How Bias-Matching Fake News and Fake Culture Devastating the Ability to Improve Our Black Community

sillyshit The black community cannot improve if black people keep believing and sharing every fucking clickbait headline on the Internet. If anything, we are going to absolutely destroy ourselves as a people 100% guaranteed. The biggest atrocity towards you is not what someone else say about you or what they done to you; the biggest atrocity is when you start accepting lies and falsehood as your truth and gospel. We live in a generation of fake ass black people and I call them Generation F, which are those between the age of 18-35. Fake butt, fake hair, fake hustle, fake money, fake social media persona, fake activism plus fake ass news and information is what this current generation of black folks are about, just a bunch of fake ass fucks. I believe the market collapse of 2008 and the Great Recession caused that current generation to give up hope and hard work and resort to faking it because they obviously ain’t making it. akon If you sitting around wondering why you have black people passing around fake news like Akon is planning to power 600 million Africans with solar energy – did these black ignorant people even researched this story to realize the 600 million number came from President Obama who announced the USA is spending $10 billion to power 20 million African households? The background research by the Power Africa initiative originally stated there are currently 600 million Africans without electricity - that's where that number came from. Think common sense - the average solar panel as cheap as it fucking gets in China is $80/piece x 600 million people equals $48 billion dollar. Where the fuck is Akon going to get $48 billion from? Let's divide the number by 2 for households - where the fuck will he get $24 billion from? Do you see how stupid as fuck some of our black folks are at just reading headlines and not thinking? In fact the true original quote was “Akon Lighting Africa initiative aims to bring electricity to some of the 600 million Africans who lack it” and yes, Dream and Hustle does real research and fact-checking over here. One time I remember I hunted down a sista who posted a fake headlined article at the Grio and I broke the real facts down for her and she told me that the editors at the Grio changed her headline without her knowledge to make it sound more sensational. She was actually emotionally hurt by the Grio changing her headline because she wanted to be a decent freelance writer with integrity and feel that black content web sites were not doing her content any justice turning it into a clickbait piece. So why are these fake black web sites operating in this fashion? Bonus: The Black Barbie Fake Story When MediaTakeOut posted this fake story about a "black barbie" this story went viral and black people started talking about the doll in a negative fashion. It was this blog that helped exposed the truth - this was a very valuable collector doll created by an African-American owned doll firm. In addition, we highlighted the subculture among black people who showcase these dolls to show a independent collage of black women. As a result, black women started realizing how marketable these adult dolls are and there are several adult black dolls firms on the market today. Instead of MediaTakeOut highlighting the success of this black-owned firm, MediaTakeOut decided to create fake news to create sensationalism. The reason why fake news is proliferating is the online business model of ad impressions over the Internet where you attract as many idiots as possible to view the web page to increase the billing rate for ad impressions. But black people are at fault also because they have a confirmation bias and want to see “good content” even if it is not true. So writing a story about some wonderful black entrepreneur trying to compete against Uber/Lyft (which are both losing money) is something blacks folks are biased to accept because they want to hear “good news” even if the actual truth shows no merit. I love how these black entrepreneurial clickbait articles always show some smiling ass Negro with his arms folded and teeth showing and a headline of his fucking dream he wish he can accomplish. I mean, look at dude at the top picture smiling and shit like he is actually capable of taking on Uber who just ordered $10 billion worth of $120,000 Mercedes S-Classes for their UberBlack line. As a result, the black media game has now been zero-summed to click baiting and not informing and educating the black community. The game in black media content is to match the bias of the black readers and if you did not realize, this created a generation of weak and fake black folks who only want information that fit their bias. These are the same black folks shocked at Trump winning ignoring the momentum Trump was having in the primary season that Hillary did not have and thinking Hillary was going to win because black folks only read pro-liberal crap that promoted Hillary all the time. So we got black folks running around only hearing what they want to hear and out of touch with reality. Look at Dream and Hustle – these fake black people cannot handle the actual content here because I’m not catering to black folk confirmation bias and telling black folks what they want to hear so black folks run off and look for a clickbait black web site that appease their confirmation bias. This was something I kept noticing in the Global Urban Collective and had to shut that crap down – I’m here presenting information to these black folks and these same black folks turn around and wanting to post up some of those garbage clickbait articles that confirm their bias of some happy black tech entrepreneurial story, just crazy stuff right there. And this is the damage – you cannot teach or help black people because they are caught up in appeasing their confirmation bias because the lies/misleading information that sound good stimulate their dopamine hearing what they want to hear instead of do what have to be done. Translation - clickbait articles are like a drug addiction where uneducated black folks look for sensational stories to stimulate their dopamine by sharing the BS and argue in the comment section instead of reading content with critical and constructive thinking. How do we stop fake news from keep destroying the black community? First and foremost, we can just let the economy take its course – clickbait web sites are losing revenue and layoffs are happening due to the poor economy and less firms doing future ad buying as marketing budgets start dwindling. But what the black community need and I’m wondering if the NABJ step up is we need some kind of watchdog group that track these black media web sites and expose them when they post misinformation and lies or clickbait. Then we need some kind of accreditation of real black news information that does real journalism and research on stuff. I know how the NABJ felt when MSNBC hired Al Sharpton and that garbage Melissa Perry instead of black journalists that can do real depth analysis but the NABJ need to start taking leadership dealing with this fake black news problem. The 3rd Strategic Institute is already planning to go H.A.M against black media fake data providers in 2017 and I cannot disclose the plans at this time but I promise you the people running these operations are going to wish very hard they didn’t pull this shit against the black community after we get through with them. There may even be a legal precedent (actually it is, we just saying maybe) where African-American market manipulation may be taking place making some of these clickbait web sites liable for a class-action lawsuit by black entrepreneurs impacted by fake black news providers. Like I said, when the 3rd Strategic Institute get done with these fake black news web sites, they going to wish they didn’t pull this crap against the black community. I consider fake black news operations the #1 enemy of the black community progress and black empowerment movement and these entities are going to be dealt with.

