Why I Decided to Stick with African-Americans at the Juncture Where Other Black Entrepreneurs Give Up On Their Own People

momentoftruth I decided not to repeat a history and pattern so many successful black entrepreneurs do – tell their own African-American people to go fuck themselves after they made it. I been at the juncture myself plenty of times in my life and I strongly know the resentful feeling and have the same bad taste and truly understand the brotha or sista reaching their pinnacle moment as a bittersweet experience not getting the support and love on the way up from their own African-American people who talk so much about how we need to support each other but just don’t do it. I have skills and could have easily left the USA for better gigs and pretend African-American is behind me in the new host country. Bae and her parents gave me the option to move to China to start up my empire there with their support. I could have moved to a suburb in the Bay Area and act like the other black folks up there trying to assimilate with so-called Silicon Valley culture. I could have taken Venture Capital money and give up part of my hustle and give them seats to the board of directors to have a voice in my venture, just to get headlines that rich white people liked me enough to give me “VC funding” to make African-Americans proud of me. I had plenty of junctures where I could have chased the big money and new life and said “fuck African-American people, they didn’t do shit for me anyway” like so many other successful African-American entrepreneurs. In a way, African-Americans overall haven’t been kind to me or supportive of black entrepreneurs like me. African-Americans always think they can do the same thing you do just because you look black like them but ain’t putting in the hustle you putting in to be you. Or they always know someone else black doing the same thing you doing, trying to downplay your hustle. Another thing is African-Americans want white people to acknowledge you before they will support you, like how black folks waited for President Obama to win the Iowa Caucus before supporting him – that is really messed up. And you saw how Rev. Jeremiah Wright acted trying to show his ass when one of his flock wanted to do big things like run for the President of the United States of America – that Rev. Wright clown didn’t even stand down just for Michelle Obama sake and that’s how black people act. And after African-Americans discovered in a white media outlet you made it big, these same black folks want the “hookup” or they calling you a coon for not giving back after acting like they didn’t care if you made it to the top when you were climbing upwards. Where their ass was at when you was fighting to stay awake to finish your hustle up? Now they want to sit at the table and eat with you. It’s bad enough I have to fight structured racism, white privilege and bigots as a black entrepreneur but it’s another thing to see your own black people are on the other side of racism acting like they don’t care about you and your hustle and just waiting until after the fact – the “I need to see it to believe it or show me” crap. Or they want to talk about how a black Olympic athlete need to do something about her nappy hair, after this athlete trained hard for years to compete for a medal against the world. So after the war between the enemy and the non-support from the homeland, African-American entrepreneurs once they overcome the odds stand at the pinnacle and look back at black people and our deteriorating communities and poverty and social ills and instead of go back and help, the black entrepreneur says fuck African-American people and I hope everybody understand why. I’m at that juncture again and I reflect on how African-Americans been acting and to be honest, I don’t care how African-Americans acted towards me. I care mostly about how African-Americans acted towards themselves as the Barackalypse approached. Did they learn STEM or did they stayed watching BET award shows and reality TV sitcoms? Did they learn how to create energy farms and food farms or did they keep consuming like a customer dependent on government as their lifeline? Do they know what to do if the food supply and water supply in the black community is compromised or are they going to die of hunger in the street like the Holodomor or “terror-famine” that happened to Ukraine? In the fall of 2016, we can officially say African-Americans sold themselves out. I saw what happened to African-Americans back in 2001 to 2009 and it was not pretty. To see cats acting stupid in 2016 acting like President Obama was not a stopgap and did nothing to prepare themselves in 2017 is what I think about at the juncture where I have to decide to move forward and forget or say fuck African-Americans like the rest of the black entrepreneurs who came before me. I remember when I was young on the West Side of Chicago and could not understand black people who got big act like they forget where they came from, like how the Jackson family did Gary Indiana. And I told myself if I get out of this hood and get big, I’m not going to do that. So at this juncture I decided I’m going to give a fuck about African-Americans, even if African-Americans act like they don’t give a fuck about me.

4 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Stick with African-Americans at the Juncture Where Other Black Entrepreneurs Give Up On Their Own People

  1. Wise Words my man.
    Thank you for believing in those that didn’t believe in you, and more importantly,
    those that didn’t believe in themselves. That is where a lot of issues arise, putting someone that is doing something down to soothe their nothingness. Your words do not fall on blind eyes.
    Continue your Journey- In time, I hope to join you in Paying it Forward.

  2. Ed you have been to me and my crew a awesome inspiration and a wealth of knowledge and resource l have learned life changing skills benefit my family and community thanks much is appreciated.

  3. Where black folks go from here can only be measured independently. Groups and movements unsuccessful 8 years under the first black president of the United States will be a greater failure after the election. Folks need to follow the code because there will be no auditions in 2017!

    1. Amen… true story… everyone regardless of their skin color, race & ethnicity are going to feel & suffer from the inevitable wrath once President Barack Obama leaves office… his absence will DEFINITELY make America feel his presence…he is the absolute BEST & most intellectual & poised President in our history books thus far…too bad he’ll never receive the proper accolades for ALL he has done because of the melanin in his skin…AmeriKKKa needs to be ashamed…embarrasing is an understatement to say the least!

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