probably the only one in the world that don’t mind driving her black dude around

    see it all the time here in seattle we laugh at some of the bros being driven around by attractive white girls, it is clear a lot of times these cats are down on the luck.

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