African-American Day of Reckoning Has Arrived and Time to Pay the Piper

The past 8 years, African-Americans focused on bullshit instead of handling business. The 8 years prior to Obama taking office from 2001 to 2009 was one of the worst economic period modern brothas and sistas faced, many turning homeless and chronic unemployment. Hurricane Katrina should have woke us up to how vulnerable we were as a people. But when President Obama taken the White House, these African-Americans chose to focus on fuckery on TV and social media. Now you look at social media the day after the election and African-Americans with Trump winning and these African-Americans are scrambling and invoking God name as the Barackalypse manifest upon them.

This blog, Dream and Hustle tried over and over to show brothas and sistas how to do for self, their community, their people and their future. But African-Americans chose to follow cats who are talking up good game and preaching pro-black bullshit. Brothas chose to dabble in PUA and disrespect of black women; sistas chose to dabble in swirling and disrespect of black men. Black folks created something called Black Twitter as if black people tweeting was an actual sphere of influence to change the world. Black folks subscribed to fluff inspirational shit like Urban Intellectuals instead of how-to content like Dream and Hustle offered. And black folks started acting like privileged entitled hipsters believing they can just be “vocal” and have “social media viral outrage” instead of real action and grit on their knuckles.

Now those same African-Americans are beginning to realize the Post-Obama Era has arrived – ain’t a lot of damn smiling anymore. The same brothas and sistas that engaged in fuckery the past 8 years, are now going to realize their homes, their food and their safety is at risk and ain’t a damn video made by Dr. Umar Johnson or Dr. Boyce Watkins is going to save their ass on that. I’m not going to “told you so” gloat and it is not a happy day but it is a day I fully expected and stated was coming over and over for several years. Only cats living in blue states like New York are going to fare better but other cats are going to catch major hell if they ain’t got it together.

All I will say is me and my people are good; the Afro-Tech is well-prepared for momentum forward and I know how to handle mines remembering how bad things were before 2009. I do not know if anybody can help a brotha or sista who arrived at this day confused and don’t know how to proceed. These silly ass black folks were crying over Vine being shut down last week – well, those millennial black folks going to have something real to cry about after the election result because the powers in place will be plotting to shut their entire black lives matter ecosystem down completely. These consuming paternal-seeking African-Americans about to lose jobs, lose homes, lose families, lose that sense of fucking entitlement, lose their favorite reality TV show and all that shit because they simply ain’t got it together because they been bullshitting the past 8 years.

There is a lot of promise and opportunity for brothas and sistas that actually read this blog over the years and handled their business that supersede any political partisanship. I’m very optimistic for the STEM cats and the Afro-Tech regardless of who won but to be honest, Hillary and Trump would have delivered the same outcome, Trump just going to give the medicine without the honey. The rest of you cats out there that been bullshitting – it’s never too late to change your shit right and handle your damn business. You brothas can start quietly fall out of YouTube fuckboy following stuff like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed and handle your manhood business like a goddamn man. You sistas can stop with the stupid ass swirling and For Harriett bullshit and start chasing sista-to-sista business models and global expansions like the African-American sista the world admires. It’s never too late to change for the better.

Right now, what’s going to happen is the bullshitters like the Dr. Umar Johnson and his ilk are going to double-down on the ignorance and fear-mongering to hustle you black folks out of more money out of your pockets when shit turning bad to worse. You brothas and sistas better fucking recognize you are in self-serving survival mode and start calling out that rhetoric Dr. Boyce Watkins and these stupid ass panels with David Banner and Killer Mike the bullshit that it is. You brothas and sistas better start holding to every dollar you got and start worrying how the fuck you going to eat and sleep in 2017…believe that shit. Because we are officially in the Post-Obama era and it’s time to pay the piper.

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