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    1. I stated “hard work” and no one gets lost or misguided putting in work towards their goals. They make mistakes and learn and improve and self-navigate to success from trial and error. That is not what the current young generation doing.

      We looking at morons renting a Rolls Royce or Bentley and a mansion for a day and taking photos to promote a MLM program. Or flashing money in pictures claiming they getting it – they are being fake. They reading fake books like “38 Laws of Power” instead of Art of War. They are claiming to be travel agents selling MLM instead of having true immersive travel experience to offer another person. They are claiming to be $87/month credit repair specialists instead of certified financial planners to help black household spending. This is a fake generation and the activities is to front and fake via social media and other channels.

      If we know the number of African-American people that die every year taking those hyper-caffeine diet pills that blow their heart up to fake working out at the gym you would be shocked.

      Lost and misguided means consuming information, not putting in work. Where are those organic HBCU student-driven innovation labs at?

  1. “One time I remember I hunted down a sista who posted a fake headlined article at the Grio and I broke the real facts down for her and she told me that the editors at the Grio changed her headline without her knowledge to make it sound more sensational”
    and do not forget Clutch, MadameNoire and to my surprise Ebony.

    1. This is rampant among black media where black radio sell fake demographic to white advertisers that their audience is middle class AA households when they actually play songs promoting drug dealing and black-on-black violence to broke black teenage kids.

  2. In relation to your second paragraph, It kills me when i see black folk posting photos(instagram/facebook) of their recently purchased “luxury” cars “thanking god” for their supposed “success”. These idiots spend 60% of their incomes on a car payment and think they are successful, but it only shows their good at filling out loan applications. I don’t assume because you are black and drive a luxury car you are financially irresponsible. I prefer not to discuss or worry about other folks finances. But if you post photos of a recently purchased car on social media, i’m quite confident you are too stupid and insecure to actually be a true success. Smart minded individuals that understand the power of investing(ie stocks, business,etc), just don’t do that type of dumb shit.

  3. Generation F gets on my last nerve. Nothing but washed up zombies dudes listening to nonsense trap music thinking that they bout that life as well as the chicks throwing away money on fake hair they really can’t afford meanwhile their kids go without. No priorities, no goals, no real ambition to be self aware. Generation Flexing, Fronting just for Flicks. You called them out. Great article Ed.

  4. Fake? I saw it on Facebook shared by another Uber Driver. I even liked it, moved on and thought nothing of it. I guess. The smiling and arms folded should have been a dead giveaway. Ed, are you forcing us to investigate for ourselves? Running around out here and only finding suspect articles is about to force me to call cities mentioned in article to see if ride share is actually operating. Thanks for the update.

  5. Do any of us believe that the spread of “fake news” is a well crafted political assault? some of this stuff is deliberate misinformation meant to deceive people and keep u outside the loop

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