While African-Americans Fight Over How a Movie Flopped, In Africa…..

afrotech Cellulant, a FinTech company focusing electronic mobile payment solutions has won the Payments and Transfers category at the just concluded Africa FinTech Awards. Providing services to over 50 banks, 40 mobile service operators, and more than 100 merchants and 200 businesses. The company can boast of touching the lives of over 40 million people across Africa. please http://innov8tiv.com/cellulant-wins-payments-transfers-category-african-fintech-awards/

2 thoughts on “While African-Americans Fight Over How a Movie Flopped, In Africa…..

  1. I watched the video and am impressed and inspired by what the Cellulant team has done and is doing. They asked the question of “Why aren’t there any billion dollar African companies” and set about solving a large and practical problem of getting money to 20 million farmers in Nigeria do what they need to do to thrive. Thanks for sharing this Ed!

  2. This is very impressive and kudos to them! It is awesome to see the things you have spoke about coming to fruition. I am wondering what more will be done in the Afro tech industry? I was speaking to a young man the other day and he wants to travel to Africa and utilize tech opportunities that are not here in the US.

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