Power vs Prestige: The Era of Bosses, Hustlers and Hoes Has Begun in America


The Post-Obama Trump presidency is shaping up to be a lot worse than one can imagine for those brothas and sistas who been slipping and playing around the past 8 years. The incoming Trump administration bringing aboard almost every anti-black political nemesis from Giuliani to Gingrich and bringing in one of Breitbart henchman and this is shaping up to be a cabinet that has a strong intolerance for Jews, gays, minorities and foreigners and liberals. And you go around rural America, you see nothing but smirking by rural white people who acting like they took their country back and about to make America great again. In fact, if you ask them how they feel, they act like they are in heaven and paradise like Peter and the Dolphin right now:

And right now, I see nothing but hyper-shock and depression like I never seen before in my lifetime among the liberals and black political elite. I see women hyper-distraught to the point, they trying to talk to me about their feelings about what they scared of in 2017 and they got young black men and giving me their phone numbers but didn’t want to give me the time of day before the election result. You even mention the election or Donald Trump and liberals immediately get triggered and start looking for a safe zone, unfriending people on social media or leaving the room.


You see we brothas all quiet – well, any black man that voted for Hillary Clinton is a damn idiot, she would have gone after us black dudes first and me and you know this; let’s not pretend or play around. But I’m getting a lot of non-black scared (Asian/White/Latino) women trying to cozy up to me thinking we black dudes supported Hillary along with them and message to the bros getting hit upon the same way like me – just get some while the getting is good because it’s grief sex being offered everywhere right now. Speaking of McDonald’s (sorry if I triggered anyone – go find a safe zone now) I was there the other day and the black workers were like they ain’t bother voting and saying if Obama didn’t give them shit, what was Hillary going to give them?


Let’s get a clear understanding of how Donald Trump won the election – actually the reality is how Hillary Clinton lost the election because these cats basically self-hacked themselves and data manipulated themselves – that’s exactly why Hillary Clinton lost. See, it starts off when they gave all these clowns participation trophies growing up and they expected to shine whether they were a winner or a loser. In fact, they were cool with losing and not-achieving thinking just showing up is an accomplishment in itself. This is why they come to Dream and Hustle and just read up on how to create the blockchain or read how to launch business models and don’t act on it, these cats think just showing up and reading Dream and Hustle make them special.

Another thing these cats done and we talked about this before – The Clique of Death – and I warned on this. I clearly explained if you allow your social media group or a crew of yours became a digital tribe or a clique or tribalism then all of you will create an echo chamber, shun people who think different and defend the ego of the tribe and all it takes is internal fighting to implode the whole structure. Right now, Facebook is under attack for facilitating digital tribalism and creating an echo chamber by having an algorithm that only show posts a person appears interested in versus having a diverse newsfeed. I hear cats trying to holler about their crew or they direct their crew like they got it like the 3rd Strategic Institute – my people are in other countries and we are industry experts – no one tells each other what to do and we all don’t think alike because none of the 3rd Strategic Institute like me keep blogging to African-Americans not willing to advance in tech after all these years.


People are also on social media creating an echo chamber by unfriending people that don’t agree with them, even if they were cool in the real world. And that’s how these characters’ act – if I say fuck Tariq Nasheed and fuck Hidden Colors, black dudes act like little sissy ass characters and be like, they don’t like Dream and Hustle anymore and not going to follow the blog anymore. And none of these cats even know Tariq Nasheed – they just fans of the dude. Plus, seriously – any black dude saying they have a problem with a black blog like Dream and Hustle showing others black people how to do for self is only saying that over the Internet under an alias, let’s just keep it real. You guys should know I don’t care about Jason Black or Tariq Nasheed or Dr. Claud Anderson because none of them are STEM; I just like showing all of yall how petty our brothas are nowadays acting bitchy and dickriding YouTube cats.


So here is what happened – cats created an echo chamber on social media and these pseudo-news blogs like Occupy Democrats and Daily Kos and only talked about Hillary and talked to each other, preaching to the choir, mostly over social media. And cats only hearing about Hillary close to election day slipped hard and because they thought Hillary was going to win because they participated in the pro-Hillary discussion on the Internet and was too lazy to actually go vote, because they felt they was going to get a trophy for just being on social media or get a cookie for taking a knee or sitting out the NFL Star Spangled Banner performance. And election night when the actual votes started rolling in for Trump, these characters got the shock and awe and surprise of their life.


Donald Trump is a goddamn boss that knows how to play the game and run the game – fuck your feelings. I’m hearing non-boss people trying to say things like Donald Trump didn’t make it on his own or he is not qualified. Nobody advocated putting Trump name on buildings – Donald Trump did that shit on his own, give him his credit where it is due. Donald Trump is eligible to run for president based on the US Constitution and Donald Trump is qualified because he had enough people to vote for him – it is votes that qualifies him. In fact, I’m trying to figure out what the hell is a “qualified politician”? Are these politicians “qualified” because people like to vote for them and they undercut their opponent and deliver promises? Is being a career politician with no real-world experience “qualified” to hold political office? Second, if you ain’t never been at C-Suite level with cutthroats and hard decisions and governance rules to CYA and answer to shareholders, then you don’t know a damn thing about comparing people in the boardroom to people in politics because that corporate boardroom is a lot more brutal with no holds barred and ethics swept under the rug.

