Creating a Blockchain Crypto-Delivery Service to Empower Our Urban Black Economy

pilot Now that the Afro-Tech taken over the and ushered the African-American community into the age of Cryptonomics using cryptosystems platforms and blockchain distributed ledgers, let’s talk about real ways to get our black economy up and running immediately. In this article, we are going to explain what crypto-delivery is, the use case and solutions, how it works and the operations. The photos at the top of the articles are not a prop – this was a real proof-of-concept and test that we performed here in Atlanta to simulate a crypto-delivery on the blockchain service and this is the first two packages that went out to two different locations. You going to learn real fast that Atlanta is already a major blockchain innovation hub. The nice part is tech media don’t cover us black folks with real tech talent, enabling us to work in organic stealth mode here in Atlanta - ain’t that cool yall? pleaseyouworkforups When I was growing up in the hood, cats always wanted to get a job at the post office or UPS. Instead of black people wanting to work at UPS or the post office, what if the black community collectively go after the shipping market going on every day in their community? What if we create our own shipping and delivery operations that allow our people in our community to work for themselves and we create our own distribution centers in our own hood to handle the processing of packages? Wouldn’t that quickly create jobs in our own community and create circular economics among ourselves? grandempowerment Many of you cats will think of the GTA V Finance & Felony Cargo and Warehouse Missions but our crypto-shipping is not based off that. But what you should realize is that the Afro-Tech can create urban modeling and economic interactions that resemble Grand Theft Auto urban-based gamification and use it to create Grand Black Empowerment. Another thing we created was a blockchain-based exchange that is also kinda similar to the stock exchange on Grand Theft Auto V where our version let the black community buy and sell prepaid credits to support local businesses in the black community and that’s another article but we did cover this on this blog a while ago. How the Blockchain Crypto-Shipping System Works cship_diagram The way crypto-shipping will work is outlined in the diagram above and notice it is centered around the blockchain distributed ledger. The blockchain ledger is encrypted in a way where independent people can validate the ledger has not been tampered with and can trust the data. The data on the ledger is encrypted with the exception of the identifier code of those engaged in transactions. So what this does is create new paradigms of collective-base business models that can be applied in the hood and crypto-shipping is one of them. So if you look at the diagram let’s cover the process real quick: Shipper Pack Product. The shipper will pack their own product or they can go to an hood-based “pack and crypto-ship” establishment in the hood where someone can pack it for them. Now, don’t just think one person – you will learn Kossier created this service to allow social media selling in the hood such as Facebook Marketplace and allow selling subscription boxes be possible in the hood so if you have a side hustle business that ship stuff, you will be happy about this whole setup. Printed Encrypted QR Code. The shipper or the “pack and crypto-ship” store will print out a shipping label that is written to the blockchain once an order has been initiated. The QR code shipping label is placed on the box and that’s all that on the box. You can use Microsoft Word and the QR Code Mail Merge feature that I described earlier on how to create a QR code scavenger hunt and as you see in the top photo, we was able to print out QR codes off a blockchain on an Avery label pack. Package is Picked Up. A person can get a message from the blockchain to pick up a package from the shipper and deliver it to the distribution center. That person will get instructions to pick up the package from the person residence (not preferred) or the hood-based pack and crypto-ship store (preferred) or a time/location. The person picking up will validate the QR code is on the blockchain and can also validate the person giving it to them is the actual shipper by verifying their public key encryption without knowing their identity. Package Arrived at Distribution Center. The distribution center job is the main hub and there can be several distribution centers operating totally independent of each other but look at the same blockchain ledger. Many distribution centers will have different specialties like deliver on the North Side or West Side or be able to ship cross country from Chicago to Cleveland or whatever. It will depend on that distribution center volume and transport capabilities. Some distribution centers can just have people coming in and out riding the public subway train or ride a bike– these will be couriers. At the distribution center, they will scan the QR code and know where the package is going and sort the package to be placed on the correct outbound zone for delivery. Package Out for Delivery. The package is picked up by a delivery person who know the location of where to drop off the package. Noticed the inbound and outbound delivery people can just read the blockchain and take the job to deliver to/from the distribution center. Now here is one thing not mentioned before – the location does not have to be a physical fixed address; it can be a time/place such as 11:35 am at Woodruff Park in Atlanta or 3:30am in the back alley behind Karlov and 5th Avenue in Chicago. This allow crypto-shipped packages to be delivered to homeless people in the black community and if you smart, this same model can be setup in underdeveloped areas around the world like Botswana or Ecuador or India. But keep in mind the delivery can go to a storage locker similar to Amazon locker setup or to a hood-based “pack and crypto-ship” place for pickup. Receiver Accept Package. The blockchain will have the receiver public key that they have to decrypt a message to verify they are the actual recipient of the package being delivered. If they can, they receive the package; if they cannot the package goes back to the distribution center who will return it back to the original sender as “return to sender”. If you did not realize, everybody can simply “track” the package by looking at the blockchain distributed ledger to see the progress of the package to the destination. In terms of profit distribution, our model suggest that the breakdown is 20% goes to the pickup, 20% goes to the delivery, 40% goes to the distribution center and the remaining 20% goes back to the blockchain infrastructure. The funds are distributed in real-time via cryptocurrency after the receiver accept the package and can be done automatically via smart contract. Use Case for Crypto-Shipping hustleup Don’t you cringe when you do an order on eBay and they give away your personal address to the shipper and vice versa? Or you want to run a subscription box business out of your home in the hood and don’t have a P.O. Box that is pretty expensive. One thing about the crypto-shipping model we proposed is how the personal data such as the identity and address has been kept guarded. This is known as “blind-shipping” in the freight/shipping business and an actual service so this is not new. However, the blockchain expands “blind shipping” to an “omni-blind” shipping where the sender don’t need to know the address they shipping to, the pickup transport don’t know where the package is going, the delivery person don’t know where the package came from and the person receiving it don’t know where it came from – all of it is on the blockchain but encrypted where only those who need to know just have the information they only need to do their job in shipping the product. But keep in mind – the blockchain service itself will have all of the information about the shipment available for compliance with the Department of Transportation and with Kossier + version of crypto-shipping, only KYC identities can send/receive packages. Here are some use cases for why crypto-shipping using blind-shipping is an attractive service: Subscription Box Service: This allow someone to start