Donald Trump won the same way Ronald Reagan won, the same way Clint Eastwood won, the same way Jesse Ventura won, the same way Sonny Bono won, the same way Arnold Schwarzenegger won is they have fans and fans outnumber voters – that is something you guys missed. If you actually used your brain, you would realize John McCain and Mitt Romney was more “qualified” than Barack Obama and Obama beat them because Obama had “fans” more than voters. People are too stupid to vote on political issues and no one was a “fan” of Hillary Clinton. They were “fans” of Bernie Sanders but not Hillary Clinton and Hillary decided to run on the “political issues” while Trump ran around and rally up fans and followers. No one owed Hillary Clinton a damn vote, plain and simple and she thought she was entitled to the Democrats showing up and voting for her.


Let me give you guys a little background you completely missed – did you know all the people from Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump do these “speaker events” all over the country where they sell their books? These are so-called motivational events at arenas where these people speak about “leadership” and they sell their books? At these “leadership summits” they have followers and fans who show up and hear them speak and buy their books. This is what Donald Trump done at the beginning, the same protocol and was peddling Trump-branded stuff at his political events – you do remember this was news, right? Donald Trump was winning because he was building a fan base, not a voter base. And the reason why I’m telling you this is so you can understand the difference between Power vs Prestige.

Power comes from being out there in the real world boots on the ground stumping for what you believe in and putting in real work like Donald Trump jetting back and forth city to city to host his events. He built up a true grit following – not some social media façade, but tapped into real people and raw emotions and he built up an army and power.

Prestige is on social media trying to make people like your ass like the “Nosedive” episode of “Black Mirror” Season 3 on Netflix and if people disagree with you, you unfriend them and create an echo chamber and also have your friends write up fake/fluff articles about you. Hillary Clinton pursued prestige and thought we should vote for her because she is Hillary Clinton and haven’t promised black people a damn thing. She only got Jay-Z to come out and perform – she didn’t go out and stump the grounds and built no organic, ground floor base. We had white women coming around us acting like we black folks just going to fall in line with Hillary when none of them promised us anything except work with black feminists to emasculate black men further.


So today in America, a boss is going into the White House, the hustlers are going to hustle harder and make something out of nothing and the hoes are just going to be a ho. Many of you cats are nothing but some damn hoes by following others and messing only with people who won’t use triggers that will make you run to your safe zone. Yall are a generation of some sissy ass brothas and sistas who ain’t fought for shit and feel entitled and “fucks with” – that’s the word yall use – “fucks with” people who only see things the way you see things. You self-hacked yourself and data-manipulated yourself by not allowing yourself to have access to all of the data out there to see what the real picture was looking and that’s why yall out in the streets protesting Donald Trump because you have no other recourse and trying to blame someone else besides your dumb ass for not knowing the difference between power vs prestige. No one want you social liberals around no more and you ain’t getting shit from the Trump administration and they bringing in a cabinet that going to make sure Donald Trump is the president of white America – remember when Obama said he ain’t the president of black America? Well, I told you a long time ago the next president of America after Obama will definitely be the president of white America didn’t I?


It looks like they hiring you brothas and sistas to go to China to teach English – go get on the boat in California and make like those Syrian refugees and smuggle your ass across the Pacific into China and find a job because America ain’t looking good for you socialist, entitled millennials characters who drank your own damn Kool-Aid on social media thinking likes and followers get you somewhere when you not capable of doing anything in the real world. They are bringing in a White House cabinet that has never been this radicalized since the Nazi Party and that is not an exaggeration or understatement. And just look – not even Giuliani or the GOP is fighting the Alt-Right going into the White House knowing they are anti-Israel and anti-Zionists. That tells you how hot 2017 going to be for cats who ain’t got theirs together, who ain’t got their bullets and their clips on decks and who ain’t got their food supply on deck and their hustle up. Because it is obvious they are setting up something here that is not looking good for yall weak cats who can’t handle the heat so you characters may want to leave the USA, seriously.


The rest of us – we know what power is and we know what good power look like and what evil power look like and we going to have to leverage our power in 2017. Get the skills up, get the rations up, get the guns up and stake your ground and hold your line. Some of us live for this kind of good vs evil shit and if cats want some, they can come get some. You got cats who want to talk to cats and you got cats who want to make an example out of cats, pick your lane. But overall, I’m expecting Trump to be more of a power broker and opportunist who will actually trickle down the economics – he already demonstrated that about him that no other GOP has shown so I don’t expect him to be as bad as the other presidents. What I do expect is Billy Bob finding out he ain’t getting shit either and he want to blame minorities, Mexicans, Muslims and Jews and that’s who we going to have to deal with and set straight- Billy Bob. So the hoes can leave the room, the hustlers need to hustle up and deal with evil bosses like a boss and handle ours, all because of these echo-chambered whining self-entitled millennials and their goddamn trigger warnings failed this current era in American history.

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