a mail order or subscription box service out of their home and deliver their products to customers without having their business physical addresses revealed and their customers don’t have to reveal their personal shipping address either. This is important in the hood to keep things low-key while doing business at the same time. Drop-Shipping: You seen those pics of women with nice curves wearing and selling sexy dresses on Facebook and Instagram? Well, you sistas with a nice body can model these clothes and take orders and a warehouse can ship to your customers. Your customers do not have the address where the item came from but the package has your branding. A little secret – this is one of the elements that kills the multi-level-marketing business model entirely. So this allow what is known as “endless aisle” in retailing where a sneak shop can setup a “used marketplace” on flat panel touchscreens and let you pick a pair of vintage Air Force Ones and it is shipped to you or to the sneak shop to pick up and you don’t need to know the seller and the sneak shop and seller split the revenue made from the sale. Classified Selling: You can now sell personal stuff online – even on eBay or Craigslist or Facebook and don’t have to give up your personal address as the seller or the buyer. So as you see, crypto-shipping biggest benefit is it allow brothas and sistas in the black community do business with each other without having to know each other business like where they live and their address and stuff. One of the biggest barriers in the black community is trust of one another but with crypto-shipping, black folks can do business with each other not knowing each other but knowing the money and economic activity is staying in their community and their hood. Economic Benefits shipgirl The crypto-shipping service will instantly create economic activity in an urban center by taking over an industry sector inner city black people always wanted to do – deliver packages or working the distribution center at UPS or the post office and create their own shipping/delivery operation in their hood. But I wonder if you really thought about all the real economic benefits? Let me see if you figured out these economic benefits of crypto-shipping. Independent or Entrepreneurial Shipping Business. Cats can decide if they want to pick up and deliver the packages at 20% commission of the shipping fee or they can open up their own distribution center and process the packages as an entrepreneur. They don’t have to worry about working for anybody or someone being over their head as all they have to do is access the blockchain to find the next package to deliver. The model is pure profit-sharing and decentralized and people can get in where they fit in to support the system. If the black community support it and more revenue, then more revenue is split among those who put in the work to handle the demand. The blockchain will show who putting in work and who slipping too. Create Micro-Entrepreneurs Quickly in Our Community. Someone can startup their own meals-by-wheels serving fish and spaghetti and cupcakes out of a shared commercial kitchen and deliver from the kitchen to their customers in the hood. Someone can curate items from black-owned merchants in the hood and package it into a subscription box service and run the operation from their garage or basement and their customers don’t need to know the address. Establish Side Businesses. Someone can make money buying surplus Ford Transit Connect Cargos for $10,000 off eBay and $3000 off government auctions and refurbished them to deliver stuff in the hood. Someone can restore these warehouses in our hood that goes for $1/square foot with delivery bays in the back and rent them out to support a distribution center – check LoopNet and type in your inner-city zip code and be shocked at cheap spaces to create a crypto-shipping distribution center and get up and running in the hood. Someone can also sell the packing boxes and someone can create their own storefront that accept crypto-packages to be picked up or sent off for delivery. Even a laundromat in the hood can setup a side-hustle to allow customers to pickup packages from storage lockers, right? Support Digital Entrepreneurship. We can support people in our community who want to be a part of the Afro-Tech who can build blockchain related software that allow people to quickly track their crypto-shipped package or warehouse picking software to scan and sort crypto-packages with ease by scanning the QR codes with their mobile app software. Expand Worldwide. Some smartass will realize they can take this model to other places in the world and setup a postal delivery system this way – especially the time and place and storage lockers to pick up. This is actually a smart city solution and places like India would love to implement this as their “smart village” initiative for their rural villages. It can also work in places like Afghanistan and can be done via a DoD contract. This can be setup for refugees in a refugee camp that is given a public/private key so they can receive packages and send packages. See, this is another example of the Afro-Tech showing you how to get down with real 21st century solutions to quickly empower our hoods. Not only our hoods, but we can take it worldwide and build out global empires and create solutions for cats worldwide. But here is one more thing you may not have realize as a benefit – this crypto-shipping service prevent hacking data breaches of personal information because the data is encrypted on the blockchain. So a retailer or mail-order operation don't have to worry about keeping personal addresses and paying a fine for data breaches because the address sits on the blockchain and not their internal database. This is why we created this service for Kossier to allow cats to start subscription box services without having to maintain a list of addresses and risk being hacked and having their business discredited. You know the best part of this whole article? All what you read here, how much you think it cost to create to run the pilot testing, huh? It cost only $40 homey and that’s the printing labels, the .40 box from Wal-Mart and .80 envelope and even the ZipCar cost $28 to deliver the crypto-package to both of my stripper girlfriends. The $5/month GoDaddy hosting and the blockchain and .NET code are cheap as hell homey. We ran into risk items such as what if some fool put a marker to the QR code to sabotage the package? Well, the blockchain shows who was the last custodian of the package right? So they are responsible for that – but we realize to put a second QR code packing slip inside the package just in case. But think about it – a crypto-ship service in the hood that handle 5,000 packages a day at $5/package adds up to $25,000/day doing 5 days a week doing $125,000/week in economic revenue for their hood or $6 million/year operation which is better than corner drug dealing and doing clean honest work. Trust me, your black hood does way more than 5,000 packages a day in processing. You can setup distribution-to-distribution where someone trucks from Atlanta to Georgia and we got black folks with semi-trucks if I remember, right? You can ship medical supplies, produce, e-commerce sales, gifts, flowers, wholesale supplies, subscription boxes, frozen prepared meals, legal papers all in the hood and cats can deliver via bike, bus, train, car, truck and so on. Kossier + already have crypto-shipping built in to allow urban entrepreneurs use Kossier to engage in transaction where someone can scan a QR code and pay for a razor blade subscription box service or a hair extension vendor can provide their Kossier address identifier and have some hair extensions sent to a stylist. Wait a minute, isn’t that what Bevel and Mayvenn is doing but I just made it cheaper and easier to do in the hood for anybody to get it going? Damn, that’s messed up because didn’t Silicon Valley VCs that don't invest in real black tech talent gave those NewMe characters a lot of money to pretend they are black beauty tech firms, huh? Damn that’s messed up because we just showed as the Afro-Tech we real about serving the black community with technology and showing how to empower our own black community and we only spent $40 on our blockchain distributed ledger hustle..damn…

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  1. Just FYI, the escrow cryptocurrency to facilitate smart contract payment once a package has been receive is not a money service business according to FinCEN:

    FIN-2014-R004 issued April 29, 2014, FinCEN determined that that providing escrow services to buyers and sellers in a internet sale of goods or services would not require the escrow agent to register with FinCEN as a money transmitter, even though the escrow services include transferring funds to the seller. FinCEN reasoned that such activity fell under the exception provided under 31 CFR § 1010.100(ff)(5)(ii)

    1. it’s not much or good resources out there as this technology is fairly new. I will try to explain it better in future coverage.

  2. Thanks Ed for sharing l had my crew register and try the demo they like the ease of use and the way you can link their possible businesses up to the platform.

  3. How dependent would we be on resources such as transportation and transportations costs would this lead to? I instantly thought of drivers/vehicles becoming targets, robbed or taxed or licensed in some fashion that would prevent a successful business. I am not entrepreneur so maybe I need to think more outside the box.

    1. These risks were assessed and addressed by me and my team during design phase – I don’t share the concern and what you describing as risks are really compliance and training that need to be part of the job. Taxes, licensing and safety are not objections to running a business.

  4. This is the kind of forward thinking that is needed in our community. Few of us know what the Blockchain is, and even fewer know it has been called the most significant technological advance since the internet. And, as it has been said, technological advancements do not wait for anyone. You either adopt and adapt to become competent or get left behind struggling to catchup… I am presently working with a new venture that merges e-commerce and the Blockchain to disrupt a multi-billion dollar a year industry. I would welcome the opportunity to share it with you and your readers. Please contact me at the email address provided. Thank you for what you are doing and your vision to rebuild the community.

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